10 Jul 2017

Beauty Haul Review: Things I bought at Laneige Beauty Roadshow at Mid Valley May 2017!

Actually I didn't planned to attend this beauty roadshow because I know I'm gonna spend, and I have no more money left after Kurator haul and such. But, it just so happens that my besty asked me out for a dinner at Sushi Zanmai Mid Valley some time in Saturday that we both were drawn to this mega road show. And we both ended up buying something!

I didn't take any photo of the event. You can find tonnes of them online, and on Laneige's official website. Today's review is gonna be about what I bought and why the hell I spent again. And of course, my regret, regret and regret.

Basically, I only bought two things - the  Laneige Water Sleeping Mask [Lavender] and the new Eyebrow Cushion Cara. I couldn't resist anything lavender (which is why my blog is called lavender garden, a lame reason of course). The lavender scent is very nice, like pure lavender essential oil instead of some cheap funky synthetic lavender. The consistency of the lavender version is also a tad bit lighter than the original one. I don't know - I just wanna try something new, which is why I bought this.

And look at the cute bottle, it says "refill me" so I think it will remind me to drink more water if I bring this home!

Next, I bought the Eyebrow Cushion-cara in light brown. I think the eyebrow cushion helps me to draw better eyebrow because it is (1) tinted (2) uses better brush and (3) branded. At least these are how I feel when I swatched it on my eyebrow the other day. I will update you guys with more review soon!

And then... the free gifts!

Free gift #1: Laneige Good Night Sleeping Care Kit with the cutest sleeping masks possible lining up for you!

And then the mini version which you can get simply by playing the game! 

(You get this for FREE without having to spend a cent!)

Free Gift #2 - Laneige Homme Oil Control Trial Kit which I gave to my bf

Free Gift #3 - Laneige Hand Sleeping Ball and of course several selfies and postcards!

Free Gift #4 - Nice memories and time spent with family and friends (and ignore the money-spending part!)


Forgive me for posting this 2 months after the event. I am not paid to do any of these so I post at my free will and my mood (excuse, excuse and excuse), but I posted it on Instagram in May thought so if you follow my Instagram you get faster updates!

Anyway, as you can see, the free gifts are your perfect excuses for spending hundreds tonight. I swear I saw people spending thousands buying their supplies for the entire year and I can understand why! It is just a tempting buying mood for all of us! The songs, the set-up, the crowd, the free-gifts and of course the games! Laneige! Laneige! Laneige!

Normally I don't post my beauty haul unless it is something memorable. You see I don't normally post my Watson's or Qoo10 or even Shopee hauls because really... you don't have a lot of things to squeeze into one post but this Laneige one even with just two products are interesting enough for me to share with you guys! I hope you enjoy my share today and maybe start saving from now to spend next year if you're a Laneige fan! With loads of love, bye!

[Disclaimer] Product is purchased with my own money. All copyright of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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