19 Jun 2017

Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones: A Brand Overview and Review of 11 HUXLEY Products and Miniatures

Great things never came from comfort zones, as Huxley so eloquently puts it.

For years, Huxley has been holding true to this philosophy of getting the best things out of the most unimaginable places, including Desert of Sahara any many more.

In today's review, I will be looking at several miniatures, samples and full size products I have tried from the brand Huxley, and share my honest and unbiased thoughts on each of them. Read on to find out more about what I think about these Huxley products, and whether or not I will commit to its full size.

Huxley Be Clean, Be Moist Cleansing Water
Huxley Be Clean, Be Moist Cleansing Gel

Both Huxley Cleansing Water and Cleansing Gel come in a pair, but you can buy them separately as well. The Cleansing Water is a micellar water where you can soak it with a cotton pad and use it to swipe across your skin for gentle makeup removal. It works like Son & Park Beauty Water, but Huxley is gentler whereas Son & Park has better exfoliating properties and feels more like a cleansing toner. I haven't tried the full size product so I cannot judge which one do I like better. I will keep you guys updated once I have tried Huxley Cleansing Water out in full size.

Huxley Cleansing Gel should not be mistaken as a makeup removal. It cannot effectively remove all your makeup. It is a gentle, SLS-free cleanser that can be rinsed into soft foam, thus is perfect for sensitive and dry skin. It reminds me a lot about Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser which I find the Huxley one gentler and better.

Will I repurchase?
Huxley Be Clean, Be Moist Cleansing Water ★
Huxley Be Clean, Be Moist Cleansing Gel ★

Huxley Secret of Sahara Grab Water Essence
Huxley Secret of Sahara Oil Essence
Huxley Secret of Sahara Light and More Oil

I have talked about the Huxley Grab Water Essence previously in details. Basically, it is a very well-made watery essence that feels like a lightweight oil on your skin. It is more suitable for dehydrated, combination and sensitive skin. Normal-to-dry skin like mine finds it kinda "meh", but I do enjoy using it though.

Huxley Oil Essence is delightful. It has a slightly viscous consistency that is neither oily or watery, but will get absorbed into the skin really well. I love how it feels on my skin. I also notice that whenever I'm applying this, my skin feels really plump and soft. I can go out with my friend without having any dry skin issue when I apply this, my skin just stays moisturized even though I forgot to apply my moisturizer after using this oil essence. I have bought a full size and will give it further try!

Huxley Light and More Oil is probably the only oil that I love a lot! It is a dry oil that feels really moisturizing on your skin. It is hard to describe that love at first sight. I have tried so many oils from Sulwhasoo, Whamisa (swatching), Blossom Jeju (swatching), Banila Co., Goodal, and even Belif, but I love this the most! It is just awesome and I think something everyone with normal skin and above should try! And the smell is heavenly too!

Will I repurchase?
Huxley Grab Water Essence 
Huxley Oil Essence 
Huxley Light and More Oil 

Huxley Secret of Sahara Fresh and More Cream
Huxley Secret of Sahara Anti-Gravity Cream
Huxley Secret of Sahara More than Moist Cream

I have talked about the Fresh and More Cream in my previous review. I think this is a really nice gel cream with fresh grass scent and lightweight texture. It hydrates my skin pretty well but I still think that it will be more suitable for oily and combination skin as this cream is pretty velvety with sebum-absorbing particles.

Next, we will look at the Anti-Gravity Cream. This is a soft emollient cream that feels a bit "greasy" or creamy on the skin. I bought this since many are raving about it. Will update my thought on it soonest!

Finally, we have the More than Moist Cream, which in my opinion is a rich buttery cream. I think it is even richer than Belif The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb! To be honest, not something I will put on my skin unless if I have very dry and flaky skin. The cream is not the easiest to spread. It feels really buttery and "solid". You can only pat it in, not dabbing it or rubbing it on your skin like most other creams.

Will I repurchase?
Huxley Fresh and More Cream 
Huxley Anti-Gravity Cream 
Huxley More than Moist Cream 

Huxley Secret of Sahara Sweet Therapy Scrub Mask
Huxley Secret of Sahara Keep Calm Healing Mask
Huxley Secret of Sahara Good Night Sleep Mask

Finally, we have some masking session!

I like this scrub mask. I think I am gonna purchase it once I am done with all my other scrubs! It gives a warming scrubbing experience when applied. The particles are not very harsh, but I think sensitive skin should not use scrub with hard scrubbing particles inside to avoid hurting your face. Normal to dry skin will love this a lot. It is just like most other facial scrub, but feels so comforting and soothing on the skin. Love it!

This is a wash-off mask, also known as a healing mask. Not something I would repurchase because I personally don't like wash-off mask. But if you are a person who enjoys that 20-30 minutes with mask, then this is a really great soothing and moisturizing mask for all skin types.

Lastly, the soft and hydrating sleeping mask. I must say that this has quickly climbed through my sleeping mask champion list and becomes the top favourite of mine. I love how soothing, hydrating and soft this feels on my skin. I have ordered one from Jolse so do wait for my review on this!

Will I repurchase?
Huxley Secret of Sahara Sweet Therapy Scrub Mask 
Huxley Secret of Sahara Keep Calm Healing Mask 
Huxley Secret of Sahara Good Night Sleep Mask 


Huxley is a nice brand to begin with. I love the packaging, scent, texture and brand philosophy of Huxley. I can't say that I love them as much as I do for Belif because you know... I am an old fan of Belif and I have tried so many Belif products so I am already very familiar with Belif. Belif feels like my first wife whereas Huxley is like my second so I still not sure do I love Huxley as much... if you get the idea.

Huxley has many products so not all will suit my skin type. I like its oil essence, sleeping mask, light and more oil, toner, and cleansing water the most. I am not sure do I like the anti-gravity cream but since I already bought it, I will give it more try to make further judgement. I am also interested in trying out its lip balm, brightening essence and probably the skin awakening cream!

These are basically what I think about Huxley products. I want to talk about it, making it kind of a brand overview thing so that you guys get a basic idea of my impression on Huxley. It also saves me effort explaining in my future Huxley reviews since I have already bought a few!

Are you excited about Huxley yet?


I also compiled several brand reviews on multiple Korean skincare brands, which I will link it down below, in case you are interested in finding out more these brands!

You can get this from: Kurator Malaysia | Hermo | Wako Shopee | Jolse
[Disclaimer] Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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