19 May 2017

Haul Review: How It Feels Like Shopping from Testerkorea and Getting Stuffs from Emerging Brands Like Manyo Factory and Huxley

Today, I wanna share a very belated haul with you guys, which is my recent haul from Testerkorea. I was overwhelmed by other things so I hadn't really had time to talk about this haul.

Actually, Testerkorea is one of my favourite shopping venues. It carries a wide range of products from various Korean cosmetic brands as well as food and clothes. I normally just shop for non-accessible and newly released items from the store. Since it has an additional product requesting service, which charges 10% to source for the products you want to buy from any Korean website, I also sometimes shop for my favourite skincare sets there.

A break down of all the things I bought. There are Laneige, Huxley, Neogen, Innisfree, Belif, and Manyo Factory. The rest are all samples.

Products come packed in a paper box.

Laneige White Dew Original Ampoule Essence Set

The kit contains the Original Ampoule Essence, Tone Up Cream, a soft sponge, and Anti-Pollution Defenser. This set is perfect for your daily brightening care. The ampoule offers great brightening effects, which I trusted since my encounter with Laneige White Plus Original Essence, whereas the rest offers protection from the sun and can tone up your skin naturally.

Here are the so-called "free gifts" that comes in a set with the purchase. I ordered this from the Amore Pacific Mall.

Next we have Huxley

The set contains the oil essence ant anti-gravity cream, both of which I have not tried but will soon.

Next, I also hauled this Black Green Tea Cream because I couldn't wait for Innisfree to launch it in Malaysia.

Neogen green tea cleansing stick is meant to be a comparison for my Belif Chamomile Cleansing Stick and SUM:37 Rose Cleansing Stick.

Manyo Factory Ultra Moist Rebirth Ampoule, Innisfree Auto Renew Eye Liner, Belif The True Decoction - Anti-Aging Shaking Water and several other samples.


Testerkorea is one of my favourite destinies. Of course, it is known for being slow, irresponsive, and inefficient, but it has some other positive attributions that I like as well. First, it carries almost everything you can possibly find in Korea. However, since it is not collaborating with some of these brands, you might get them in higher prices than you normally would for partnered brands. You can also request for items you are interested in purchasing from the "request" site, and their customer service officers will attend you in 1-2 days, telling you the price and weight of the products you are buying.

First-timer might find it annoying browsing from their websites since it only has the currency in Korean Won (KRW), and you need to convert the weight into currency to get the total amount of money you are paying. But I do it the simpler way. I just create an excel file, pluck in the products link, key in KRW, and then the weight of the product (Xg / 3,000g x shipping cost to your country). Normally I will limit myself to buying only 3,000g of products, maximum 5,000g to avoid getting into troubles with the Custom. And I found that you get the most out of your shipping cost after hitting that 3,000g threshold.

If you are a Malaysian and are buying from Testerkorea, you can go for the Rincos shipping option, which is the fastest available option and the cheapest too! Normally, if the products I want are in stock, I will get my products shipped to me within 2 weeks. If the products are out of stock and Testerkorea has to order it, then it will take a bit longer like 2-3 weeks or so.

Try not to change your mind after placing order as the response is slow. So make sure you finalize your order as any changes in the order is often difficult to do. They normally wouldn't reply to any such request so be mindful on that.

Do ask me if you have any questions about shopping from Testerkorea and about this haul. I hope you enjoy my share today and I will see you in my future review!

You can get this from: Testerkorea
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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