23 Jul 2017

Review: Kose Sekkisei Herbal Gel

Japanese cosmetic brands are known for their unique, all-in-one, bouncy gel technology.  Hada Labo, for instance, carries multiple perfect gel creams for brightening, firming, UV-protecting and intense hydrating purposes. So I am not surprised when Kose comes out with its unique innovative gel technology that is said to possess anti-inflammatory, suppleness enhancing, smoothing, ultra nourishing, hydrating and radiance boosting benefits. It is essentially a moisturizer, but you can also use it as an overnight mask (for normal/dry skin) or tissue-off mask (for oily/combination skin).

I bought it during sales for about RM 180 for two pax at Parkson. It comes with a full size and a refill jar.

All Kose Sekkisei products have similar dark blue packaging, but this one looks prettier. It also came with a convenient spatula, perfect for someone who often losses their spatula like myself.

The product comes unsealed but it has a plastic lid to keep its freshness. Once it is opened, it is good for 3 years usage. Normal storage can keep it for up to 5 years.

There is about 80g of product inside, which is pretty generous given its price (NP: RM 130). The fact that you can double it up as a sleeping mask also makes it a good value for price.

I scoop approximately a small cherry size if I want to use it as an overnight mask, or half the cherry size when I use it as a moisturizer. The product, as you can see, looks really bouncy although not exactly chewy or slimy.

It can be easily absorbed by the skin, very typical for a gel cream. This product like its many Kose counterparts have very strong alcohol scent. It smells alcohol-herbal which in my opinion is kinda unique. I don't hate the scent but sometimes it is kinda weird and unpleasant.


Water, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Alcohol, Dipentaerythrityl Hexahydroxystearate/Hexastearate/Hexarosinate, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Dimethicone, Anelica Acutiloba Root Extract, Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract, Eriobotrya Japonica Leaf Extract, Melothria Heterophylla Root Extract, Saccharomyces/Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-Yuen Seed Ferment Filtrate, Tocopherol, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Carbomer, Cholesterol, Disodium EDTA, PEG-400, Phytosteryl Macadamiate, PVP, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance


This gel cream has the skeleton or basic formulation of most gel cream. Main ingredients are water, glycerin, butylene glycol, cetyl ethylhexanoate (an emollient and viscosity control), alcohol, lecithin, and dimethicone. If you are sensitive to these ingredients, especially butylene glycol and dimethicone, then you should avoid it in the first place.

Then only we have the herbal extracts. Angelica root extract, or dang gui, is used in skincare as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Normally women consume this to take care of their yin and soothe their womb but when applied topically, its effects are not clear and miraculous. Next we have mugwort. I didn't find a lot of skincare benefits for mugwort. Its health benefits are mostly limited to medical ones such as blood circulation improving or internal disorders (digestive, scalp or mood-related issues) regulating. The Face Shop claims that mugwort has vitality and skin purifying benefits on the skin but so far there hasn't been a lot of research on it. Subsequently, we have common loquat extract, which is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and is a good source of phytol, β-sitosterol, and so on. White lotus root extract is also added to provide additional moisturizing and skin brightening benefits. Finally, we have fermented coix seed extract, commonly used in Asian cosmetics to provide skin hydrating, softening, and brightening benefits, and fermentation actually boosts its efficacy and the potential benefits it may carry.

I think the only thing that makes this unique from any other gel cream is its herbal extracts. Although limited research has been found on these herbal ingredients, but a lack of research doesn't normally equal to a lack of efficacy hence I still think this product is worth trying out since I love Kose a lot and this gel cream isn't too pricey, if compared to its other counterparts.


I have been using this for about 6 months quite sparingly because its shelf life is 36 months from the day of opening. 

I normally use this as the last step of my evening skincare routine but sometimes I use it in the morning. I found that it works best as a moisturizer when I use lesser amount than as an overnight mask because the gel feels kinda greasy when used in bigger amount. I think Kose products tend to have this issue. It is lightweight but it will "remind" you if you put on too much.

On days that I use this, I find that my skin doesn't stay hydrated as long as it would. I think it supplies my skin with oil more so than moisture/water, which make it more suitable for those with dry skin. However, my skin does appear brighter, more radiance and revitalized when I use it as an overnight mask. Won't say that it has dark spots reducing or soothing benefits though.


I am not too impressed with the texture and efficacy of this herbal gel. I think this is the problem with most "all-in-one” product when you try to combine the best of both world into one and you fail. This product claims to replace your normal serum, emulsion, cream, massage cream and mask steps into one, so it uses cholesterol, dimethicone, and many more emollients to achieve that while trying to maintain its lightweight-ness, which is a very difficult thing to manage. In my case, the cream feels quite greasy whenever I use it in bigger amount, but not moisturizing enough when I don't use enough of it, so I have a dilemma everytime I use it. Sure enough that it is not sticky, but it is definitely very greasy which I don't quite enjoy. Not a bad product, but watch out for those who have normal or oily skin because this may not be suitable for you!

- lightweight gel cream texture
- all-in-one claims; skincare multitasker
- beautiful packaging
- imparts radiance and glow onto the skin
- reasonably priced (if compared to its counterparts)

- the texture is quite greasy although not sticky
- not moisturizing enough
- the scent is a bit odd, and it gets worse after it is opened for long time

Overall impression: ★★★★
Repurchasing: ★★
You can get this from: Kose Malaysia
[Disclaimer] Product is purchased with my own money. All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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