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I started this blog to spread the knowledge and passion I have on skincare and beauty products. Anyone who intends to use any content published on this blog is welcomed to do so with proper citation. You should not use any contents published in this blog in any way that implies that you are the author of the content. All copy right of content in this blog is strictly mine.

1. I maintain full control of every information I posted on this blog.

2. All reviews posted on this blog are strictly my honest and unbiased opinions.

3. Most products mentioned in this blog are purchased by my own money. Press samples and sponsorship will be fully disclosed at the bottom of the review.

4. Sponsored products do not warrant positive reviews and are subjected to Clause (2) on honesty.

4. All links in this blog are non-affiliated unless otherwise stated. I did not earn any commission for recommending any of these products unless otherwise stated. All links provided in this blog are purely for referencing and non-commercial purposes.

6. All copy rights of contents and images of all posts published in this blog are my own and shall not be used on any commercial purposes; or on any non-commercial purposes unless otherwise credited.

6. I reserve the absolute right to pursue any legal action against any instance or suspected instance of copy right infringement, which includes the absence of proper crediting of contents and images taken from this blog.

Grading Guide

After careful consideration and for practical reason, I think it's time I do a third revamp on how I rate and review products. I find that rating these product according to respective criteria like "packaging", "scent", "texture", "CP value", "ingredients" and so on are sometimes too subjective. I cannot standardize the grades because I don't always remember how I feel when I rate other products. I also find recording my grading every time on a separate working sheet is quite troublesome and at times impractical. As such, I seek to simplify things once again to remove all these shits to make sure that my reviews are comprehensive, detailed yet not too nagging.

From now on, my product review will be broken down into addressing multiple aspects of the products, which will be included in the review itself. I will not rate packaging, scent, texture, cost-performance, ingredients and efficacy of products on a 5-points scale from now on. You'll find these information by reading off my blog post.

The conclusion and rating parts shall be simplified to only containing pros, cons, overall impression, and chances of me repurchasing the product.

My overall impression on a product will depend on the category of the product, such as "cleanser", "toner", and "serum", and these categories are not replaceable by each another so do in keep in mind that, although I might find cleanser less important than serum (for instance), I will still rate it high if it is the best cleanser in the cleanser category.

Rating Scale
★★★★★ my holy grail product!
★★★★     good and I enjoy using it!
★★★         meh; neither good or bad
★★             something about its quality turns me down
★                 terrible; a total waste of time and money

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