25 Jun 2017

Porretta SPA Water - Review: Beyond Body Healing Cream Shower and Body Healing Moisturizer

Sure many will ask me, what is my favourite Korean body care brand, since I have shared so many skincare brands before. If you read my comparison review on 19 body moisturizers I used before, you'll notice that I mentioned about illi a lot. True enough, illi makes one of the most luxurious body lotions I have ever used. But illi is also kinda like a "grocery store brand". You can find it even locally in many Korean grocery store, just like Ryoe and Mise en Scene. There is another body care brand in Korea, which is lesser known but is equally good called Beyond. I heard that it is coming soon to Malaysia so I am looking forward to that!

So, what is Beyond? Beyond is an "natural" skincare and body care that believes in “Eco Values”. I am not sure is it eco-certified because I couldn't find that information on its official website. But it promises several things such as paraben-free, animal-testing-free, minimal harsh chemicals, recyclable and eco-friendliness etc. Many brands nowadays endorse eco-friendliness in its products so it doesn't impress me in anyway but if you like anything natural then this will impress you.

I bought the shampoo, conditioner, shower cream and body moisturizer set but since I only tried out their Porretta SPA line, I will talk about the shower cream and body moisturizer first.

The Body Healing Cream Shower is made of Poretta SPA water. Poretta Terme is a town in Italy located about 60 km southwest of Bologna. It is known for the healing and moisturizing properties of its thermal springs. Now, it is a site of a soul music festival designed by Graziano Uliani. I am not sure is the product made of thermal water extracted from Poretta since information on its official website is not that clear. The official website only claims that this is a foaming shower cream formulated with Italian Poretta SPA water, olive oil, betaine and vitamins.

Again, everything is in Korean. You can only get more information of the brand from English-speaking Korean youtubers.

The shower cream is a milky cream that can be massaged into soft foam when lathered with water. It leaves the skin feeling immensely soft and clean. I think if weren't for the price, I would use this religiously everyday. A little goes a long way, mine lasts for a good 4-5 months.

I am not sure what's so special about the thermal water of Poretta, but I really like this shower cream. I have tried out so many shower cream before, none is as moisturizing as this, except for Johnson & Johnson pH 5.5 Body Shampoo, but this smells nicer and looks cuter of course.

Overall Impression: ★★★★★
Worth Trying? ★★★★ (if you can get it in your country)
Will I repurchase? ★★★★ (if I can get it below RM 25)

Now, let's look at this Body Healing Moisturizer:

This is a body moisturizer made of fine elements that underwent fermentation for 6 years to keep the skin soft and supple. Like the Shower Cream, this is made of thermal water from Italian Poretta.

The Body Healing Moisturizer is supposed to come in 450ml but since mine comes in a set, this only has 100ml.

The body moisturizer is a lightweight lotion that smells kinda nice. It is also super moisturizing without leaving the skin tacky or greasy. It feels just nice on the skin. One of the most lightweight and hydrating body lotion I have ever used. I do notice that my skin heals faster whenever I suffer from any cracks, inflammation, or burn on the skin with this.

Overall Impression: ★★★★☆
Worth Trying? ★★★★ (if you can get it in your country)
Will I repurchase? ★★ (I prefer The Body Shop Shea Whip Body Lotion and Illi Total Anti-Aging Body Lotion)


Let's be honest, I am no longer impressed or sold by fancy-claiming products. I don't really care if it is made of some interesting elements extracted from Antarctica, Greenland, or deep ocean. As long as it is reasonably priced, contains quality (harsh-free, weird chemicals free) ingredients, has nice texture, smells nice (I know some people is against fragrance but I am a fragrance person, but everyone has different preferences) and works well, I am sold. These Poretta SPA Water duo - body shampoo and body moisturizer, is nice products with quality ingredients, nice texture, nice scent and decent performance. My only problem with them is inaccessibility. They are hard to get in Malaysia. If you cannot get decent discount, or free shipping, they will be expensive to get here. Conclusion? Something I will buy if I can get them at similar prices as The Body Shop products.

You can get this from: Gmarket | Koreadepart | Testerkorea etc.
[Disclaimer] Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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