23 Jun 2017

Review: Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Light Serum

Less is more when it comes to body care? That might be the case for Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Light Hair Serum!

Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Serum swiped across Asia ever since making its first appearance in Korean Drama "My Love from the Star". And that's of course due to the quality of the products. Consumers are not blind. There must be a reason why this Mise en Scene Serum remains popular until now.

They came out with a Light Serum some times ago but I always hesitated to get it because I heard that it is meant for thinning and weak hair whereas mine is kinda thick and frizzy. It was not until Althea Korea's special promotion that prompted me to try it out.  Coincidentally, my Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Serum (Original) was nearly finished at that time, giving me the perfect reason to spend!

The product is packed in a gorgeous golden plastic box. The product comes in a golden packaging that is lighter than the original version so you can tell that this is the light version from its packaging.

The product looks really adorable, definitely looks like something that should cost you more than RM 30.

The product comes in a leak-proof cap. Normally cap like this will go missing "on its own" after a few months later based on my own experience. However, if you are someone who travels a lot and wants to bring this along then you are advised to keep the cap properly.

Consistency-wise, this is equally runny as the original version. However, this feels more like a runny liquid whereas the original version feels like it has more oil content in it. This also smells a little bit milder than the original version. It leaves my hair really moisturized and shiny. It is not as nourishing as the original version but I think it is doing quite well on my hair. Those with thinner hair should definitely give this a try!


I have been using the product occasionally for the past 2 months before sharing my thought with you guys. I think the Light Serum is as good as the original version if you have thinner and oilier hair. It just feels like a lighter and less nourishing version of the original Perfect Repair Serum. It doesn't change much in term of consistency, scent, and price. It leaves my hair equally shiny and less frizzy everytime I use it. I have dry, frizzy and thick hair but I think the Light Serum is doing an equally good job on my hair. If you are new to Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Serum and is a bit hesitant to try out heavier oil, you can definitely give this a try.

I won't say that it gives long-lasting results because our hair is vulnerable to environmental pollutants, free radicals, ions, and even our own bodily discharge so my hair will become coarse and frizzy after 1-2 days. However, it is definitely a good hair serum, much better if compared to night market ones and even those you can find in Watson's and Guardian. I don't think I can find any other hair serum that is as good and as cheap as this. This is my bae.

- beautiful packaging
- smell gorgeous
- affordable
- fast-absorbing, non-greasy
- leaves the hair smooth and silky

- N/A

Overall Impression: ★★★★★
Worth Trying? ★★★★★
Will I repurchase? ★★★★★

You can get this from: Hermo | Althea | Koreadepart | Wako
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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