17 Jun 2017

Deep Ocean Beauty Secret: A Brand Overview and Review of 12 LIRIKOS Products

Love is blind. Sometimes you don't know why you are so in love with somebody, it just happens. This also applies to product obsession. Sometimes I dunno why I am so in love with a brand or its products, but I just did.

I know I have this obsession issue with a few Korean brands, which starts from 2015. Brands like Primera, Lirikos, Hanyul, Whamisa are so inaccessible 1-2 years back, and positive reviews (mainly in Chinese) are all on the internet.So you can imagine how I feel when I cannot physically access or touch the products, merely hearing others raving about how good they feel on the skin. And that's also why long distance or cyber relationships are more beautiful than people actually staying together as a family. Your brain produces chemicals that mislead you into thinking things certain ways, sometimes more fancy than it actually is.

Well, my points having said all these are not that Lirikos products, which I am gonna share here, are bad. They are pretty good actually. But, since I was a bit obsessed with Lirikos, my opinions may be biased. It is just like how you feel using a completely new brand versus a well marketed brand. Psychologically people are inclined to think that the brands that they have been seeing on Instagram, blogs and TV ads are better than a stranger brand, which is why we have this term called "mere-exposure effect", backed by psychological research.

So, what's Lirikos all about?

Lirikos is a skincare brand that is said to be a Korean La Mer. It uses minerals and extracts from the marine world in their products, which includes seaweed, marine collagen, and even sea water! Its gorgeous blue packaging also reflects the beauty of marine-based skincare. Lirikos has been partnering with oceanographers since 1994 to study the efficacy of marine-based ingredients, and eventually comes out with this "marine placenta" technology to deliver healing effects to the skin.

Ocean and marine-based ingredients are always an obsession among many women. Many skincare products use mainly marine ingredients, such as Innisfree's Jeju Seawater, Nature Republic's Super Aqua Max, and so on, and they are well-received by the beauty community. Now Lirikos has the entire brand devoted to marine ingredients! How cool is that?

I bought all of my Lirikos products from Gmarket, but you can also get yours from Testerkorea, Koreadepart, Yesstyle etc.

Here are a list of all Lirikos products, including miniatures I've tried:
  • Lirikos Angelic Therapy
  • Lirikos Marine Collagen V Ampoule    
  • Lirikos Marine Deep Cleansing Tissue
  • Lirikos Marine Expert Restoring Serum   
  • Lirikos Marine Hydro Ampoule EX
  • Lirikos Marine Hydro Skin Refiner II (for Normal & Dry Skin)
  • Lirikos Marine Hydro Essence in Emulsion
  • Lirikos Marine Hydro Cream
  • Lirikos Marine Oxygenic Essence EX
  • Lirikos Marine Triple Concentrate
  • Lirikos Marine Triple Treatment
  • Lirikos Marine Wrinkle-Toxin Cream

Lirikos Angelic Therapy

This is a clay mask, kinda similar to Laneige Water Clay Mask uses mud as its cleansing agent. This clay mask claims to use clean pearl mud, marine enzyme and marine water that are 3,000 years old. Sounds really fancy but a bit disappointing when you actually use it. As shared previously, I don't really enjoy using the Laneige Water Clay Mask because it was quite drying. This Lirikos one, is not drying at all, but is not that helpful when it comes to deep-cleansing. I don't feel that my sebum has been sucked out my pores, or that my skin is a lot clearer. It leaves a slippery finish that my skin doesn't really like as well. Not impressed, will not repurchase.

Chances of repurchasing: ★★

Lirikos Marine Collagen V Ampoule

This is a very lightweight hydrating ampoule infused with marine collagen ingredients. Since it is called "V Ampoule", I am assuming that it will firm up your skin and increase the elasticity in your skin. A set of this comes in 6 bottles of 10g of ampoule, at $94.53, which in my opinion, is very pricey. I am not sure does this really help to firm up your skin, since I only use 1/6 of it, and is too young to actually see a difference after using. Just like the Marine Expert Restoring Serum, this is something that I will use it all up if it is given as a GwP but definitely not something I will go and make a purchase myself. YMMV, it is best if you try it out or check out the review of others who have used it for longer to decide.

Chances of repurchasing: ★★★★ (if it got discount)

Lirikos Marine Deep Cleansing Tissue

This is not one of the cheapest cleansing tissues I have used, but definitely is one of the gentlest. It is made of sea water to soften and moisturize the skin after cleansing. It can also remove makeup and skin impurities thoroughly. For $13-14, you get about a pack of 2 with 30 sheets each. I won't say that it is great at removing waterproof mascara or tinted lip makeup, but it has definitely done a decent job taking off surface makeup and foundation. And it doesn't feel harsh at all on the skin without smelling like alcohol either. Pretty well-made and gentle I would say. I am not sure does $14 per 60 sheets sounds expensive for you, but for me, I am doing fine with Nature Republic Jeju Sparkling cleansing wipes at 3 times lesser its price ($3.47/50 sheets) so I will most probably only repurchase the Nature Republic one.

Chances of repurchasing: ★★★☆ (if there is discount)

Lirikos Marine Expert Restoring Serum

This is a serum. There is 15ml in each that comes in a set of 4. The product comes in a nourishing serum consistency that is absorbed easily by the skin. It contains marine placenta, red algae extract, formidium, palmaria, raminaria and so on uncommonly seen ingredients. This  product is suitable for drier and mature skin who wants a drink of intense moisture. Its silky texture can also smooth out and calm flakiness and irritation on the skin. Having used 1/4 of this serum, I must say that this is very nourishing yet non-sticky serum. However, whether or not this justifies the price you are paying for ($200++), I am not sure, but this is not something I would repurchase in the future, even if it is cheaper. I will, however, use it up if I got it as GwP again.

Chances of repurchasing: ★★★ (only if I got it as a GwP)

Lirikos Marine Hydro Ampoule EX 

This is a pricey little ampoule. There are 12 little ampoules at 5ml each, and they retail for a whopping $71.30! Normally, you will get it from other Lirikos purchases so you can try it out first before deciding whether or not you want to purchase the full size. I don't have the full ingredients list, but based on Koreadepart, this ampoule is formulated with deep ocean water, NMFs, carbohydrate complex (I am guessing sucrose?), papain enzyme and white lotus extract.

I have used 3 little ones like this, and must say that although they are really moisturizing, I am not impressed. They are well-made ampoule for sure, but for something as expensive as this, their CP value is definitely below my expectation. Maybe I don't have extremely dry, flaky or sensitive skin to judge whether or not this has done wonder to my skin, but as someone with normal-to-dry skin, I don't think it is worth the price.

Chances of repurchasing: ★★★★ (if got discount)

Lirikos Marine Hydro Skin Refiner II (for Normal & Dry Skin) 
& Essence in Emulsion 
& Intense Cream

I only used miniatures of these. The miniatures are so cute! I wish I can have a tonne of it, so that I can fill my cupboard with all these cuties! The skin refiner is actually a hydrating toner, but it is richer in consistency since it is designed for normal to dry skin. I really like how this toner feels on my skin, super moisturizing yet non-sticky, kinda like my beloved Hanyul Skin Softner. This leaves my skin soft and supple without any stickiness or heaviness. And it also loves its scent, which reminds of Lux soap but much more pleasant than that. Will repurchase if I go to Korea in the future (because getting it in Malaysia is not so "worth-it"). 

The emulsion, on the other hand, is a viscous lotion that is a little greasy on the skin. All korean toner comes with an emulsion. For Lirikos, its emulsion is infused with essence, making it even more "essential" and "potent". No matter what is contained inside, but this Essence in Emulsion, due to its consistency, is not something I will consider repurchasing in the future.

Chances of repurchasing: ★★★★☆ (skin refiner) ☆ (essence in emulsion) ★★★ (cream)

Lirikos Marine Oxygenic Essence EX

This is by far the best moisturizing treatment (serum/essence) I have ever used! You can feel that as if there is oxygen going into every part of your cells and feeding it with energy and nutrients. In Asia, we call beauty fuel "oxygen pretties" which shows that we symbolize oxygen with youthfulness, beauty and activeness. This essence contains marine oxygen, which is said to be the source of 70% of the oxygen on earth, hence the energy to revitalize and rejuvenate stressful skin. Not sure about the truth behind these marketing claims but I really enjoy how this feels on my skin.

Chances of repurchasing: ★★★★★

Lirikos Marine Triple Concentrate

This is a pressed serum or essence cream. It is much more concentrated than normal moisturizing cream with 62.80% of marine plankton concentrate. Lirikos claims that it can moisturize, sedate and regulate sebum on the skin. You can also use it as a sleeping mask at night or primer before makeup if you wish to. Just like the Marine Triple Treatment, this is a potent 3-in-one cream that can condense multiple skincare steps into one. I bought a 20ml product of this from Gmarket just to test it out. I must say that I really enjoy the texture of this cream. It is so velvety and moisturizing that sinks in perfectly into the skin. The smell is really nice too, which is similar to most other Lirikos Marine products if you like those. I won't say that it has done wonder to my skin, since it is just a cream, but I do notice that my skin stays hydrated for longer and is likely to produce oil after staying in an air-conditioned room for longer hours. Something I would consider repurchasing in the future!

Chances of repurchasing: ★★★★

Lirikos Marine Triple Treatment

This is the product that lures me into Lirikos. It is essential a skin booster, or treatment essence you use as the first step of your skincare routine. It contains a concentrated 90.93% of marine plankton, which are believed to have anti-oxidizing, revitalizing, and moisturizing properties for your skin. I have been using this days and nights for 2-3 months but is dismay to find that this has not done wonder for my skin. However, I really enjoy how nice it feels on my skin. My skin is much softer and plumper after adding this into my routine. It also looks healthier, more "genki" and revitalized. No brightening effects though, since it doesn't contain any brightening ingredients but a healthy-looking skin also means a dewy skin so I am quite satisfied with the results.

Will buy again if I can get good discount. You can read my full review here.

Chances of repurchasing: ★★★★☆

Lirikos Marine Wrinkle-Toxin Cream

I love this cream! I think it is a wonderful cream for anti-aging and moisturizing purposes. It is made of sea snail peptide, marine security toxin, marine-derived NMFs, adenosine and many more nutritive ingredients to improve the elasticity of the skin while prevent the formation of wrinkles. It also contains mica which you can see in the picture above to visibly tone up your skin. Given how rich and nutritious this is, it is surprisingly lightweight and non-sticky, so it will work wonder for all skin types especially oily and aging skin. Won't say that it has reduced wrinkles on my skin though, but I like the texture of this cream, and I think mature skin will really enjoy it.

Chances of repurchasing: ★★★☆ (if I got older)


I am wrapping up reviews for products I have tried in these 2-3 years. I used to be a slow writer, because I wanted to make sure that things I write are as informative and truthful as possible. However, as I gained more experience, I started to realize that the world is moving fast. If you take too much time with a product, it may already been discontinued the time you finally get to publish your review. So I am speeding up on things, and also wrapping on my thoughts on brands / stuffs I have tried in the past. I don't want to "waste" the products I bought and just jump to the new ones without at least sharing my 2 cents on them.

Lirikos is definitely a great brand. I love everything about it from the packaging, scent, consistency, ingredients, to the brand philosophy, only except for the price. Some of the products are SUPER expensive especially the serum and ampoule. I understand why some of them may be super expensive, especially those that involves high-tech and difficult-to-process ingredients, but I don't think everyone can afford having them. Among all of these products, the Marine Triple Treatment and Concentrate, Marine Hydro Skin Refiner and Marine Oxygenic Essence EX are the things I will consider repurchasing. The rest are good, but may not worth the prices I am paying for.

To sum things up, I love Lirikos, and love it more than Laneige, Whamisa, Primera, and Biotherm. I even think that the products are better than Biotherm. However, since it has yet to come to Malaysia, and that some of the products are quite pricey to get in Malaysia, I might not be in a rush to get it unless if I see good deals or if I'm gonna travel to the country later. But I would definitely recommend anyone to check it out if you have the chance!

You can get this from: Gmarket | Testerkorea | Koreadepart | Yesstyle | Breezy (Qoo10)
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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