10 Jun 2018

Comparison Review: Celeb Face Sparkling Cleanser vs. Belif Ultimate Brightening Bubble Mask

I want to touch briefly on the differences between these two. They are both auto-foaming cleansing type products that I used and loved recently so I thought maybe I just do a quick comparison review on them before any of you asked me about them!

Basically, Celeb Face Sparkling Cleanser is a cleanser. You use it as makeup remover (only light makeup) and facial wash. It cannot deep cleanse.

Belif, on the other hand, is a auto-foaming wash-off mask! You use it as a wash-off mask to deep cleanse your pores. But you don't use it as cleanser everyday.


Ops, I lost my "after picture". Basically, Belif foams up a lot better than Celeb whereas Celeb takes off makeup better.


They are both different products, but if I were to just recommend one I would prefer Celeb Face. I don't use Belif that often and I don't find this so-called deep pores-cleansing ability anything so special about. Plus, Belif is also pricier. Celeb Face, on the other hand, offers daily cleansing benefits. It can massage my skin with its auto foaming bubbles. And it can also remove makeup residues on my skin!

Just my two cents worth for anyone of you who are interested to learn more about both products.

[Disclaimer] Products are purchased with my own money. All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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