21 Apr 2018

Comparison Review of Make P:rem Sunscreens: Capsule Sun Gel vs. Blue Ray Sun Gel

I cannot stress enough the importance of applying sunscreen everyday, although I know many people including myself is reluctant is slather that rich and sticky layer on our skin. The good news is, cosmetic brands are now coming out with lighter texture, more user-friendly sunscreens without compromising its sun protecting ability! I had a few sunscreens that I love putting on everyday, and among them are these two highly popular sunscreens from Make P:rem.

I talked about them in my previous reviews already but since I got asked a few questions about the differences between them, I want to devote a separate post on that to help you make a better choice!

Both products have highly similar packaging except that the orange cap refers to the Capsule Sun Gel whereas the blue cap is the Blue Ray Sun Gel. It's pretty easy to distinguish actually, given that the Blue Ray Sun Gel is blue in colour.


The Capsule Sun Gel comes in a lightweight, transparent gel with the sunscreen ingredients encapsulated. The Blue Ray Sun Gel, on the other hand, is a lightweight, water-splash textured lotion-cream.

Capsule Sun Gel gets absorbed faster and easier into the skin while the Blue Ray Sun Gel leaves a moist and slightly tacky finish on the skin.


Ingredients-wise, Capsule Sun Gel has avobenzone, octisalate, homosalate, and octocrylene as the filters. Avobenzone provides excellent UVA protection although it tends to break down faster in sun compared to other UVA filter. Octocrylene is added here to stabilize avobenzone. These filters offer absolutely no white cast and contribute to its lightweight consistency. However, they are definitely not outdoor sunscreen hence is more suitable for daily and indoor uses.

The Blue Ray Sun Gel uses uvinul A plus, octinoxate, octisalate and homosalate. Uvinul A plus, a stabler UVA filter is used here as opposed to avobenzone, but that also makes this richer and creamier in consistency. This sunscreen is also enriched with many soothing and cooling ingredients like centella asiatica and water lily extract, and is said to be able to absorb blue ray (heatwave) produced by the sun that may cause aging and skin damages.


Apparently, I prefer the Capsule Sun Gel. It is something that I will keep using everyday. It is also not expensive at 75ml for approximately RM70. I love how it keeps my skin moisturized like a moisturizing serum! Avobenzone is relatively unstable compared to other UVA filter hence I only use this inside my house or office, never when I'm going out though.

I wanted to use the Blue Ray Sun Gel more often but realize that the consistency is still a little bit richer for my liking. It does help to lower your skin temperate by a little, with its water-splashing sensation and hydrating water lily extract. I can feel that my skin is more resilient to hot sun and bright light when I am putting this on, so I might repurchase as and when necessary if I can't find better alternatives.


Have normal to dry skin? go for blue!
Have combination to oily skin? go for orange!
Prefer lightweight sunscreen? go for orange!
Prefer to skip moisturizer with sunscreen? go for blue!
Prefer stabler formulation? blue is your answer!
Need a sunscreen that will convince you to use everyday? orange!
Value for money? both are OK.
Need an outdoor sunscreen? go for blue!
Need an indoor or non-sunny day sunscreen? orange is fine!

I hope these will help to clear your mind and decide better which is your preferred option!

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[Disclaimer] Products are purchased with my own money. All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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