6 Aug 2017

Review: Face Masks I used in June and July 2017 - Innisfree, Mediheal and The Saem

I only used 6 masks in June and July this year. I have talked about Primary Raw 2-Step Face Therapy many times in my previous reviews so I am not gonna repeat again. I also reviewed about G & Soap Glacial Sheet Mask in my Althea's Chok Chok box review. So in this review, I am gonna talk about the 3 others that I haven't reviewed before.

Full list of masks I used in June and July 2017:

  • Primary Raw Doyou 2-step Face Therapy | Review ★★★★
  • B&Soap Glacial Water Mask | Review ★★★
  • Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask #Rose ★★★☆
  • Mediheal Pumpkin Ade Mask ★★★☆
  • The Saem Daily Super Seed Mask Sheet - Basil Seed ★★★☆

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask #Rose

This is the cheapest mask of Innisfree, only RM 4 each, but definitely is one of the best among all affordable sheet masks. The one I bought was rose which has skin softening and glowing properties. Key ingredients are rose flower water, sodium hyaluronate, orchid extract, green tea, camellia oil and so on. Apart from rose flower water, others are commonly used Innisfree jeju essences. Rose flower water is known for its wrinkles-repairing and hydrating properties.

The mask is made of silky soft and thin cotton sheet. There is an obvious alcohol scent in it, but not really rose scent. I left the mask on for 10-15 minutes, but it will leave my skin a little bit itchy even after removing it.

My skin does appear glowy and soft after using, but my skin doesn't feel very comfortable or hydrating after removing the mask. The essence also dries down tacky.

Not quite sure will I repurchase because it itches me out. Apart from its skin softening and glowing effects, I don't get the moisturizing effects I desire. A bit disappointed, but it makes sense though if it is only RM 4 since its RM 8 and RM 20 masks are much better.

Overall impression: ★★★☆ (plump, soft, hydrated, and glow)

Mediheal Pumpkin Ade Mask

I bought this at AEON Wellness some time ago, so you can now get it in local stores! Each retails for about RM 5.90, for Mediheal mask, this is considered affordable. The mask looks really cute like pumpkin juice. Its main claims are firming and revitalizing. It is said to be able to improve the elasticity of the skin, making it smooth and plump.

Key ingredients are pumpkin extract, green tea, rose flower water, sodium hyaluronate, betaine, and carrageenan. It contains parabens but parabens are no issue for me. Pumpkin is less commonly used in skincare but it is found to have collagen-stimulating properties and can inhibit collagen-disrupting enzymes. It can smooth and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and are effective at improving skin vitality and tone.

The texture is pretty interesting. It is not like most other thinner cotton sheet. This looks like some kind of textured cotton sheet soaked in clear essence. It smells a little bit fruity, kinda like pumpkin but milder. I don't dislike the scent but won't say that I love it either. The mask stays on for about 20 minutes. There isn't a lot of leftover in the pocket so I just slather whatever that's left of the mask onto my body parts.

First thing I notice is how soft my skin feels after taking off the mask. It does appear glowy, radiant, and hydrated and is soft to touch. But I do notice that the mask is a little sticky and will leave a little bit of soft film on the skin after taking off. I also think that it brings out the efficacy of LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule I put in earlier, so the places where I apply the ampoule (where I drop the essence on) appears shinier and more radiant. I used this as the last step of my skincare routine so I think I might experience less tackiness if I use it right after toner.

I think this is a good and affordable (and cute too!) mask to try but I might not repurchase because new ones keep coming up and this one fails to impress.

Overall impression: ★★★☆ (moisturizes, adds radiant and firms the skin a little)

The Saem Daily Super Seed Mask Sheet - Basil Seed

I bought this from Koreadepart a few months ago with other Korean sheet masks. Actually it was the packaging that got me hooked, not really the brand or users' comments. I mean, how many times can you see masks using basil seed? Intriguing, isn't it?

This mask claims to moisturize and soothe your skin using basil seed extract and a bunch of moisturizing ingredients. Notable ones include green tea, witch hazel extract, aloe vera, white mulberry tree, anise fruit, sodium hyaluronate and so on. It doesn't contain paraben but it has chlorphenesin, another preservative and triethanolamine, which may cause allergic reaction to the skin.

The mask comes in a firm cotton sheet that is soaked with clear essence. The essence is not sticky or viscous. It feels really cool and moist on my skin. I didn't experience any itchiness thorough the process. My skin feels slightly tacky after I remove it though. I cannot tell whether or not the tackiness goes away soon because I fell asleep soon after.

I must say that I am not impressed by this mask. I don't see any differences to my skin tone and texture after having this on for 20-25 minutes. My skin is not clearer or brighter. It does look more hydrated though, and I like the cooling sensation it offers. However, I am looking for something more in a sheet mask. I am not saying that I don't like this, but I think it is no different than normal Taiwanese sheet mask from the brands My Beauty Diary so I don't think I would repurchase.

Overall impression: ★★★☆ (moisturizing and cooling)

[Disclaimer] Products except for G & Soap Glacial Sheet Mask are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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