5 Jan 2019

Insights Review: I am moving into Skincare Minimalism and I am really happy with it!

After 4 crazy years of following every new beauty trends and burning tons of money, I finally settle down on my very own skincare rituals. I become more of a minimalist when it comes to skincare now. I no longer stack up on things or buying every single new items I see coming to the market. I am more selective when buying new skincare items to try. I will read through the description, ingredients and even reviews before buying anything. I won’t call myself a “skincare minimalist”, but I am really happy with having less stuffs now, which I am kinda proud of. It means I have passed through different stages in my skincare journey, and now it is a “decluttering and settling down” stage that I am comfortable with. Read on if you are interested!

Everyone defines minimalism differently. Some people say you only need to have a certain amount of stuffs to be called a minimalist. But for me, it is actually the perfect amount of stuffs I need to make myself happy. I don’t feel happy when I own a lot of stuffs, because that would mean I have to rush to finish off something, so that I can start using those that I store in my wardrobe.

Take cleanser for instance. Normally, I can finish a bottle of 150ml foaming cleanser within 3-4 months. But what if I have 4-5 bottles of them in my bathroom? That way, I have to finish off one of them quicker than I usually was so that they don’t go expired. And by doing so, I find myself enjoying the products a little bit less. They are no longer that “precious” because I have a lot to spare with. I don’t appreciate them as much, compared to only having 1-2 bottles of foaming cleanser. So sometimes less is more.

I think you really need to fully understand your skin before starting on your skincare minimalism or decluttering journey. I have normal to dry skin. My skin always prefer water over oil. It likes anything watery, hydrating, and refreshing. Alcohol works fine on me, so does many other things. I don’t like anything occlusive or sticky. I used to buy a lot of occlusive, creamy, and sticky products, due to their reputation, but ended up wasting them. So now I no longer buy those stuffs. Things like peel-off mask, wash-off mask, horse oil cream, exfoliating pads etc. are something that I will not buy.

So, don’t buy anything because it is fancy or popular. Buy it because you think your skin will appreciate it.

I also use more multitasking products nowadays. I think I am not someone who can really stick to that 10-steps or 20-steps routine, because that is just not how our skin works. I find my skin absorbs the best when I only layer 3-4 products on it. So, toner, essence, eye serum, serum, and cream. Sometimes, I even skip those and make it a simple toner, serum, and cream. I like multitasker like all-in-one ampoule, scrub-in-mask, clay-mask-to-cleanser, pressed serum, treatment essence and so on. I like doubling up sleeping mask as cream, or treatment essence as toner sometimes too!

Less is more in skincare routine!

I also avoid sales or browsing through shopping websites without a purpose. I normally set up an excel file, key in the products that I currently own, and see how long can those last me. If my current “stock” can last me for at least 6 months, I won’t go and hunt for a new one. I may wishlist certain items, but I won’t buy them until I am running low on my “stock”. Of course, if I see extremely attractive deals, I may fall for it, like the Heimish Refresh Water, but that’s just not all the time, only occasionally.

I also no longer follow trends blindly. Things like bee venom, donkey milk, cica, exfoliating pads, aqua peeling swabs, pig collagen and so on used to be really popular, but not that practical or useful. Sometimes, you just gotta rely on the basic things like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, niacinamide and so on to achieve your targeted results, not these fancy new stars!

I think these are my current skincare rituals, one that focuses on downsizing my collection, trimming away unnecessary things from my wardrobe and removing anything that I don’t 100% love. Our body deserves the best, so I try to put on things that I am at least 80% love. If I don’t love a product after going through 50% of it, chances are I might either sell it or give it away to friends and family.

It is pointless buying a lot and owning a lot because in the end, your skincare will only need the simplest and best solution to keep it happy. You don’t want to confuse or complicate it by introducing hypes of chemicals into it. Stick to those that you know will work for you and make you happy.

I will talk about my current skincare routine in my next post!

Until then, I hope you guys find this insightful, especially if you have been in the path for quite some time now. With a lot of loves.

[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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