22 May 2017

Haul Review: Mentholatum Malaysia Warehouse Sales 21 April at Atria Shopping Gallery

Another super belated haul review from me again... this time it was my Mentholatum Warehouse Sales haul on 21 April at Atria Shopping Mall. It was a long trip but I managed to go there after working hours. I rarely hear Mentholatum doing warehouse sales in Malaysia so I knew I just gotta pay it a visit. 

Everything was arranged neatly with long expiry date and proper price tags on respective products there. It feels more like an exhibition than a warehouse sales so I ended up getting a lot of products because everything looks so cool and they are darn cheap!

Participating brands are under the umbrella company Mentholatum. I saw Lip Ice, Hada Labo, Rohto, Botanics, Sunplay, Selsun and so on there. Let's go through the products I bought one by one:

Rohto Eye Drops in #Dry Aid and #Cool

These eye drops only retail for about RM 15-20 but they were available at RM 10-15 here, a lot cheaper than Watson's and Guardian and they were expired in 2019!

 I heard that the cooling one is a new technology adopted from Japan and it can give the eyes a cooling sensation and will work especially well for drier and tired eyes. Honestly, I still think my China green version of Mentholatum cooling eye drops work better than this. This cool eye drops feel like mints-instilled ordinary water so I am not impressed. Don't think I will repurchase. As for the dry aid, I think it is a pretty decent moisturizing eye drops so I will recommend it to anyone with dry eyes.

Hada Labo Perfect UV Gel SPF50 PA++++

Bought it because couldn't resist the deal, this costs nearly half its retail price. I have talked about this before and why I enjoyed using it. Basically, a really decent lightweight sun protecting gel with a high spf and uva protecting power.

Botanics Mask Various Pack

I also talked about these Botanics masks before. They are really well-made facial mask with botanical ingredients without any harsh ingredients and formulation. My skin feels plumper, softer and much better after using it so I couldn't resist the temptation to grab the whole pack when I saw the opportunity! All 5 for only RM 15!

Mentholatum Deep Heating Rub

This stuff is super cheap at only RM 10 if I remember correctly. I wanted to use it to replace my Yoko Yoko but somehow it wasn't that user-friendly. You cannot avoid accidentally putting it on your face because you will definitely touch the product with your hands. So in the end I just went back to Yoko Yoko because I could no longer bear having my skin burning like crazy when I accidentally touched my face after applying this Heating Rub on my body parts.

Selsun Blue Dandruff Treatment Shampoo Medicated

Got it for RM 23 if I remember correctly. Always wanted to give it a try because I have troubled scalp and I wanted to do something more permanently. So far this has helped to detoxify and remove all my dandruff but it doesn't really solve the root cause so not that helpful but still a really good dandruff treatment shampoo at its price. Would recommend it for anyone suffering from excessive dandruff and flaky scalp issue!

Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

I made a overview of all Hada Labo products I've used in the past few years. This one came out after I had moved on from Hada Labo so I don't always get to try it. Basically, it is a watery gel that feels like my beloved Belif Aqua Bomb so I guess it is worth trying. This is retailed for RM 35 at the warehouse sales. Will share my thoughts with you guys once I try it out!


From what they sell there, I can tell that Mentholatum is trying to get rid of all the old Hada Labo stocks after they renewed the formulation and packaging. Many things like the older whitening cream, older whitening and moisturizing serum, older retinol line, and so on are still available there. They mix it with new products (not the latest one though) to attract customers to buy so you will end up getting "good deals" if you want to grab some of the older formulations but you might actually lose out if you want the latest technology.

Not everything from Mentholatum is available there. My beloved Lip Pure, for instance, is not available. But they still managed to have quite a nice selection so really thumbs up for that!

In short, a really nice experience grabbing things that I won't normally buy at the retail prices. It is good getting to try things out at slightly cheaper prices but if you look it more carefully I am actually spending more money than I would normally if there is no such sales so you must do your shopping planning more carefully if you are a shopaholic and junkee like myself!

You can get this from: Mentholatum Malaysia
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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