29 Jul 2017

Mega Huxley Haul Review And My Experience Shopping from Sweet Corea!

Sweet Corea is not very popular among the beauty community. It is lesser known if compared to Jolse, Koreadepart, RoseRoseShop and Testerkorea. So I think many of you must be curious how it feels like shopping from Sweet Corea, which is the reason that motivates me to write this review!

I have been shopping from Sweet Corea since 2015, from Malaysian Gmarket Qoo10, so the shop is legit and it is selling authentic products.  My only complaint is that they tend to give me free products that have passed the expiry date. The products I bought have long expiry date though, but I don't like how they pretend to be giving me free stuffs when they actually are not because I won't be using those stuffs anyway.

It is cheaper to buy from Qoo10 if you only get 1-2 products because you can save on shipping. But if you were to get 5-6 items and above, then buying directly from their official website would be much more economic. They are known as "SweetBox" in Qoo10.

Shipping takes approximately 2 weeks from the day you place order. They normally don't notify you about the progress of the order, but you can always email them and ask. They do response on Facebook though. They will notify you if a product is out of stock and ask if you would prefer a replacement or a refund through email so make sure to check your email otherwise you will be kept waiting for a long time.

Things I ordered:

Huxley Sweet Therapy Scrub Mask

Huxley Secret of Sahara Light and More Oil

Huxley Be Clean, Be Moist Cleansing Water

Huxley Stay Sun Safe Sun Cream

Huxley Brightly Ever After Essence

Innisfree Truecare Cica Intensive Balm

Innisfree Sea Salt Jelly Cleanser

I received some free samples and a free mask for my orders. Not very generous I must say.


 I won't say that Sweet Corea is a very generous retailer like Koreadepart. They don't usually give a lot of samples. And if one of the items you bought become more expensive (price changed in Korea, so they can no longer offer me the same price), like Innisfree Truecica Intensive Balm I bought this time, they will tell you this item is out of stock, and ask you to choose others. But when I look at the listing again, this item is stated as "in stock" but at higher price, so you know the good prices you get from their store is not confirmed until they ship the items! I ended up replacing it with Huxley Oil Essence.

Average in term of delivery speed, products quality, and selection. It is just like another Testerkorea. I will only shop there if I can get better deal in the future~

[Disclaimer] Products are purchased with my own money. All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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