26 Jun 2017

A Review of 14 Useful, Raves and Meh Beauty Tools including Pobling Cleanser, Pillow Mist and Silicon Mask Cover

In anyone's beauty diary, there will be certain products that don't belong to any skincare category, but they are also a part of your beauty life. So in today's review, I'm gonna share several essential and useful tools I use to make my beauty routine easier. I will talk about why they are useful, why I used them, and for some, why I am still using them now.

Full list of products is as below:

  • Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover for Sheet Mask
  • Etude House Dual Pencil Sharpener
  • Etude House My Beauty Tool Double Eyelid Tape
  • Etude House My Beauty Tool Eyebrow Drawing Guide
  • Etude House Puff & Brush Cleaning Mist
  • Hanami Camelia Paddle Hair Brush
  • I'M MEME I'M Nail Care #NC001 Nail Strengthener
  • Innisfree A to Z Tool Kit - Super Food from Jeju Tool Kit
  • Innisfree Perfumed Diffuser #1220 Orchid
  • L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist
  • Merryshop Baby Story Makeup Cotton Case
  • PoBling Pore Sonic Cleanser
  • Pobling Mini Ion Applicator
  • Watsons Compressed DIY Facial Mask Sheet

Daiso Japan Reusable Silicon Mask Cover for Sheet Mask

I found this when I was looking for a way to make lotion mask stays moist for longer. If you guys follow Japanese and Taiwanese beauty trend, they have this additional step called lotion mask, which is to apply essence-soaked facial cotton all over your face right after cleansing for 5-10 minutes. The main reasons of doing this is to pump in nutrients and moisture, and to serve as a skin appetizer so that other products are absorbed better. The theory is just like sheet mask but is less costly and you can DIY things that you wanna put on your skin. The problem with lotion mask is that, since it is essence-soaked cotton, moisture will evaporate into the atmosphere after a few minutes so you aren't supposed to put it on your face for long time. With this Daison silicon mask cover, you can extend the period of using the lotion mask, which in other way, "save" your product as more nutrients can now be forcefeeded into your skin. I love doing this if I use the more expensive treatment essence for my lotion mask step.

Overall Impression: ★★★★

Etude House Dual Pencil Sharpener

I bought this from Testerkorea. It works just like any other pencil sharpener for your eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. Actually there is nothing really to talk about this, but since of my friends aren't aware that there is a sharpener specifically designed for pencil makeups, so I just want to include it here to compare it for you guys.

Overall Impression: ★★

Etude House My Beauty Tool Double Eyelid Tape

I bought this after night market ones failed me badly. They never seem to stick to my eyes, and will keep sliding off my eyelid as I blink. I won't say that this Etude House one is great, but at least it sticks to my eye lid and is not falling off. Nice choice (and reasonably priced too) for monolids!

Overall Impression: ★★☆

Etude House My Beauty Tool Eyebrow Drawing Guide

I bought this since I am not that good at drawing eye brows. This comes in 3 sets different sizes eye brow drawing guide for different styles of eye brow. Pretty useful I would say. The eye brow is a soft plastic which can adhere to your face pretty easily. You can bring this with you everywhere to make drawing easier. A lovely and convenient tool that everyone should try.

Overall Impression: ★★★☆

Etude House Puff & Brush Cleaning Mist

I bought this to cleanse my puffs and brushes. I think it cannot remove dirt and makeup residues on my puffs easily, but it did a pretty decent job cleansing my brushes. I just spritz the mist onto my brushes and then gently tap it onto a tissue paper to remove makeup residues and dirt. Recently Innisfree also came out with a big bottle of brush cleanser so I might try that one out after I finish using this. But for those of you who never cleanse your brush at least once in your life, you now know there's a product to help you do so!

Overall Impression: ★★★★

Hanami Camelia Paddle Hair Brush

I bought this from Shins Malaysia last year. The Sales Assistant said that this brush is made of camellia oil that can nourish your hair as you comb. The efficacy can last you for about 1 year and then it will turn into a normal brush. Well to be very honest, I think the claim is true. My hair is super soft and smooth after combing with this. But now after 1 year it has indeed turned into a normal comb. A good choice if you are lazy to use a hair serum.

Overall Impression: ★★★★☆

I'M MEME I'M Nail Care #NC001 Nail Strengthener

This is a nail polish with nutrients inside to strengthen your nails. I use this to increase the resistance of my nails. But to be honest I don't think this is that useful for my nails. Perhaps drinking milk and consume calcium supplement would be more effective than this.

Overall Impression: ★

Innisfree A to Z Tool Kit - Super Food from Jeju Tool Kit

This is a multipurpose beauty tool with compressed mask, cotton swabs, facial cotton / cotton puffs, and many more inside. Pretty useful tool. I even use the box to fill cottons and other accessories after I finish the things inside. Worth checking out!

Overall Impression: ★★★★

Innisfree Perfumed Diffuser #1220 Orchid

I bought this from Innisfree store, with wooden diffuser sticks. I picked the orchid one because I love the scent of its Orchid Cream. But to be honest, I don't like the scent. I find it too disturbing and overwhelming for my bedroom. A bottle of this is also pretty short-lasting. It is only good for 2 months or so which means I needa replenish every 2 months. Don't like it, won't repurchase, mostly because of how short this lasts. A perfumed candle or even incense would make a better scent for the house.

Overall Impression: ★

L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Pillow Mist

I bought this because I was looking for a nice lavender perfume for my room. I couldn't sleep well those days and  I wanted something that can relax my mind. After went searching for multiple diffusers, perfume and mists from various brands, I finally settled down with this. This stuff is not cheap, at about RM 100 or so if I am not mistaken. It has a blend of scent, among which lavender and rosemary to aid sleeping. Personally, I don't find it useful or helpful. My pillow doesn't pick up the scent well and the scent doesn't last me overnight. And interestingly, Crabtree & Evelyn one at half the price smells much better and seems to be longer-lasting when I swatched it in the store. A bit regret and will only repurchase the Crabtree one. But for those of you who want something to accompany your sleep, pillow mist is a good idea.

Overall Impression: ★★

Merryshop Baby Story Makeup Cotton Case

I bought this to fill my cotton so that the cotton will stay cleaner and neater on my dressing table. Again, regret my decision. I don't have the tendency to pull cotton out of this case and this doesn't makeup a good place on my desk. And worst still, the leg of this cotton case broke when I accidentally dropped this. Not sure will I repurchase something similar, maybe only when and as I need it.

Overall Impression: ★★★

PoBling Pore Sonic Cleanser

I bought mine from Hermo and have tested its authenticity online. A friend of mine claims that she bought a fake one from Hermo which I am not sure is it true. But, mine is authentic though. This stuff operates on sound waves or "sonic". It can vibrate your pores to release dirt and gunk inside your pores. Again, not sure if it is effective but I do find makeup removing is easier and my clay mask is easier to remove after using this product. You don't have to rub your face with this, simply swipe or move the brush along your face, then you'll find makeup or clay is easier to remove. I read somewhere that Clarisonic is a better product because it uses different kind of waves (but I don't remember exactly what those are), but I don't think I will buy it because it is kinda pricey (RM 500 so 5 times pricier), and I don't makeup that often to need it.

Overall Impression: ★★★☆

Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

This is a mini ion applicator that you can hold it with your hand and massage your face with it. Not sure about its ability to enhance product absorption. Also not quite sure if it will cause any other harmful side-effects since I didn't research more about it. But so far I think it is quite a nice massage tool. Didn't see any product absorption enhancing effect after using though so don't expect miracles from it.

Overall Impression: ★★★

Watsons Compressed DIY Facial Mask Sheet

I bought this from Watson's when my bf is looking for a cheap lotion mask option. We bought the Hatomugi Skin Conditioner and this. However, we notice that this doesn't soak up moisture well and you will need A LOT of products to make it work so it is kinda like a waste of products. I think the Air Laid Facial Puffs work better for lotion mask purpose, not this. Will 200% not repurchase.

Overall Impression: ☆


I hope you enjoy my sharing of multiple beauty tools I will and will not repurchase. Those are things I used in the past to make my makeup application and beauty products organization better. Stay beautiful always!

[Disclaimer] Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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