29 Jan 2019

Review: The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Royal Whitening 8pcs Special Gift Kit

I always remember The History of Whoo as the ultimate premium skincare line in Korea. Unlike Sulwhasoo, Whoo almost never discloses its full ingredients list online. I am not sure does they provide those information on the packaging, because I never truly buy a full size bottle myself. The price makes it kinda impossible for me to actually go and buy one of these luxurious-looking babies from my own pocket. So I always get myself miniatures from trusted eBay, Qoo10 or Gmarket sellers. I got myself these cute miniatures from Whoo a few months ago to use it as wedding decor. Of course, part of the reasons is because I really want to try out these skin brightening line from Whoo so badly that I won't mind paying for the shipping.

To cut things short, let's go to this simple and short review on each of the Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol skin brightening products below:

  • Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Balancer 20ml
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Emulsion 20ml
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Whitening Essence 5ml
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Eye Serum 5ml
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Moisture Cream 4ml
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Intensive Spot Corrector 4ml
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Brightening Gel 13ml
  • Gongjinhyang Seol Cleansing Foam 13ml

Creative Ways of Using Cleansing Water

I am a fan of cleansing water, because they are a watery and less "greasy" alternative to cleansing oil. I have tried numerous cleansing waters in the past. My favourite among all those that I have tried is Son & Park Beauty Water, Primera Micellar 5.5 Cleansing Water, Nature Republic Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Water and Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. But due to budget constraint, future I might just settle down on Garnier alone, or go for Senka Cleansing Gel that I have always loved.

In this review, I'm gonna talk about other things that you can do with your cleansing water. This is a good way to finish off your cleansing water if you happen to stock up a lot.

27 Jan 2019

Carolyn's Best of Beauty 2018 Review

2018 has almost come to an end. In this review, I'm gonna talk about things that I used throughout the year of 2018, including press samples and gifts from friends and family, as well as things that I started using but lasted through 2018. I will include a brief thoughts on each category sharing with you guys why I choose that particular product.

Below are the top 10 beauty products that I used and loved in 2018:
  • Belif Numero 10 Essence 
  • Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser 
  • Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask 
  • Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer #Rose
  • Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser 
  • Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream 
  • SK-II Radical New Age Power Eye Cream 
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 
  • Yadah Oh My Sun Protection Milk SPF50+ PA++++
  • Pyunkang Yul Mist Toner

Reivew: 28 Products I Regretted Buying in 2018

In this review, I am gonna list down things I truly regret buying in 2018. This may not necessary be things I bought in 2018, but rather things I bought and is using throughout the 2018. These are sometimes impulse buy, or things bought at discounted price, which actually put me in an increasingly “no-buying” mood nowadays. Let's dive in right away!

Review: Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Asiatica 100 Ampoule

I am a bit hesitant to write this review, mainly because I don't have sensitive skin to begin with. My skin is normal to dry. It will get irritated when it is not properly hydrated. But it is not sensitive in nature. As such, I gave this away to my best friend who has extremely sensitive skin, who can only use brands like Avene, Belif, Pyunkang Yul, Biotherm and so on, hoping that she could be the lab rat for me. Now that she has finally finished using the entire bottle, I think it is time that I devote a blog post on this popular Ampoule in the internet.

26 Jan 2019

Review: Innisfree Skin-Reset Peeling Mask

I think it is a brilliant idea to have exfoliating pads packaged together with a sheet mask. After all, our skin needs some pampering after the harshness of exfoliation. Plus, it is good for people like me who wants to enjoy exfoliating pads once in a while, without having to buy a box containing 50-70 pads, and ended up not using all of them.

Review: Some by Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner and Cream

The miraculous thing about Some by Mi is how it manages to attract tens and thousands of fans with its "30-days miracle" claim. People are falling into it after watching the 30-days review video. After all, who doesn't want a product that claim to give you results after just 30 days of using? Plus, the price is not expensive either!

The marketing of this product is good, because even I was attracted to trying it out on my husband after watching the review. I bought the cleansing soap and serum for my husband after some research, but both didn't work well on him.

Fortunate for Some by Mi because I was sent the more popular toner and cream by ippuni who is also the official distributor of Some by Mi in Malaysia 3 months ago. And it was these two products that brought back my faith on Some by Mi. I put my husband on a 3-months trial with these Some by Mi products and below are our findings.

Review: Huxley Secret of Sahara Extract It Toner

After my trials and errors with skincare products, I now learn to buy things slowly and more steadily. I am less inclined to "collect" the whole set of products from brands that I love because not all products will work wonder on you. I learned my lesson hard from my attempt to collect all Huxley products that I could reach out for. I was attracted to Huxley after reading Glow Recipe's review on them. I loved their brand philosophy, scent, packaging and ingredients. I also loved some of the products that I bought like the oil essence so I went on and bought a full collection of every Huxley products out there in the market.

It was great at first, but turned out to be a disappointment after some time. My skin seems to fancy the texture lesser and lesser over time, up to a point where my skin finds them to be too rich for its liking.

And that's why this review came in so late. I started my relationship with this Huxley Secret of Sahara Extract It Toner after I started to get bored of the brand as a whole. I don't want to be biased so I still went on and gave it a good 3 months try before writing this review.

Read on if you are interested to find out more below!

5 Jan 2019

My "Minimalist" Skincare Routine in December 2018

I talked about my current skincare thoughts and journey in my last review here. I think I am practicing what I would call skincare minimalism recently, by downsizing my skincare collection and finding the perfect balance between needs and the desire to hunt for fancy and fun new things. I know some of you might say that this is not minimalism, but this is minimalism for me, considering that I used to own at least 500% more stuffs that what I am currently having.

My current skincare routine is getting simpler nowadays.

Insights Review: I am moving into Skincare Minimalism and I am really happy with it!

After 4 crazy years of following every new beauty trends and burning tons of money, I finally settle down on my very own skincare rituals. I become more of a minimalist when it comes to skincare now. I no longer stack up on things or buying every single new items I see coming to the market. I am more selective when buying new skincare items to try. I will read through the description, ingredients and even reviews before buying anything. I won’t call myself a “skincare minimalist”, but I am really happy with having less stuffs now, which I am kinda proud of. It means I have passed through different stages in my skincare journey, and now it is a “decluttering and settling down” stage that I am comfortable with. Read on if you are interested!

Review: Sexylook Rice Yeast and Fruits Enzyme Brightening Mask 雙酵亮白面膜

There is no official English name to this mask so let’s called it Rice Yeast and Fruits Enzyme Brightening Mask. This is the upgraded formula from its best-selling Enzyme Mask series, featuring two different kinds of fermented ingredients.

I bought this during my last visit to Taiwan. Each box retails for NTD299 for 4 pieces at buy 1 free 1 deal. So each mask runs down to RM5 per piece, which is pretty reasonable for a Taiwanese mask like this.

The packaging looks so “Japanese”. But I don’t blame them. Taiwan is very much affected by Japanese culture and drinking enzyme is a part of Japanese women’s beauty secret!

Review: Dr. Jmeelab Frozen Jelly and Capsule Mist, Proteo Ampoule, and Madeca Intensive Calming Gel

Dr. Jmeelab is relatively new in the market. Not many people have used or heard about it. I am honoured to be sent these gorgeous products from Dr. Jmeelab by Hi Charis several months. I posted my thoughts on the Instagram and now I want to talk about them in greater details here.

There are four products that they sent me in total. I will review the sheet mask separately. Today, we are gonna look at the core items below:
  • Dr. Jmeelab Frozen Jelly and Capsule Mist
  • Dr. Jmeelab Proteo Ampoule
  • Dr. Jmeelab Madeca Intensive Calming Gel

Review: Heimish Refresh Water

I bought this Heimish Refresh Water a couple of months when it was on sales at Hermo. I know I shouldn’t fall for sales items nowadays but, come on, who can resist this at only about RM38? I always need cleansing water, and I love the brand Heimish so I wouldn’t mind grabbing one even though I still have a few bottles of cleansing water left. Now that I’ve finished using my A’pieu, I know it is time to crack it open.

I always kept two bottles of cleansing water with me, one at home and one in the office. I used the one at home to take off sunscreen, dirt and sebum after a long day at work. I will invest a little bit more on the one that I keep in my office, because I am not gonna use a foaming cleanser afterwards. I have this habit of “cleansing” my skin with a cleansing toner after my lunch, to take off all the dirt and sebum when I am going out for lunch, and to give myself a fresh start in the afternoon.

I was using Primera Micellar 5.5 in the office. I love it so much that I had raved about it before I was even half way through it. Then I thought about giving this Heimish one a try as well. I want to see how it works on my skin, and to see whether my love towards Primera was because of the product, or was it just that my skin was just doing well.

Here are my thoughts after spending a full month on Heimish:

4 Jan 2019

Althea Angels Haul Review: OMG! Althea Blends Clay Mask, Chemical Exfoliants, Foam Cleanser And Turns it into Milk Peel Cream Mask!

Creativity is really the essence of life. Althea has brought us enough fun, with its affordable price range, buy two free shipping deal, tonnes of daebak sales, and exciting lesser-known brands from Korea. Now, it is luring our wallets again with their affordable, practical and innovative home-brand products!

Enter Milk Peel Cream Mask.

This is essentially a multitasking, super versatile whipped clay mask that will turn into foaming cleanser upon lathering with water. It is everything. Your gentle milk peel, clay mask and foaming cleanser all in one.

Since it is so gentle. All skin types can use it. Combination and large pores will find it most helpful. Rough and dull skin will love it. Dry skin can use it for a weekly or biweekly deep cleansing ritual. It doesn’t feel squeaky clean after using too!

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