20 Apr 2018

Comparison Review of Four Mise en Scene Hair Serum and Essence

I did several reviews before to share my thoughts on the Mise en Scene hair serums. I loved the original version much more than its other variation. As such, only the Perfect Repair Hair Serum was my constant repurchase. Even the Rose Edition isn't as good as the original one in my opinion. Let's read on to find out more details about my thoughts on these products!


As you can see, from viscous to light are the base up essence > perfect repair serum = perfect repair serum rose > perfect repair serum light.

This picture shows the differences between various Mise en Scene hair serum and essence.

Let's talk about them one-by-one:

This is the classic. It is the one starred in Korean hit drama Love from the Star and suddenly became popular all over the world. The price was reduced from RM 45 to RM 25 on various site that sells this simply because the competition and supply are huge. This is definitely a steal at RM 25 given its scent, texture, fast-absorbing properties and performance. I will say all other hair serums, even those you can find at nightmarket for RM 10 lose out to this. Just stick to this --- you won't regret!

The texture is on average - not too viscous nor thin. It feels just right. It has a very nice rose and argan oil mixed scent that I love.

Next comes the Perfect Repair Light Serum. It has two layers in it - the watery essence and moisturizing oil layer. It looks milky when you shake it and mix both layers up.

I think the Perfect Repair Serum Light isn't as well-absorbing as the Perfect Repair Serum Original. While the Original gets soaked up by my hair, the Light stays outside and makes my hand a bit greasy. And my hair doesn't feel nourished at all.

This is just a purely rose scented Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Serum. The texture and consistency is the same. But for some reason, I still prefer the Original. I guess sometimes when you change the flavour, it will also alter the chemical structure inside, like how I reaction so differently towards Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Original vs. Lavender.

Finally, the only essence in the line. It is also a first essence or a thermal protector for you to apply on your hair after shampooing but before blow-drying!

Bringing your attention back to this Shine Diamond Serum that I find obsolete! And indeed they have now stopped producing this line!


It is obvious that among all these I still prefer the classic Perfect Repair Hair Serum Original. I find the Light one too greasy and not very nourishing, just like the Diamond Care Shine Serum. The Perfect Repair Rose feels similar to the Original with a stronger rose scent, but I can still feel a difference in the consistency. The Rose one is a tad bit richer but not very moisturizing - if you can get what I mean. Finally, the Base Up Essence is a nice-to-use hair essence but not really must especially if you always forget to use it like me. I find just the Perfect Repair Hair Serum Original is enough to do all the trick.

So yes, I will strongly recommend the Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Hair Serum although I am faced with seduction from newer and "younger" choices. Classic wins!

You can get this from: Beauty Stall | Gmarket | Hermo | Wako Beauty | Althea
[Disclaimer] Products are purchased with my own money. All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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