17 Jan 2018

My All-Time Favourite Sofy Bodyfit Guierang Sanitary Pads Review

Many of you are probably curious about the popular Korean sanitary pad "Guierang" from Sofy. I believe all of us here are hanbang lovers in some ways. But have you ever imagined having hanbang in your sanitary pads? Yes?

Today, I'm gonna share my one year and a half on Korean herbal sanitary pad. How I got to learn about its existence, my experience using it every month, and where to buy it. I will also touch briefly on other local brands that I have tried and my general impression on them!

Let's read on for more review below!

"Guierang" sanitary pads are known as Sofy Bodyfit Guierang in Korea. There is a normal green version and a premium Korean ginseng version. The ginseng one is more expensive but is better for your private area.


The Guierang is distinctive in the sense that it uses Korean mugwort (known as ai-ye in Chinese medicine), Korean angelica root (known as dang-gui) and nut grass to soothe and "warm" your womb. Asian women consciously avoid anything "cold" (cold food or very few clothing) to keep their womb warm. Doing so is believed to keep your hormones balanced and keep you healthy in general. Herbal ingredients like mugwort and angelica root are also great for regulating blood circulation especially during menstrual cycle.

I also love Guierang for its really soft and thin material used. You almost feel as if you are not wearing anything. And given how thin it is, its absorbency is also pretty excellent. Even during heavy flow, a piece of it can last me for at least 3~4 hours without leaking. Of course, girls are advised to change their pads every 4 hours anyway but sometimes you forget when you are at work or in bed hence Guierang gives me the confidence that it will not leak even if I go with it for longer.


I got mine from Gmarket. Hermo used to carry it but now no longer. Each pack is about RM 18-25 depending on your shipping fee. I bought them from LG official store. I only recommend that you buy them from LG official store. Buying elsewhere might get you counterfeit one.

Guierang pads come in different sizes: small (21cm), medium (25cm), large (29cm) and overnight (33cm). I normally bought the medium (25cm) x 5 with sometimes complimentary pantyliners or the small (21cm) or overnight (33cm) that come in sets.

I prefer using Sofy Airfit that I can get from local stores for overnight use. I think their 33cm is too thick and suffocating for my private area.


To be honest, I did a chart comparing different brands in Malaysia.

I took down their prices, contents, sizes and even bought each of them to try them out myself. The whole process took me a good 2~3 years because you only got your period like 4~6 days a month, and trying out all brands take some times you see.

Anyhow, below are my findings that I want to share with you guys:

- they keep innovate now their line is really comprehensive
- materials used for its "Air" line are soft and thin; the price is similar to other brands

- affordable but I find their pads quite thick and suffocating

- its slimguard line is thin and soft but price-wise it is still quite pricey compared to other brands
- its perfect comfort line is cheaper but also thicker and suffocating so I dont like

- used to love their pantyliners especially the one with fresh scent
- their thinner pads are usually a lot pricier than other brands hence did not consider

- student time favourite because of the price factor!
- finding them too thick for my liking although the price is real cheap!
- the "ultra thin" ones not as good as Sofy nowadays hence I stop using them now

- I find their pads too rough and plasticky and it is NOT CHEAP either!

- the regular pads (25cm) one is really nice, I like it equally well as the Guierang ones!

You can get this from: Gmarket Malaysia
[Disclaimer] Product is purchased with my own money. All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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