18 Apr 2019

Review: Belif Prime Infusion Repair Essential Mask

I was sent this Prime Infusion Repair Essential Mask by Belif during Christmas last year. They were kind enough to give me some miniatures of their newly launched Belif Prime Infusion miniatures, which I will try and share with you guys soon, but now our focus shall be on this Prime Infusion Repair Essential Mask that many of us are excited about!

Belif Prime Infusion Repair Essential Mask comes in a box of 6. I have tried out 3-4 pieces in the past few months, under different skin conditions and at different circumstances or period of the month to get a better picture of its efficacy and performance on my skin.

Below are my thoughts on the products.

The Belif Prime Infusion Repair Essential Mask is meant for anti-aging, skin softening and smoothing benefits. It is formulated with solar nectar infusion formula prepared using traditional herbal extraction process for over 72-hours to harvest the energy of the sun, and to deliver that energy into your skin to keep it vibrant and bright.

You can read more about solar nectar infusion here.

Belif Prime Infusion Repair Essential Mask uses very unique gel cloth that feels firm and solid. No other sheet masks that I have tried is made of similar material. It wraps your skin tightly and will warm up your skin after 5-10 minutes of wearing. Doing so allows the essence to be better pushed and absorbed into your cells for maximum efficacy.

The mask has a nice vitamin C infused herbal scent that is uniquely Belif.

It contains a spoonful of milky essence that is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. The mask dries out after 15-20 minutes or so of wearing so you can take it off and use it to gently rub your elbows, knees and ankles.


This works really well to brighten up and hydrate my skin. As you can see, my skin looks dewy and glowing after wearing it. It also feels much less papery (due to sleep deprivation the night before) and suppler. And the effect actually stays for the day after! I can’t see an obvious skin brightening or firming effects though – but honestly, most anti-aging mask doesn’t give you that “overnight magic reaction”. You just need to be extra patient and stay committed.

One thing that I don’t like about it is the material. The material is kinda stiff. It is definitely not as thin and fitting as other silky sheet mask, so it wont stay on your skin perfectly. You will feel that something is there on your skin, especially after the essence starts drying off after wearing it for 15 minutes or so. Not the most comfortable masking experience for me. Good part is, due to its thicker material used, it actually forms a nice warming up wrap around your skin to push the essence deep into your cells.


This seems like another SK-II style premium sheet mask made of “thick” material to deeply push the essence inside into our cells. The good part is of course better efficacy, but the downside is the slight discomfort arising from using the mask. This is not another ride of die Belif products for me, but I think anyone with aging concern can definitely give this a try. It is lightweight, hydrating, hypoallergic and is suitable for all skin types.

[Disclaimer] Product mentioned herewith is sponsored but the opinions expressed here are my honest views on the product(s). All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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