18 Jun 2017

Review: Bonanza Olibanum Repairing Gel Mask

It's Bonanza! For some reason I think Bonanza Cosmetics is really good at picking name for itself. Who has the confidence of calling themselves a bonanza? That's a huge promise which everyone expects you to deliver!

Anyway, back to the product. I heard about Bonanza mask 2 or 3 years back when I start venturing into skincare. A lot of Hong Kong celebrities are raving about it, including also some Taiwanese artists. Many of them claim that this mask can cool, calm and reduce redness on the skin. There are also people who say that it has helped to surface blackheads for easier removal. There are many types of Bonanza masks too. The KUM is said to be excellent at moisturizing the skin whereas the KFM is an exfoliating and moisturizing mask using bio-enzymes. You'll also see a lot of Bonanza masks on Facebook sellers even if you don't read blog. It's just everywhere!

So, I am pretty happy when Hermo contacted me to send me this product for review purpose! I always want to try out one of the Bonanza products, since it is all over the internet. So, let's get started!

Bonanza comes in a simple tub packaging with a spatula. This particular one that I have is its newly released Olibanum Repairing Gel Mask. It is said to have skin repairing, anti-aging, cooling, and moisturizing benefits. I notice that Taiwanese brands like to advertise their products as "all-we-can-do". Their sheet masks tend to be loaded with loads of ingredients that will confuse you in term of which ingredients are you actually putting on your face. I mean, we all love fruit punch but we don't simply put all fruits into one punch. Anyway... I like to think of this mask as an "anti-aging, skin repairing" mask.

The mask is properly sealed with an aluminium seal. You are advised to seal it back after each use.

The mask smells quite refreshing. The mask looks like some kind of jello.

You are advised to use a spatula to scoop the product out to minimize contamination. Once open, you must finish it within 3 months.

The mask is an occlusive jello that feels velvety and cooling on the skin. My skin is immediately hydrated, cooled and calmed after applying.

You are supposed to apply a thick layer (approximately 0.3-0.5cm) all over your skin, avoiding eyes and lips. Doing so creates an occlusive seal that mimics the properties of sheet mask or rubber mask. In addition, you are also required to leave it on for at least 30-40 minutes, so as to force feed your skin with intense moisture, so your skin will appear brighter and suppler after you remove it.

Normally, you should not wait until the mask is completely dried to remove it. You should scrap it off with a spatula and then rinse it with water to remove the remaining. Scrapping it off with a spatula is much convenient and hassle-free than rinsing it with water though.


Water, Glycerin, Mannitol, Sodium Citrate, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15, Saccharide Isomerate, Scleroglucan, Triethanolamine, Boswellia Carterii Resin Extract, Carbomer, Panthenol


This mask surprisingly contains only a short ingredients list. Most of them are moisturizers, such as glycerin, mannitol (alcohol-derived humectant), saccharide isomerate (water-binder, emollient that are easier to rinse off), scleroglucan (fungus ferment moisturizing ingredient), and panthenol (humectant with soothing benefits). We also have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients acetyl tetrapeptide-15 and olibanum extract.

Olibanum, also known as frankincense, is our star ingredient here. It is a milky white sap extracted from the bark of tree grown in Africa and Arabian regions. Olibanum is found to have decent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungus benefits (source). It also possess cellular regenerating and moisturizing benefits. It also can reverse signs of aging and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars (source).

Although Bonanza claims that this doesn't contain any preservative, but sodium citrate in here can also function as preservative (but not a very effective one if compared to phenoxyethanol and paraben of course) which gives it shorter shelf life.


I have been using this, once or twice a week, for the past 1 month. I think you can finish this within 2-3 minutes if you use it 4-6 times a month so you don't have to worry about its shorter shelf life.

I do notice brighter, calmer, plumper and healthier skin after using this, as if you just use a really nice sheet mask or rubber mask. The trick is the force feeding part where you create an occlusive seal for the ingredient to go into your skin. Bonanza is better than many other sheet mask because it contains lesser chemicals and even lesser preservatives so the things that go into your cells are "safer" and gentler than normal sheet mask.

I am not sure does this repairs my skin because I didn't experience any skin damage or sun burn in the past 1 month to tell its efficacy on those. I think I will be back with further review once I have finished using this.


In short, I think it is a very nice, gentler and safer occlusive wash-off mask for all skin types. Individuals with sensitive, normal/combination and damaged skin will enjoy it the most.

- comes with a spatula, convenient
- quality ingredients and fewer harsh chemicals used if compared to sheet mask
- cooling and hydrating on the skin
- instant brightening and plumping effect

- takes time to apply (30-40 minutes)
- removing the mask is an hassle (might clog the sink)
- pricey (RM 160 for 3 months)
- no long-term benefits

scent: ★★★★
texture: ★★★★
ingredients: ★★★★
performance - cooling/calming: ★★★★☆
performance - moisturizing: ★★★★
performance - repairing: N/A
will I repurchase? ★ (pricey, shorter shelf life)

You can get this from: Hermo Malaysia | Beauty Stall | Longon
[Disclaimer] Product is provided for review purpose. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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