5 Jan 2019

My "Minimalist" Skincare Routine in December 2018

I talked about my current skincare thoughts and journey in my last review here. I think I am practicing what I would call skincare minimalism recently, by downsizing my skincare collection and finding the perfect balance between needs and the desire to hunt for fancy and fun new things. I know some of you might say that this is not minimalism, but this is minimalism for me, considering that I used to own at least 500% more stuffs that what I am currently having.

My current skincare routine is getting simpler nowadays.

I normally start my morning with my favourite Krave Beauty Hemp Matcha Foaming Cleanser. It is a gentle, gel-type cleanser that will turn into soft foam upon lathering. It doesn’t give you that squeaky clean feeling but it will keep your skin really clean and grease-free without stripping it off its natural moisture barrier!

I then pat in some toner or essence. I didn’t open any new ones, and I am trying hard to finish those I impulse bought a few months ago, like Huxley (which I now find too moisturizing), Hada Labo (which may be a bit too rich for the morning), and SK-II. I also keep the miniatures I have from Belif, such as the Shaking Water and Bergamot Herbal Toner.

I think I will go for a more watery and refreshing toner if I were to repurchase any in the future. Alternatively, I might just skip a toner and use an essence instead.

I sometimes use a serum in the morning, but often time I just dab some pressed serum and double it up as a cream before finishing everything off with a sunscreen. I have 5 in my shelf, mostly from Missha. My favourite is the Yadah Sun Milk though that Yadah was kind enough to send me earlier. I have since repurchased two as my backups.

I don’t really put on makeup. I normally just use some eyebrow or eyeliner to give myself a smarter look. Lols.

In the afternoon, I sometimes cleanse my sunscreen, dirt and sweat using cleansing water on a cotton pad. Then I will put some toner or sunscreen to keep it moisturized.

When I return from work, the first thing I will do is a good wipe of all the impurities on my skin with a gentle cleansing water. I don’t use cleansing balm or oil unless I put on foundation. Then I will use a stronger foaming cleanser like Neogen. Sometimes, I will use Althea Skin Detoxer as my foaming cleanser cum hydrating mask.

After all that is done, I will move on to a toner, essence, serum, and finally cream. My current go-tos are SK-II Essence, Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum, Belif Peat Miracle Serum Concentrate, Huxley Brightly Ever After Essence, and Belif Aqua Bomb.

Sometimes, when my skin feels drier before going to bed, I will dab some Belif Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask or Laneige Water Sleeping Mask on it to give a refreshing comfort. Occasionally, I will treat myself to a sheet mask before bedtime too.

Here are my recent skincare routine. You can see that I focus a lot on hydration and comfort. I think aging can be managed with proper diet and sleep. No anti-aging serum works better than a good night sleep to my skin, so I can save my money on that part. As for brightening, if I don’t wear sunscreen enough, or as much as I want to, there is really no point for me to talk about brightening serum, as the results are often slower than the newer and eviler dark spots.

I hope this routine will inspire you in some ways. And I will see you in my next review!

[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.


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