19 May 2017

Review: Taiwanese Lovemore From Taiwan Sheet Mask Collection (Rosa Hybrida, Mountain Tea, Loofah & Aloe Vera, Wine Yeast, Pearl barley & Milk, Wild Yam)

Lovemore is available in Watson's Malaysia quite some times ago, I think a few years ago, so it is not new for many Malaysians. It is retailed at RM 6.90 each in Watson's, and Iqueen also carries it at similar price range. I bought mine when Iqueen was doing a 1+1 promotion.

I heard only good reviews about it, from many of my trusted reviewers so I didn't have to second think when I grabbed 6 boxes. Lovemore comes out with a few more flavours that are available in many Western countries but not quite yet in Malaysia, so this review we will only look at the older versions.

All Lovemore masks come in a thin and soft silky sheet soaked wet in clear and watery essence. They smell more or less the same - some kind of neutral cosmetic mask scent. The ginseng one smells slightly more of ginseng and the pearl barley one smells more like candy, the rest doesn't have any distinctive scent.

These masks adhere well onto your skin. It just sticks to and hugs your skin tightly without leaving a single space in between. Normally I only keep them on for 15-30 minutes and I don't recommend that you keep them on for longer. My rationale is that, although swimming is good, but it is often recommended that you swim for 1-2 hours only to avoid burning your epidermis. The same goes for our face. Our skin only has so much to absorb, keep feeding it with more isn't going to help as the 20 minutes is more than enough to force-feed your skin with all the nutrients it needs. The key is not to overdoing it. It is definitely a bad idea to keep the mask until it dries up. My bf did that once and I can see him peeling like crazy the next day since the humectants inside the mask starts absorbing moisture from his skin once the mask dries up (mainly due to evaporation). You can read more about sheet mask do and don't here.

Let's go straight to the products:

claims: moisturizing, revitalizing
texture: clear watery essence
material: soft cotton sheet that feels firmer if compared to the others
scent: no distinctive scent

This is a moisturizing and brightening mask made of thin and soft silk sheet. I personally really enjoy using this kind of sheet mask but I have heard that sheet mask that is too thin may not be doing a very good trapping moisture and forcefeeding them into your skin. The sheet adheres to the skin perfectly. There isn't any distinctive scent (no rose scent) to it. The mask stays on my skin feeling cool and refreshing.

The ingredients used are pretty common, we have seawater, rose flower water, rose extract, tranexamic acid, algae extract, and a few preservatives. There isn't any methylisothiazolinone in here, only methyparaben and chlorphenesin but I did experience tingling here and there when I was applying this. My skin feels cool, plump and hydrated after using.

Honestly, I didn't notice any major differences after using this mask, but I guess this is what moisturizing mask does. It was quite moisturizing, so it can calm and soothe my sore eyes area due to excessive computer starring. My skin is also a little bit brighter when I woke up the next day, and it was definitely smoother. But these are not vowing factors that will prompt me to continue purchasing this mask. I was expecting a little bit more since everyone is raving about it, so I guess expectations should be managed. 

claims: brightening, revitalizing
texture: clear watery essence
material: soft cotton sheet
scent: no distinctive scent

The wine yeast still gives me the same sensitive reaction due to its methylisothiazolinone content. I have been having high hopes on this masks since it contains yeast extract (SK-II uses yeast) but this doesn't do anything similar. It doesn't really brighten nor exfoliate my skin. My skin may look slightly clearer but the effects are not consistent when I use similar masks in the future.

claims: soothing, hydrating
texture: clear watery essence
material: silky soft cotton sheet that adheres to the skin nicely
scent: no distinctive scent

I remembered using a really amazing loofah mask from FaceQ before, so I had high hope on this loofah mask from Lovemore. But, no, I was disappointed again. The edges are not fitting well, mask drying up fairly quickly and the mask has this weird burning sensation that lasts even after I took off the mask. I think it is because of the preservatives iodopropynyl butylcarbamate and methylisothiazolinone inside that give me all these itchiness and burning sensation so I gotta becareful and be more selective when looking for masks in the future!

claims: revitalizing, moisturizing
texture: clear watery essence
material: silky soft cotton sheet that adheres to the skin nicely
scent: no distinctive scent

The only thing I noticed when I had this on is the itchiness. It itches my skin out a lot, and I was not surprised to find that this has methylisothiazolinone and iododopropynyl butylcarbamate inside. My skin is left tacky and that's all I noticed. I seriously did not see any moisturizing or revitalizing benefits, just tacky and itchiness. Kinda disappointed and will not repurchase.

claims: firming, anti-aging, rejuvenating
texture: slightly more viscous, watery essence
material: the cotton sheet appears more "slimy" than others as if it has been melted after soaking inside the essence for a long time
scent: noticeable ginseng scent

I have been curious to try this wild yam mask out. I rarely see any Taiwanese mask with ginseng or wild yam so this is my first. But unfortunately I was rather disappointed. The mask was quite slimy which I think was due to the essence inside, something about the essence made the mask less firm. Due to its material, it is kinda hard to apply the mask evenly on the face because it doesn't hold on to its shape. The process is kinda painful as well, which tingles here and there. Normally only acid exfoliants give tingling sensation so I am cautious about this one, maybe it just doesn't suit my skin.

Ingredients-wise, this has pearl extract, wild yam, ginseng root extract, Q10 and two irritating preservatives. The wild yam extract, ginseng, Q10 and pearl are really delicious as they are all great anti-aging ingredients for your skin. But the two preservatives are major turn-off. What's worse than having methylisothiazolinone in your skincare? I guess those tingling comes from the two ingredients. In term of performance, I do notice firmer and tighter skin after taking off the mask. My pores also appear slightly smaller and my skin is much smoother. However, like I said in many previous reviews, I am not comfortable with having methylisothiazolinone in my skincare so I probably won't continue repurchasing this one in the future.

claims: smoothing, softening, brightening
texture: clear watery essence
material: soft and silky cotton sheet that adheres well onto the skin, dries up fairly quick
scent: sweet milk candy scent

I love barley and milk as beverages so I thought my skin will enjoy drinking them as well, but no I was wrong. This mask actually itches me out here and there, even after taking it off. The itching is particularly strong around my cheek area which I am not sure why. I don't find lactic acid in here and don't think that this contains any active ingredient so something must be wrong with it.

Pearl barley, or job's tears, is a good tonic for the body. Asian drinks it to release "heaties" inside their body, which actually refers to unbalanced pH and metabolic activities. Innisfree has a whole line of product for green barley that focuses on exfoliation so I was expecting some kind of AHA benefits from the barley here, which I don't think there is any. Other ingredients like sea water, milk protein, hydrolyzed silk, and horse chestnut seed extract are too common for someone who has used so many sheet masks in the past few years like myself so I am honestly unimpressed.

Performance-wise, I don't notice any significant skin plumping effect after wearing it. I put on Belif Witch Hazel Herbal Extract Toner, which is a skin smoothing and glow-imparting toner, prior to applying this mask. I then looked into the mirror to remember how I looked before applying. But my skin isn't particularly smoother, brighter or softer after taking the mask off. The only thing I felt on my skin is the constant itching. I am disappointed. I think the glowing result I got from my last try was probably due to a good sleep the night before. Not gonna repurchase anymore. 


As you can see, all of these fail my expectations. I bought 6 boxes with 5 pieces inside which makes up of 30 pieces. But, NONE of them meets my basic requirements for a mask. These mask itches me out after 5-10 minutes of applying it, some even in 1-2 minutes. And they don't stay as well as many other masks as the edges of these masks dry up within a few minutes. I cannot have them sitting well on my skin unless if I lay down on my bed or something. And I don't really notice any positive effects after using. Not even My Beauty Diary masks is this bad, and these are priced higher than My Beauty Diary masks!

I am sad and regretted to announce that these Lovemore masks are a complete failure for me. I will not repurchase anymore in the future unless if they remove those controversial preservatives inside.

packaging: ★★★★☆
scent: ★★★
texture: ★★★★
ingredients: ☆
general impression: ☆ (skin irritating)

You can get this from: Iqueen | Watson's
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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