5 May 2017

Believe in Truth: A Brand Overview and Reviews of 60 Belif Products Part 4: Emulsion and Cream

You guys know that my favourite Belif product is its Aqua Bomb, which I have done a full review before (link provided below). But what about other Belif moisturizers with different texture? Do they suit individuals with different skin types and skincare concerns? In this review, we are gonna talk about all the Belif emulsion and creams with a focus on its consistency, spreadability, finish, and performance.

Products discussed in this article are:
  • Belif Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh  | Full Review
  • Belif Milky Moisturizer Hydra Balancing  | Full Review
  • Belif Creamy Moisturizer Deep Moist  | Full Review
  • Belif Peat Miracle Revital Cream
  • Belif The True Cream - Water Bomb 
  • Belif The True Cream – Aqua Bomb  | Full Review
  • Belif The True Cream – Moisturizing Bomb  | Full Review
  • Belif The White Decoction – Ultimate Brightening Cream  | Full Review
  • Belif The True - Whitening Cream  | Full Review

Belif Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh
(KRW 39,000 / RM 160)

This is a lightweight emulsion that feels like a moisturizing milky essence. It is more suitable for individuals with oily and dehydrated skin to help balance out sebum production on their skins.

This oil-control fresh moisturizer is not exactly what you would expect from a “oil-controlling” moisturizer. It is not like Mens's Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Anti-Shine Moisturizer which can really absorb sebum and mattify your skin. This one feels more like a deep hydrating moisturizer with the properties of an essence to keep your skin plump, hydrated and optimal. Don’t expect it to control your sebum production in a click but you will definitely see long-term benefits from a properly hydrated skin when you use it for longer.

This is my bf’s bae. He loves it better than Kiehl’s Anti-Shine Moisturizer. He thinks that this and the Eucalyptus Toner has helped to retain moisture on his skin while preventing it from producing oil for longer time. He used to be one of those guys who wash his face 3-5 times a day to remove excess oil only finding it to become oilier. Now, he finally realizes that lightweight moisture is all his skin needs. And he started going for facial providing intraceutical therapy so his clogged pores and oily skin problems are kept under well control now.

Belif Hydra Balancing Milky Moisturizer 125ml
(KRW 39,000 / RM 160)

This is a lotion-type moisturizer, also known as emulsion in Korea. You use this after toner and essence and before a cream. You can skip the cream if you feel that this has enough moisture or skip this if you prefer the cream. I personally like to use this in the morning for its light-weightedness and fuss-free application. It is quick, convenient, and good-to-go for busy morning.

The one I bought was the Hydra Balancing Milky Moisturizer for normal and combination skin. I think the Deep Moist Creamy one is too creamy and rich whereas the Oil Control Fresh Moisturizer feels even lighter than the Witch Hazel Toner. The Hydra Balancing one has a texture that is right at the middle – not too rich nor too light. Pretty milky and lightly creamy. I guess it is really preference-based when it comes to moisturizers like these. But if you ask me, I would still prefer the Aqua Bomb cream over the Hydra Balancing milky lotion. Both are moisturizers but somehow the Aqua Bomb feels awesome on my skin.

I am not sure will I repurchase the Milky Moisturizer after I’ve finished it but I have repurchased the Aqua Bomb at least 3-4 times.

Belif Creamy Moisturizer Deep Moist
(KRW 39,000 / RM 160)

This is a moisturizing emulsion designed for dry skin type. You use this after your serum and before a cream. It is a creamy and rich moisturizer that can provide your skin with long-lasting and dewy hydration.

It is formulated with a lot of emollients and skin nourishing ingredients like witch hazel extract, hydrogenated polydecene, panthenol, and molokhia extract. These ingredients help to keep the skin smooth, soft and plump.

I am not a fan of emulsion, not to mention creamy and rich emulsion, so you can expect that I am not that into this one either. I find it greasy and not absorbing no matter how thinly I apply. As such, I won’t repurchase after I finish the one I have. Check this out for my full review and ingredients analysis on this product if you are interested in reading further.

Belif The True Cream - Water Bomb 75ml
(KRW 43,000 / RM 170)

This is a lightweight gel cream that Belif just launched several months ago. It is the 3rd addition to the The True Cream line, and is the lightest among them all. It claims to reduce your skin temperature by 2.8℃, which in turns your sebum production by roughly -28%. You use this after your serum and before a cream. You can also skip the cream if it is moisturizing enough for you.

I think it is cool that Belif comes out with a gel cream because let’s be frank, the Aqua Bomb is still considered a “medium-weight” moisturizer. Having this opens up an extra opportunity for individuals with oilier skin or those who find Belif Aqua Bomb sticky. The texture is highly similar to Kiehl’s Oil-Free Gel Cream. It is made of water mint extract which feels super cooling and hydrating on the skin. Despite its mint content, this cream doesn’t smell like mint at all. It still has that iconic Belif lemonic scent to it that I personally enjoy.

I normally use this in the morning, after my serum. It is super lightweight and it provides just the right amount of hydration to facilitate sunscreen application. I think this works perfectly with Make P:rem Blue Ray Sun Gel to lower your skin temperature by several degree, reduce sebum production and at the same time soothe and hydrate your skin.

A more detailed review’s coming up once I have more informed opinion on it. Stay tuned!

Belif The True Cream - Aqua Bomb 50ml
(KRW 39,000 / RM 160)

This is a hydrating, soothing and moisturizing gel cream that is very refreshing and cooling on the skin. My holy grail, most-raved and one of the best-selling Belif items worldwide.

The texture of this Aqua Bomb is amazing. It has a bouncy watery gel cream texture that hydrates and at the same time traps in all the moisture on your skin. My skin feels super soft and silky after using this. I sometimes even apply a thicker layer as sleeping pack whenever my skin is feeling dry and sensitive. It also keeps my skin balanced and hydrate for longer that my skin no longer produces oil since it is so well hydrated.

My mom, my aunty and I are using this and we all love this. My mom says she cannot get out the house one day without having this on. It works really well under her makeup to keep her skin glowing and balanced. My aunty with extremely sensitive skin claims that this is one of the best moisturizing creams she has ever tried. It’s truly a bae for all of us!

Ideal for all skin types, best suited for average skin that is not too oily or dry. Check out my full review and ingredients analysis here!

Belif The True Cream - Moisturizing Bomb 50ml
(KRW 39,000 / RM 160)

This is a moisturizing, soothing, and skin-protecting cream with a creamy and rich texture. A number one best-selling Belif item in Korea and a much raved-up moisturizing cream among the Korean communities. Also a numerous award-winning creams which have appeared in multiple TV shows and magazines. In other words, it is recognized and stapled as a skincare must-try.

The texture of this product is close to butter, but is lighter and easier to be absorbed than butter. It is clinically proven to retain moisture on the skin for up to 26 hours with its Comfrey leaf extract. It used to be too rich for my liking but I realize that when I use it at night, my skin will wake up plump and soft the next morning. It is also extremely useful as a soothing pack whenever my skin is irritated from sleep deprivation or hormonal changes. Oily skin is not advised to use this though, as it will melt on your face with your sweat and sebum.

Among all creams I've tried with this texture, this Belif Moisturizing Bomb and Blithe Pressed Serum Chaga Tundra are two that did not give me any complication. Guerisson 9 Complex and Whamisa Organic Flowers Water Cream, for instance, have turned my face into a greasy war-zone.

Ideal for normal to very dry skin or individuals living in a cold and dry environment. This would also be great as a soothing and protecting cream without the uncomfortable greasiness. It is rich, but non-greasy. Check out my full review and ingredients analysis here!

Belif Peat Miracle Revital Cream 50ml
(KRW 58,000 / RM 250)

This is an anti-aging and rejuvenating heavy cream. It’s made of peat extract from the far away land of Finnish Herb Water to improve your skin's turnover rate by 9.28%, which means your younger skin cells will replace your aged skin cells faster than it usually does.

Out of all Belif creams I’ve tried (except for the decoction line), I think this has the heaviest consistency. It is still easy to blend out though but will leave a layer of greasy finish on your skin. Ideal for more mature and drier skin type, but might not be great for younger and oilier skin.

My mom doesn’t like it, neither do I. Both of us feel that this is too heavy and greasy on our face. You can use it as a massage mask once in a while but definitely not on a daily basis. I still prefer the Moisturizing Bomb over this.

Belif The True - Whitening Cream 50ml
(KRW 52,000 / RM 215)

This is a moisturizing and brightening cream, which feels really like the brightening version of the Aqua Bomb to me.

Like the Aqua Bomb, this has a bouncy, hydrating yet moisturizing gel cream texture, except that this feels more papery rather than watery, as if there is some grained nutmeg or sweet almond inside. I do notice decent skin brightening benefits having used it for longer. My skin looks more radiant, revitalized and plump which I think is partly due to the result of proper hydration. Not the best brightening products but definitely a great brightening cream that is not drying (in fact, quite hydrating) to try!

Ideal for average skin types but might not be moisturizing enough for drier or mature skin type. Not drying despite its brightening property. Check this out for my full review and ingredients analysis!

Belif The White Decoction - Ultimate Brightening Cream 50ml

This is a nourishing and moisturizing cream, which is the upgraded version of The True Whitening Cream.

If The True Whitening Cream is like the whitening version of the Aqua Bomb, then this The White Decoction Ultimate Brightening Cream will be the whitening version of the Moisturizing Bomb. The consistency of the Ultimate Brightening Cream is very much similar to the Moisturizing Bomb, which is really buttery and creamy. If I were to really compare, then the Brightening Cream is slightly lighter and bouncier than the Moisturizing Bomb.

Honestly, I did not notice any brightening effects having used up 3 miniatures (10ml x 3) of this. My friend who purchased this doesn't get the same results either so we both feel that this product is kinda "meh" in term of brightening. But if you want something more heavy-duty with some brightening ingredients then this is a nice product to try.

Ideal for normal to dry skin or those living in a colder environment. May not suit oily and acne-prone skin. Check this out for my full review and ingredients analysis!

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