14 Apr 2018

Review: Primary Raw Doyou Azulene Calming Water

I am just gonna briefly talk about this Primary Raw Doyou Azulene Calming Water I got from the Malaysian official website at 20% discount last year. I am a fan of Primary Raw Azulene line. I adore the Azulene Gel Cream, which is why I really wanna try this mist out. But after half way through it, I am quite disappointed to say that this is not something I like. More precisely, this is one of my least favourite mists! Read on to find out why!

Primary Raw Doyou Azulene Calming Water comes in a beautiful and classy plastic bottle. I wonder how they manage to transform plastic into something that looks like glass. This stuff is more of an art piece than a skincare container!

The mist is quite refined, but not as refined as Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist! Maybe that’s why it is called a ‘calming water” because it doesn’t feel like a hydrating mist. The product even leaves my skin feeling sticky and uncomfortable, like what a cleansing water normally does to my skin! None of the mists I have is as sticky as this one. Not even the Whamisa one! Mist is supposed to hydrate, refresh and calm. It is just weird that my skin feels tacky after the product is fully absorbed.



Main ingredient is bamboo water, instead of plain water, which is interesting because bamboo used to be quite lightweight and hydrating in my memory. We then have witch hazel extract, a toning and soothing ingredient for oily and combination skin. Many soothing ingredients like aloe vera extract, calendula flower extract, betaine, and so on are also present. We also have pearl extract that can brighten up your skin, and there is also soybean seed extract and licorice for similar purposes. And finally, natto gum, an ingredient that is rich in moisture but can be quite sticky at the same time. I didn’t like Whamisa cream with natto gum as main ingredient either.

In short, this looks like a delicious blend of antioxidants and nutrients-dense botanical extracts. And there is also alcohol in here to give it its lightweight texture. But for some reason, I find this more or a toner (and sticky toner), than a refreshing mist, which kinda put me down a lot despite its promising ingredients list.


As said previously, this mist is nothing what I want it to be. It is not refreshing and cooling. It is quite moisturizing, but I don’t like how it leaves my skin feeling sticky and uncomfortable. It is okay as a mist toner though, given that I also pat some tap water or mineral water onto my face to “dilute” the stickiness. It is not very soothing or calming, despite the claim, hence may not be a great option as soothing pack.


Mist is supposed to hydrate, refresh, and cool hence it is a big issue when it leaves my skin sticky most of the time. Hence, no matter how beautiful the bottle is, or how great it smells like, and how wonderful the ingredients are, I need to officially call this a quit because I just cannot continue to live with the stickiness. I pass to someone who I think might enjoy it better.

- smells wonderful
- beautiful packaging
- quite moisturizing

- leaves a sticky finish
- expensive

Extended Reading:
Overall impression: ★
Repurchasing: ☆
You can get this from: Primary Raw Malaysia | Kurator | Testerkorea
[Disclaimer] Product is purchased with my own money. All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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