4 Feb 2018

Review: Silcot Uru Uru Puffs, The Best Cotton Pad for Toner and Essence

Silcot Uru Uru Puff is always sold out on Hermo website. Many people commented that Silcot Uru-Uru is one of the best facial cottons out there in the market. It is thin and soft hence is perfect for use with toner and essence. I even see it at AEON Wellness so I guess these puffs must be really hyped up among the beauty industry hence I grabbed one myself during my last visit to AEON Wellness a few months ago. Below are my thoughts after using them for 1-2 months now!

Silcot claims that their puffs are made of 100% natural cotton and uniquely manufactured to give them a smooth and soft texture. They are sponge cotton, or 1/2 sponge cotton, in other words.

Sponge cotton is very popular recently. They are not new to the market. Taiwanese and Japanese girls have been using sponge cotton as lotion mask for many years. Watson's also carries something similar known as "Air-Laid Puff". Sponge cotton, due to its soft and smooth surface, and its thinness, is perfect for toner and essence. They do not soak up a lot of product, just the right amount for your skin needs, hence will not lead to any "wastage".


This is not my first 1/2 sponge cotton hence I get to compare. To be honest, these are really great for toner. They soak up toner very well and will stay in shape enough for you to do the entire swiping, patting and pressing move. However, they are not as thin as Watson's Air Laid Puff hence I still prefer Watson's when it comes to lotion mask. Silcot is softer than Watson's though (but the price is also higher so it justifies the better quality).

I love to use it with toner and essence for pressing and patting purpose. It doesn't waste product, stays in shape, doesn't produce cotton fiber, not easily teared, and is softer than other brands. Will repurchase when I run out!

- soft and smooth texture, will not produce cotton fiber
- convenient to use

- expensive per usage

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Overall impression: ★★★★☆
Repurchasing: ★★★☆
You can get this from: Hermo Malaysia | AEON Wellness
[Disclaimer] Product is purchased with my own money. All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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