17 Aug 2018

Review: Dr. Wu Intensive Whitening Serum with Vitamin C+

This is my second marriage to the Dr. Wu Intensive Whitening Serum with Vitamin C+, after my first in 2014. Dr. Wu reformulated this product in 2016 hence this should be the upgraded formula of the previous one that doesn’t work for me. I have tried Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, Laneige White Dew Ampoule Essence and The Ordinary Arbutin 2%, so I am sure I can have a better idea on this whitening serum now than 4 years back. I bought this when I visited Taiwan in May 2018 for wedding photoshoot. I was gonna get the For the Beloved One whitening line before the beautician stopped me and recommended me this instead. So I took her advice and decided to give this a second try. I have seen good results after using it days and nights for some 2 months now, which is why I am pretty excited to share it with you guys.

Review: Belif Prime Infusion Repair Program Ampoule

Do you know that one of the best things in life is to be given things you love and you end up loving it? Everyone knows I am a Belifian. I love Belif products and make many people around me falling for it as well. I collect Belif products like stamp. Recently Belif came out with this amazing Prime Infusion Repair Program Ampoule Set that I knew I just can't miss but the price is really killing me, so you can tell how happy am I when I am gifted this a few months ago. It took me a good while to test the products out, and have my husband and my mom trying them out as well. And now, I am ready to share my two cents worth!

Just something worth mentioning though. Belif changes their Brand Manager recently so their promotional activities are a bit different. You can see more freebies and gift with purchases recently. She really knows what customers want!

The Belif family is expanding.

One of the best kits you can get from Belif at great prices.

Countless GwP and fun activities!

16 Aug 2018

Review: Yuri Pibu Artichoke Power Toner

Frankly speaking, I bought this because I was super in love with the Essence. I wanted to try this toner out badly, so that I can double up the pores-minimizing and anti-oxidizing effects of the Essence. Besides, who is not interested in a toner that claims to do all the firming, brightening and tightening effects for your skin? And since it is meant for big pores, I also gave it to my mom who has pores concern, and she enjoys this just as much as I do. Below are our thoughts on the toner after using it for about several months now.

Review: Helloskin Jumiso Water Splash Mask

I must admit that I buy this Helloskin mask because of the packaging. It looks like something young ladies will like. Besides, I am a fan of cupro sheet mask. My Polatam serves me well so I’m expecting the same from Helloskin. Below are my thoughts on the product.

Review: Jayjun Anti-Dust Therapy Mask

I bought this Jayjun Anti-Dust Therapy Mask from SASA once it became available. I guess pollution has really become a thing in our daily life now. Many skincare products are formulated to mitigate the negative impacts of air pollutants. For instance, the cilantro orange cooling pack from Kiehl’s, the anti-pollution bubble mask from Belif, and the cleansing water made of Himalayan salt from Blithe. Jayjun joins the poll by launching two anti-pollution masks, one is the “Anti-Dust Whitening Mask” with skin brightening effect, and the other one is “Anti-Dust Therapy Mask” with skin repairing and anti-wrinkles benefits.

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