6 Jun 2017

Review: Mediheal Peelosoft XP Cotton Swab Clear Shot 9%

I bought this aqua peel from Koreadepart at a point when I was obsessed about aqua peel. There was an aqua peeling trend in Korea a few months ago (actually a year ago) when brands like The Saem, REME+G, Holika Holika, Primary Raw, It's Skin and so on are coming up with peeling swabs. And they are not cheap. Each swab easily costs you some KRW 3,000 to 5,000, which was around RM 10-15, much more pricey than Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid. And most of these aqua peels I tried are pretty obsolete. You won't feel much of a difference before and after using them, maybe except for The Saem. And to be honest, I actually bought a lot before realizing that these aqua peel swabs are literally doing nothing for my skin. I thought if everyone is raving about them, then they must be good. And I was in need of good exfoliating treatments that time, just like a hungry kid, so I unconsciously bought a lot. There was a big promotion on shopping at Gmarket as well that time so I grabbed a lot without realizing that I have bought too much. And this Mediheal swab was something I bought when I was shopping at Koreadepart. It was retailed at USD 3 so I quickly grabbed one to avoid it from going out of stock at that price.

Let's see if it is worth the aqua peeling hype!

Since aqua peel is an acid treatment (AHA), let's look at the ingredients first.

We have lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, ascorbic acid, and so on here, most of which are AHA. Among which, lactic acid is the gentlest form of AHA whereas glycolic acid is really effective at exfoliating the skin. We also have a bunch of skin repairing and anti-oxidizing ingredients like angelica root extract, peony extract, licorice root extract, niacinamide, white mulberry extract, fig extract, citrus fruit extract, and so on. We also have a bunch of vitamin E components here to provide additional anti-oxidizing benefits. All these will make this an effective exfoliating treatment with loads of anti-oxidizing to repair the damages brought by AHA peeling. However, I notice that there is a lack of good soothing ingredients so you are advised to use a really good soothing mask afterwards.

If you look at the ingredients, you won't believe that these are only retailed for USD 3. It is sold for much pricier in other places, and its original price in Korea was KRW 9,000 so I guess Koreadepart brings it in in bulk. Even at KRW 9,000 / 5 pieces, I think these are well priced given its ingredients. 

Inside, there are 5 plain swabs with a big tube of acid liquid packed separately. I would advise that you use this up ASAP otherwise the quality of the acid will deteriorate and become less effective. The acid will also smell more pungent after several months later. I think its shelf life is rather short in less than 6 months although it doesn't state that anywhere on the packaging.

The acid is packed in a plastic tube. It is a clear, slightly pungent liquid. You are meant to soak the swab into the liquid and apply it directly onto a cleaned face. You do not need to rinse it off. Just treat it like a more intense form of your acid treatment. You don't have to use a pH balancing toner beforehand.


It works, that's all I need to say. It helps to get rid of unevenness (those little white zits on my skin surface) within 1-2 uses. But I think sensitive skin should not try this out because it is very strong. It feels quite irritating on my skin, especially around my fine lines and the drier parts of my skin. I didn't notice any brightening effects despite its white mulberry, niacinamide, licorice root and angelica root contents though. I guess this is not something you can tell after several uses. However, the zits are going down, and I am happy with that.

I think you should go for The Saem Aqua Peel if you want something gentler and as effective but of course pricier.


I am not sure if I should be very happy with this product. It works, it is cheaper than many aqua peels I have tried, but it hurts. I need to use The Face Shop Green Tea Real Nature Mask to calm and soothe all the tingling, itchiness and irritation I developed from using this aqua peel. And that's not pleasant. I don't think sensitive skin will like this. And I am not confident to recommend it to others since I am not sure if most skin types can take this without feeling hurt. I guess if you have normal, dry, and dull skin, and will use something soothing later, you can give this a try (it is cheap if you can get it from Koreadepart), otherwise do patch test carefully before putting it on your face.

Further readings:

packaging: ★★★★
scent: ☆
texture: ★★★
ingredients: ★★★★☆ (a lack of soothing ingredients)
performance: ★★★★☆
general impression: ★★★★ (effective but can be hurtful and irritating)

You can get this from: Koreadepart | Testerkorea
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Product is purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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