30 Apr 2017

Vitality of Sprout Energy: A Review of 29 Primera Products Part 2

This is gonna be my part 2 review of Primera products after another year. This time, I have tried several more products from the brand Primera and have a better understanding of the brand and its performance as a whole.

For those of you who are still new to Primera, it is a Korean cosmetic brand under the umbrella company Amore Pacific. Its direct competitor to LG Group, another Korean umbrella company, is Belif. But I personally think that Primera shares more similarities with brands like Whamisa, Aesop, Jurlique, and Melvita. So if you are into very vegen and "natural" skincare products, then Primera is for you.

The name Primera resembles "prime" and "era". It refers to the "most important moment" for seed, which is during its germination process. Primera believes that seed releases enormous amount of energy during germination when it grows into a plant.

You can read more about the brand philosophy and activities here.

Let's look at some of these amazing products:
  • Primera Intensive Facial Peeling Gel
  • Primera Marula Anti-Dryness Moisture Shampoo
  • Primera Marula Anti-Dryness Daily Treatment
  • Primera Keep-Calm Aroma Body Scrub Wash
  • Primera Natural Rich Cleansing Foam
  • Primera Moisture Cleansing Tissue
  • Primera Natural Berry Lip Mask
  • Primera Mango Butter Comforting Body Lotion
  • Primera Water Cress Brightening Cleansing Foam
  • Primera Free & Free Soft Foam

Primera Intensive Facial Peeling Gel

This is a physical scrub in the form of gommage peel. As you can see, it will turn into these little white balls that are actually your dead skin cells mixed and rolled up by the enzymes and cellulose contents inside the peel. I find this particular one works better for those with normal and drier skin, if compared to its Mild Peeling Gel counterpart.

I prefer this over St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub as it is many times gentler yet as effective as St. Ives at smoothing and evening out my complexion. I don't use AHA all the times because AHA is photosensitive and there are certain "terms and conditions" you must follow to use AHA. For that reason, I cannot use AHA in my shower, I cannot use it when my skin is unstable, and I cannot use it without wearing two layers of sunscreen the following week (7 days). So I always keep a physical scrub in my bathroom in case I need something "scrubby" on that particular day.

You can refer to this exfoliation guide to understand more on physical exfoliation.

Primera Marula Anti-Dryness Moisture Shampoo and Daily Treatment

As mentioned in my previous reviews, I have extremely sensitive scalp that cannot tolerate almost every shampoo. Hence, I always on this trial and error mission of finding the best shampoo for my scalp. I thought this very "natural" shampoo from Primera would give me amazing results but unfortunately both products are just "meh" for my hair.

The Malura Anti-Dryness Moisture Shampoo is a gel type shampoo that foams up lightly. It smells like sour cabbage and feels really gentle on the scalp. BUT, it still itches me out once in a while and using this doesn't make my scalp or hair more moisturized in any way.

I have talked about the Malura Daily Treatment in my previous comparison review of 12 different hair treatments. Basically, it is another sour cabbage smelling emollient treatment that feels like all other emollient hair treatment I have tried. It is slightly more lightweight than Ryo Camellia Oil Treatment but there is nothing really special about this hair treatment. My hair is smoother and softer after using but I don't see long-term benefits using this and I don't appreciate hair treatment that is rich in emollient. I guess my picky taste comes from the fact that I have found myself the perfect hair treatment.

Primera Keep-Calm Aroma Body Scrub Wash

Actually I enjoy using this body scrub a lot. It is more like a body scrub than a body wash with scrub inside, so don't get confused by the name. It is much gentler than St. Ives and leaves the skin moisturized and smoother. And I love its refreshing scent too. However, it is about 5 times more expensive than St. Ives having it shipped to Malaysia. I am not sure about the price of both St. Ives and Primera in Korea, but St. Ives is only costing about RM 20 in Malaysia whereas Primera costs near to RM 100 so I think any smart consumer would forgo those little positive contributions and go for the cheaper yet still-above-average St. Ives scrub.

Primera Natural Rich Cleansing Foam

Honestly, I bought this because I thought it would be as good, if not better than the Mild Peeling Gel, which I kinda raved about in my part 1 review. Both products are made of broccoli sprout extract so I was expecting similar formulation and performance from this.

But... no. This is just an average-performing foam cleanser at its price. It is definitely gentler and more moisturizing than normal foam cleanser you get in the market but there is nothing really here to make it stand out among the rest, not to mention comparing it with its best-selling Mild Peeling Gel counterpart.

I will have to use it longer to give further judgement and detailed review, but so far this is not as good as I expect it to be.

Primera Moisture Cleansing Tissue

This is a cleansing tissue soaked with cleansing oil, so it is kinda oily if compared to all other cleansing tissues I have tried. Since it is made of oil, it can take off makeup even waterproof one easily without needing to rub hard. As you can see, except for the extremely-difficult-to-remove Aritaum Long Lasting Tint, the rest are basically off my skin.

One thing that I don't like about this cleansing tissue is that it is quite oily. The oil will eventually settle down and get absorbed into your skin like facial oil, but I am not sure how much of it are actually skin benefiting oils and how much are oils with surfactant inside. I personally don't like anything oily on my skin, especially those that take a while to get absorbed so this is not really my thing. I think Nature Republic Cleansing Wipes work as good as this without the same oiliness I experience from this so I will probably just go for the Nature Republic one instead of this.

Primera Natural Berry Lip Mask

This is a lip mask formulated with sea berry fruit extract. It contains that it is free of mineral oil, animal ingredients, silicon, artificial fragrance and synthetic colourants.

I think this is as sticky as Laneige Lip Mask after using it for several times. I still find the product accentuates my lip lines and drying it out further instead of nourishing it as claimed. I even bring it to my office to see if it will work better under colder environment but it turns out that this is pretty obsolete. I am not sure about other people but I normally don't enjoy putting on lip mask because they often doesn't work well on my lips. They just make my lips really "crumble" when it dries down. And I don't like the sticky feeling on my lips when it was freshly applied. I have the same feeling for Laneige Lip Mask too so if you happen to like Laneige Lip Mask then this may be good for you as well because both products kinda similar in a way.

Primera Mango Butter Comforting Body Lotion

This is a body lotion made with mango butter, jojoba oil and bilberry sprout extract. Actually, more like liquid oil in my opinion.

The body lotion has a runny liquid consistency that will dries down dewy on the skin. So it is kinda like your skin is glowing but it is mostly due to the oil content inside instead of the bilberry sprout. Of course, long-term usage will breed skincare benefits for the body but I wouldn't be too excited about the bilberry sprout content inside.

There isn't anything really impressive that makes me wanna buy this body lotion. It is really runny, non-sticky and non-heavy. But I don't find it doing a great job moisturizing my skin compared to my holy grail The Body Shop Shea Whip Lotion or Illi Anti-Aging Body Lotion. A decent body lotion but not a must have in your cabinet.

Primera Water Cress Brightening Cleansing Foam

This is a foam cleanser with brightening properties thanks to its green tea water and lotus flower extract capsules inside.

Most brightening foam cleansers are known to be quite drying for the skin, so does this product. It feels kinda stripping and drying on my normal-to-dry skin. My skin isn't happy and feels tight sooner than I normally would after stepping out of the shower whenever I am using this. Kinda disappointed and will definitely not repurchasing.

Primera Free & Free Soft Foam

This is the foaming version of the Primera Free & Free I discussed in my part 1 review. This has a pump that dispenses the product in soft foam automatically so it is quite convenient in that sense. And the foam is really fine and soft so it won't be stripping for your private area. I kinda enjoy using this and the Primera Free & Free very much and I think it does worth the money we are paying for instead of just grabbing locally available feminine wash at cheaper price. I will do a comparison review discussing both products so stay tuned for that soon!


I think this will be my last mega review on Primera products. I know Primera just came out with new stuffs like wild seed eye cream, watery mask and so on, but the more I use Primera products, the more I feel that they are meant for winter seasons or drier skin type. It is a brand that you will enjoy the most sitting near the fire place celebrating Christmas, facing the harsh winter, and then lathering them on your face... if you get the idea. So it is really not something that is perfect for the hot and humid climate in Malaysia. But there are of course certain things that I still enjoy very much from the brand. Primera Miracle Seed Essence is a great stuff. It is perfect for sensitive and oily skin who wants radiance and finer skin texture on their face. Normally sensitive skin cannot tolerate a lot of alcohol, active ingredients and fermented ingredients. This doesn't contain those while improving your skin complexion greatly. Next I love the Alpine Berry Watery Cream which is a perfect emollient cream whenever my skin is feeling dry or sensitive. The Free & Free feminine wash of Primera is great as well, so does the Mild Peeling Gel. Other than these, I don't think I will repurchase the rest, not because they aren't good, they are just not suitable for my skin types.

That's all for today, thank you for reading and see you in my next post!

You can get this from: Althea | Gmarket | Wako Malaysia | Koreadepart
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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