3 Jun 2017

Review: Face Masks I used in April and May 2017 - My Beauty Diary, L'herboflore, Lirikos, The Saem and The Face Shop

I am gonna change my way of reviewing sheet mask or face mask from now on. I don't want to keep my readers waiting for too long so I will post my review on these masks every month. I am slowing down on using face masks too, and I don't want to repeat reviewing the same masks over and over, so you might expect just less than 5 masks reviewed per month, but doing so would allow me to go into more details about each mask to help you make better choices yourself, which I think is better for my readers this way.

Besides, I see sheet mask as a luxury. Good ones retail for at least RM 5, sometimes even RM 20, and your normal skincare products cost you only RM 100-200 for a decent one. Of course, you cannot compare RM 20 to RM 200 but if you use a RM 20 mask everyday, it only takes 10 masks to reach RM 200 so I think sheet mask (good ones) are high maintenance skincare products. And I am not a patient person so I am not keen on spending 20-30 minutes on something that don't give me considerable results. Well, I guess I am just getting choosier with my choices now.

Enough with the intro, let's jump straight to the products:

  • My Beauty Diary Moisturizing and Repairing Cleansing Pack
  • L'herboflore Soy Milk Hydrating Mask
  • Lirikos Marine Snow White Mask
  • The Saem Natural Oatmeal Mask Sheet
  • The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Soothing Mask

My Beauty Diary Moisturizing and Repairing Cleansing Pack

This is a 2-step deep-cleansing and moisturizing mask made of kaolin and glacier water. Although most My Beauty Diary masks are just slightly on-average, but this one really stands out among others.

You apply the kaolin first after cleansing your face, and rinse it off 15 minutes later. Your skin will be left hydrated, soft and clearer after this step. The mud/kaolin feels really cooling on the skin, just like rubber mask. It also smells like rubber mask. Key ingredients used include kaolin, allantoin, hydrolyzed conchiolin protein, punica granatum extract, and algae extract. Apart from kaolin, which is an effective skin purifying ingredient, we also have punica granatum (a pore-controlling ingredient), and algae extract (a moisturizer).

You are supposed to follow that up with step 2 moisturizing and soothing mask. The mask feels indifferent from other My Beauty Diary masks. It holds a lot of moisture and clings really well onto the skin. It is made of glacier water, chamomile flower, urea, macadamia seed oil, sugar maple extract, algae extract, aloe vera extract, and so on moisturizing and soothing ingredients. The ingredients may look very extensive but they are mostly sharing the same properties. A bunch of marine extracts are also used here. My skin feels really soft, supple and cool after using this mask. The sheet mask doesn't feel that much different from other Taiwanese masks I used though.

In short, at RM 8 (USD 1-1.50), this is a decent mask with kaolin and moisturizing mask. It keeps my skin supple, clear and soft. It is not that unique but it is good soothing remedy for those hot and sweaty summer evening.

Rating: ★

L'herboflore Soy Milk Hydrating Mask

This is a hydrating mask made of soy milk, chamomile flower extract, aloe vera extract, cucumber fruit extract, mulberry fruit extract and so on skin-benefiting botanical essences. Honestly, I am used to Taiwanese masks using a whole bunch of all these fancy sounding ingredients. Not that I am against them, but I don't find them significant. Imagine blending 10 different types of fruits in a blender, can you tell which flavour appeals to you the most when you drink them? But L'herboflore claims that this is made of soy milk so let's assume that this is a soy milk mask. Besides, most of the ingredients used here are moisturizing ingredients anyway so I don't want to dig too far into that. Among them, I just want to point out the ingredient methylisothiazolinone and iodopropynyl butylcarbamate. These are preservatives that can cause sensitive reaction, and I am sensitive iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, so my skin actually itches a little when I was wearing this mask. 

This mask is made of thin but firm sheet that is held between two plastic sheets. I am not sure is the material made of cotton, pulp or plastic. I cannot really differentiate between mask materials. But it feels kinda soft on my skin. The mask does not come out of the pocket wet, so I guess it is not good at holding essence. There is a spoonful of clear and slightly viscous essence left in the pocket. There isn't any detectable scent, maybe just a very mild milk candy scent.

L'herboflore claims that this can strengthen your skin, improve elasticity, and impart radiance. It is formulated with oriental herbal ingredients, which you can tell from the mask's oriental packaging.

Performance-wise, this mask is indeed good. My skin appears brighter (plump and saturated with moisture), smoother, and clearer. My pores also appear smaller and my skin texture more refined. This is the mask that you can see an immediate difference after using. But I didn't notice any improvements on my skin elasticity or firmness though. And the itching is still there even after I took off the mask.

Although it works, but I am really concerned about the baddies inside, and I don't like how my face continues to itch even after I took off the mask. I think I won't repurchase unless if L'herboflore reformulates it.

Rating: ★★★

Lirikos Marine Snow White Mask

I received this Marine Snow White Mask as a GwP from my other Lirikos products, but only started using it today. This is quite an expensive mask, belongs to one of the most luxurious brands in Korea, so I have rather high expectation on it. The mask looks pretty simple, but the style is consistent with many other Lirikos products.

Here comes the elegant part. The mask is a wet cotton soaked in milky essence. It is held between "breathable" but firmer plastic holder to keep its shape. The mask adheres well to the skin. Since it is thick, you will feel that the cotton actually serves as a "force-feeding machine" to feed your skin with a lot of nutrients and moisture.

I couldn't find the English descriptions so I shall skip that part. Let's jump right to the performance. I used this after a long day out under the sun. I didn't bring my backup sunscreen so it is quite likely that my long hours sun exposure has stimulated a lot of melanin activities within my skin and my sunscreen is not sufficient to minimize that since I didn't reapply every 2 hours. So I wanted to use this brightening mask in the hope that it could minimize all those damages the sun did to my skin. Fortunately, my skin appears much calmer, the temporarily tanning due to increased melanin activities within my skin is somewhat mitigated, redness faded, and there is an improvement in the brightness of my overall complexion. My skin also appears smoother and plumper, something I usually get after proper moisturization. In short, this is indeed a good brightening and moisturizing mask for all skin types especially drier skin!

Would I repurchase? Well, if it comes as GwP with Lirikos products then yes! But about US$7-8 per piece? I shall think about it first!

Rating: ★★★★☆

The Saem Natural Oatmeal Mask Sheet

I bought this because I wanted to try some masks from The Saem, and this is a really unique flavour made of oat meal so I want to know whether or not this is good.

This mask feels, smells and looks like most other sheet masks from Aritaum, Innisfree, and so on with milky essence. This smells mildly fragranced and feels quite hydrating and soothing on the skin. The material is made of soft and firm cotton that adheres pretty well to the skin. I kept it on for 25 minutes, the mask doesn't leave any sticky or tacky finish after I take it off.

Performance-wise, this is a nice moisturizing mask. My skin does look and feel plumper after using it. There is also a soft glow to my skin. However, I am not impressed or vowed by the mask. It feels really normal, almost every moisturizing mask can do that for your skin, not really this one. So I wouldn't repurchase after this. However, I would recommend The Saem to those who are interested in trying sheet masks from the brand out.

Rating: ★★★

The Face Shop Real Nature Green Tea Soothing Mask

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by this mask. Not all The Face Shop Real Nature masks are created equal. Some were outstanding, some were just meh. This luckily belongs to the outstanding category.

The packaging, presentation and such are nice. It definitely looks like one of the high-class Japanese style masks. The material used is a very soft yet firm cotton. It adheres to the skin well although the fit is larger than my face so there are still some leftover ones. It dries up within 15-20 minutes which is pretty standard. The mask has a nice although slightly perfumy green tea scent. I enjoy the scent, it soothes my mood and does not cause any irritation to my skin. The mask has a lot of clear, non-viscous watery essence.

Some notable ingredients include green tea extract, panthenol, betaine, allantoin, and so on. Green tea extract is listed quite high up on the list so I guess they are pretty true to its major ingredient claim. All others are mainly moisturizing and skin repairing ingredients. I spotted alcohol, castor oil, carbomer so if you are sensitive to the said ingredient you are advised to be extra careful before using. No paraben or pheoxyethanol are used, but we have caprylhydroxamic acid which is a safe and gentle preservative so this is not preservative-free. I am not sure about most of you, but I am not against preservative. I mean, even paraben is naturally present in our body as well, right?

Performance-wise, this mask is true to its claim, very soothing and hydrating. I apply my AHA yesterday right after cleansing so my skin is suffering from all the cracks and burns, but this mask soothes everything out within seconds. My skin immediately feels much calmer, cooled and hydrated the second I put it on. It doesn't irritate my skin in any way so I am pretty happy with the results I get! Something I will definitely repurchase in the future if I run out of all my masks!

Rating: ★★★★☆

[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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