18 Feb 2018

Haul Reivew: Althea Box #37 Black Sparkling Box (Holiday Edition 2017)

I want to say a big THANKUUUUU to Althea for sending me this lovely Black Sparkling Box. It came during the time when I have a lot of partying, celebrations and functions and I must say that I make full use of each and every one of these lovely makeup items!

16 Feb 2018

Althea Box #36 Party All Night Box Haul Review

Actually this review should come earlier, but since I am having some familial issues lately, so I only got the time to sit in front of my computer recently and start talking about this Party All Night Box that I received from Althea two months ago. This was supposed to be a Christmas beauty box edition... but ah well who says you can't party in non-Christmas days, right?

Let's begin with our review here!

4 Feb 2018

Review: Innisfree Sea Salt Jelly Cleanser

I have less interest in scrub after spending 4 years or so experimenting different beauty products. I find them harsh for my skin. Chemical exfoliation works better than gentler for sluggish metabolism days. And treatment essence, especially those with fermented yeast extract, works like scrub for me without the associated harshness. As such, I think I won't be going back to scrubbing unless I found something interesting to try.

So it actually came at a surprise for me when I started using my recently bought Innisfree Sea Salt Jelly Cleanser because this is actually a scrub cleanser!

I bought the Innisfree Sea Salt Jelly Cleanser from Sweet Corea a few months ago. I wanted to try something from Innisfree and I realized that I have never tried their Sea Salt line! I don't need anymore cleansing water now, and I won't spend more than RM 20 on body scrub nowadays. Hence, this gentle jelly cleanser is the one that I was aiming for.

Review: Silcot Uru Uru Puffs, The Best Cotton Pad for Toner and Essence

Silcot Uru Uru Puff is always sold out on Hermo website. Many people commented that Silcot Uru-Uru is one of the best facial cottons out there in the market. It is thin and soft hence is perfect for use with toner and essence. I even see it at AEON Wellness so I guess these puffs must be really hyped up among the beauty industry hence I grabbed one myself during my last visit to AEON Wellness a few months ago. Below are my thoughts after using them for 1-2 months now!

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