10 Jun 2018

Beauty Tips: How to Soothe Tired, Puffy and Dry Eyes?

I believe people like me who stares at the computer for long hours are more prone to getting sore and puffy eyes. Sometimes, it is not just sore eyes, but dark eyes circle and even fine lines due to dryness and poor blood circulation around your eyes. So in this review, I'm gonna share with you guys some of the tips I used whenever my eyes get sore, puffy or dry.

1. Get Some Rest

The key to better eye health is better rest. I often rest my eyes for at least 10 minutes after finishing each reports or blog posts. It helps my eyes to rejuvenate better and faster. Don't stress your eyes to finish up any assignments quick. It is not worth it in the long-run. You can look away, stare at distant objects or just close your eyes. Anything will do.

2. Reuse Tea Bag

This is a great tip for OL. Just take a used tea bag and put it on top of your eyes for 10 minutes or so. Not only can it help to soothe your sore eyes, it will also show to your boss how hardworking or stressful you are, lols! And it is a great tip to recycle and reuse things.

3. Kao Eye Mask

This is my favourite way of de-stressing my eyes especially before going to bed. I just take an eye mask I bought for RM4-5 each at AEON or Hermo, apply it onto my eyes and just go to bed like that. The heat will soothe and depuff your eyes by promoting blood circulation to your eyes. It will also you to fall asleep better!

4. Overnight Eye Mask

There are many products nowadays that are meant for overnight treatment for your eyes area. Petitfee Gold Patches are one of the pioneers. Belif has one too, which I have reviewed before. And Laneige also just came out with one last year. The commonality between these eye masks are that they are often lightweight enough to not cause any milias with skin hydrating benefits. Unfortunately, the results are not very obvious compared to tea bag or Kao Eye Mask so I did not repurchase any of them. They just hydrate the skin areas around your eyes, but your problem lies beneath the surface, and has more to do with blood circulation and tiredness.

5. Cold Spoon

I did this several times before. It is simple. Just put a spoon in your freezer overnight and apply it directly onto your eyes area covering your entire eye ball for a couple of minutes. It is meant to cool and soothe your eyes. However, doing so may hurt the skin around your eyes, causing cold burn hence I have stopped doing it now.

6. Massaging

There are many ways you can massage it. You can use your knuckles, like what Christine did in her video, or machine. I love massaging my skin using Neogence Facial Massaging Tool. Alternatively, you can also use a facial mask with acupuncturing properties like Mediheal to achieve the same purpose! Again, the key here is to promote blood circulation around your eyes.

7. Effective Eye Drops

I've used so many eye drops before but none is as effective as this one from Rohto. It is supposed to be formulated in Japan. I first got it when I was studying in Canada. My Chinese friends bought me some. I repurchased it via Taobao several times until I found it again in Taiwan! I have tried out so many eyes drop but I always came back from this!

I hope you like my share today! Do leave me a comment down in the comment box below if you have any other suggestions or comments. See ya~

[Disclaimer] All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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