1 May 2018

Review: Belif Anti-Aging Soft Balm

I feel like I am always chasing behind Belif, picking up every single new launch of theirs, up to a point where I think I got obsessed. The same urge happened to me too when Belif launched their Anti-Aging Soft Balm. I bought it without thinking very carefully or reading up on it. I thought this will be like another Firming Essence but no... this is an extension to their famous The True Cream line, after Water Bomb, Aqua Bomb, Eye Bomb, and Moisturizing Bomb! Recently they also added a mist to the Bomb Bomb line. It was not until I started using the Anti-Aging Soft Balm that I realize... it is actually a moisturizer, not a balm or serum or essence! Strictly speaking, it is a lotion cream with anti-aging properties!!!

I think Belif came out with this Soft Balm after receiving tonnes of positive feedback on their Firming Essence. The texture is seriously a bless. It is super lightweight despite its seemingly stringly and rich consistency. It will leave a weightless and satin finish on the skin after the product is fully absorbed.

Belif Anti-Aging Soft Balm is packed in a round bottle with a hygienic pump top. Normally, 2 pumps is more than enough for my entire face and neck. It has a typical fluid scent, like the one you get from the Moisturizing Bomb, with a very faint lemon scent in it.

Belif claims that this is two-in-one anti-aging fluid cream that combines moisturizing and anti-aging cares. The texture is between emulsion and cream. It can hydrate while at the same time lock in moisture and nutrients for your skin. It also gets absorbed quickly, leaving behind a soft and satin finish. This makes it a perfect daytime moisturizer to prep your skin for makeup.



Main ingredients used here are shea butter, panthenol, betaine, and Belif's Xeric herb complex, Napiers original formula, Napiers moisture formula, Napiers formula AA and many more.

Xeric Herb Complex is a new formula in all Belif products. It is consisted of black elderberry, agave leaf extract, and everlasting flower extract. Black elderberry is an antioxidant with skin soothing benefit. Agave, on the other hand, is rich in wrinkles-reducing components like saponin. Agave also has antiseptic, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is useful for redness, inflammation and cuts on the skin. Everlasting flower, on the other hand, has skin repairing and restorative properties, and is particularly effective as a skin soothing agents for sensitive skin. It also has anti-aging benefits by helping to improve skin structure and elasticity.

Other Napiers formula like the original formula possesses anti-inflammatory and moisturizing benefits. It is consisted of herbal ingredients like oat kernel extract, calendula flower extract, catnip flower extract, raspberry leaf extract, chickweed extract and so on. This is strengthened by the Napiers moisture formula consisting of rose flower extract, althaea root extract, pansy flower extract and so on. Finally, there is also Napiers anti-aging formula with many antioxidants rich and wrinkles reducing herbs like licorice root extract, euphrasia extract, yarrow extract, bilberry extract and so on. Among these, licorice root extract has skin brightening and dark spots reducing benefits whereas yarrow extract is known for its skin firming properties.

Lastly, we also have ceramide, a natural moisturizing factor of the skin to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier and prevent moisture loss. This has many essential oils in it like rosemary leaf oil, orange peel oil, lime oil, geranium oil and so on. It is added here as naturally-derived fragrance. It may not be great for those with sensitive skin though especially if you are allergic to essential oil.


Firming effect is a very subjective thing. I am not very sure is my firmer and slimmer skin a result of my better diet and lifestyle, or this alone. But my face does appear firmer and slimmer.

I also notice that my skin is more resilient to external pressure such as pinching or pressing. It looks a lot suppler than usual too. I attribute that to this product as I did not use other moisturizing serum when I am testing this out.

I also find it really hydrating, despite its rich and creamy consistency. It feels like an emulsion from time to time, but I don't dislike it at all. Quite contrary, I enjoy the texture a lot. I like how it can hydrate while lock in moisture without being greasy or sticky at all.


I think this is a good addition to Belif The True Cream line! It is a well-made blend of emulsion, anti-aging serum, and cream. The anti-aging serum can justify the additional price that this soft balm charges me. I think individuals who dislike Belif emulsion, or find the Moisturizing Bomb too rich and inconvenient to use can try this out one. This will provide a great alternative to the Moisturizing Bomb. It even feels like a lighter or morning version of the Moisturizing Bomb! or... the mixture of the Firming Essence and the Moisturizing Bomb?

A nice product to try out. Might repurchase when I run out in future.

- innovative multitasking, multi-texture product
- hydrating, moisturizing but not sticky or greasy at all
- hygienic, convenient pump top
- lightweight, suitable for morning and evening use

- pricey
- customers might get confused as in what this product actually is

Overall impression: ★★★★☆
You can get this from: Belif Malaysia | Gmarket | Testerkorea etc
[Disclaimer] Product is purchased with my own money. All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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