20 Nov 2017

Review: SU:M37 Water-Full Radiant Hydrating Glow Special Gift Set

I always want to try out some SU:M37 products. It is a premium Korean cosmetic brand specializing in fermented skincare, under the umbrella company of LG Household & Health. It is slightly more high-end than Belif but lower than The History of Whoo. The word "SU:M" refers to "breathing" in Korea whereas “37” is the optimal temperature for fermentation. Together, they represent the quality of SU:M37 products which are fermented at the optimal 37°C temperature for maximum results.

My first SU:M37 product is the highly-raved Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick which I was unfortunately NOT impressed. However, this doesn't stop my curiosity about SU:M37. I grabbed their newly released Water-Full Radiant Hydrating Glow Special Gift Set when I saw it available on Ebay. SU:M37 products are quite expensive so I want to try the miniatures out before committing into the full size products.

The SU:M37 Water-Full Radiant Hydrating Glow Special Gift Set I got consisted of the following items:

  • Waterfull Radiant Hydrating Glow Toner 20 ml
  • Waterfull Radiant Hydrating Glow Emulsion 20 ml
  • Waterfull Radiant Hydrating Glow Glow Serum 8 ml
  • Waterfull Radiant Hydrating Glow Cream 10 ml

Below are my thoughts after trying out the products for 2 weeks:

Water-Full Radiant Hydrating Glow Toner

This is a moisturizing and brightening dual functioning toner that can quench your skin of thirst within seconds. 

It has a slightly viscous, slippery texture that gets absorbed really quickly into the skin. There is no scent to it whatsoever. My skin feels smoother and plump after using it. It doesn't leave a sticky or tacky residue. My overall experience about this toner is rather pleasant. I like how it feels really cooling and hydrating on the skin without being heavy or sticky. I might even consider repurchasing in future!

Water-Full Radiant Hydrating Glow Emulsion

This is a skin brightening and moisturizing lotion that offers lightweight moisture for your skin. It is runnier than cream but is not as moisturizing as cream. While the toner supplies moisture to your skin, this emulsion supplies oil, which help to balance up the skin.

You guys know I am not a fan of emulsion/lotion, so I don't quite enjoy this Emulsion as much as I should. It is fairly lightweight, not greasy and gets absorbed well into the skin. However, I just don't feel any difference with or without the emulsion as long as I apply the cream. Not very impressed, would not repurchase.

Water-Full Radiant Hydrating Glow Serum

This is a skin brightening and hydrating serum that penetrates deep into your skin to moisturize, vitalize and treat. It is a milky essence that feels immensely moisturizing and soothing on the skin when applied topically.

I think this is a great essence. It is a gel liquid that supplies moisture and active ingredients to the skin and gives it the glow you adore. I definitely can tell that my skin looks more radiant with this serum.

Water-Full Radiant Hydrating Glow Cream

This is a lightweight and creamy gel cream that soothes and nourishes the skin without any heaviness or greasiness. It is heavier than Emulsion but doesn't feel heavy at all when applied after layers of product. It will work great for all skin types and weathers.

Personally I don't like to apply this in the morning. I find that it pills under sunscreen, especially if you apply many layers of product in the morning. Sunscreen doesn't stick well to my face either whenever I am using this cream in the morning hence I only leave it for the night.


I know many people are curious about the brand SU:M37. It is expensive and not really accessible in many countries. There hasn't been a lot of reviews about their products either, so it is natural that we are all intrigued by this brand, which is why I write this review in the first place.

To be honest, am I impressed by the products? No. Will I spend a fortune buying the whole set of products? Another no. I can't deny that I love using them, as you see I almost finish using them in 2 weeks, but I don't think I like them enough to justify spending some RM 400-450 on a set of toner and emulsion pair. The cream (RM 300~) is also considered expensive for me. I would definitely go and buy them if they are cheaper (half cheaper) because I really love the texture but I don't think I want to spend that much on a set of fermented goodies that do not do anything SK-II does.

In short, the Water-Full Radiant Hydrating Glow line does provide a lightweight yet moisturizing skincare experience with additional radiant-imparting benefits. It would be great for many skincare lovers who want love that "glow" on their face. However, its performance does not justify the amount of money I am paying for the products, and the products are on their own not moisturizing enough to warrant my long-term commitment. As such, I think I would not repurchase after I finished using them. Even if I were to repurchase, I would only go for the cream.

Hope you enjoy my review today and I will see you in my next review!

Overall impression: ★★★★
Repurchasing: ★★★ (too expensive)
You can get this from: Jolse | Ebay

[Disclaimer] Products are purchased with my own money. All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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