30 Jul 2018

Review: A'pieu Clean Up Herb Source Cleansing Water, Deep Cleansing Oil Tissue and Mineral Cau-Marine Lip & Eye Remover

Actually, this review should come earlier because these are actually products I bought from Gmarket about 2 years back. I ventured into the brand in 2016, trying out things like its highly raved sunscreen and eyes & lips remover. I also bought the cleansing water and oil issue, but since I got many cleansing water lining up in the past 2 years, I only got to try it out now. Late is better than never, lemme share with you guys my thoughts on these A'pieu makeup removing cleansing products!

24 Jul 2018

Review: Naruko La Creme Face Renewal Miracle Essence

I finally finish using the Face Renewal Miracle Essence by Naruko I bought from Watson’s a few months ago! This product suddenly became so popular all over the Instagram last year I couldn’t resist the temptation to add this into my treatment essence collection. I really want to know how does it work compared to 16 other essences that I have tried. Here are my thoughts on it after using it for about 4.5 months!

Review: Innisfree Chrysanthemum Lady Cleanser

I used feminine wash regularly ever since I suffer from fungal infection in my “bikini area”. Similar to the scalp problem I have, all these is attributable to the humidity of the surrounding environment, especially if you don’t keep your private area clean and dry after going to the ladies.

I have tried several brands from local ones to Primera and Hanyul. The local brand doesn’t work quite well on me so I went for the Korean brands. I don’t like Hanyul but I really love Primera. However, I couldn’t really afford buying Primera regularly because it costs a whopping RM100 for a bottle of 200ml, which is why I quickly grabbed this one from Innisfree when it was on sales for only about RM15. Even if it is not on sales, this thing retails for only RM30-40 at Hermo so it is definitely a much cheaper option compared to Primera.

Now let’s go straight to its performance!

23 Jul 2018

Review: REME+G Home Peeling 2-Step Kit Brightening

I want to put in a quick review about this famous REME+G Home Peeling Kit I got from HKC Plaza. I remembered it was on sales when I bought it so the product only retailed for about RM10 or so.

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