16 Apr 2017

The Only Beauty Tool You Need To Tackle Your Body Hair! Review: Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

I received this Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer from Veet last month and have since been testing it out on different parts of my body. I must say that I enjoy using it very much and can't wait to share my thoughts with you guys!

Veet recently came out with this innovative tool to solve our unspeakable “hairy issue”, which I think was very cool and thoughtful! There are certain hairy area in our body that normal razor and tweezer cannot reach hence an intelligent beauty gadget like this will come in handy! Your shaving and trimming will be as easy as "breeze" with this in this hand. Let's find out more below!

The electric trimmer came in a sealed plastic box, pretty much like all other Veet hair removing products. It is easy to crack them open. Just follow the arrow on the top left hand side of the box and then tear it open from there. You don't need a scissor or anything. I love the design of this packaging, I hate how much effort I needed to tear open my old Western Digital My Passport external hard drive.

The electric trimmer came in 8 accessories:

  • gadget with AA battery
  • replaceable 2-sided trimming head, 6mm and 16mm respectively, for eyebrow shaping
  • comb attachment, 2mm and 4mm respectively, to uniform hair length
  • replaceable bikini trimming head, 20mm, for your pubic hair
  • comb attachment for the bikini trimming head
  • styler cap for security purpose
  • cleaning brush
  • beauty pouch for you to carry them with you everywhere you go

To use it, you have to firstly install the battery. You need to twist open the battery house located at the bottom of the electric trimmer. Turn the scale from “0” to “∇” to unlock the battery house and then put the AA battery inside. Turn it to "1" to activate.

There are basically two types of trimmers:

The 2-sided trimming head with a 6mm and 16mm blade respectively for eyebrow shaping. Normally I use a tweezer and sharp knife to trim my eyebrow but with this I can save a lot of effort and minimize cuts. First, I attach the comb to the trimming head to trim and unify the length of my eye brow. This takes some skills because not all eyebrow must be in the same length to look nice on your face. Just play around with it to find your magical length! Subsequently, I remove the comb and then use the high precision head to touch the skin lightly for contouring purpose. And I am amazed because I don't get any cut this time like the ones I always get from sharp knife! And the process is totally non-painful if compared to trimming them with tweezer as well.

The bikini trimming head is designed for your underarm area and pubic area. Bikini definitely sounds better but as I blogger I want to make my message clear so my apology for not putting it more elegantly. If you notice, this is designed to look like razor. Normally I don't use razor on my private area, just scissor, but I think a razor on a comb is really cool to trim your private area. I don't have to be extra careful with the trimmer as long as I put the comb on and that's super effort-saving. And for those who prefer shorter length you can either use the more precise head designed for your eyebrow or simply remove the comb and use the razor blade directly on your skin. This trimming head is also perfect for your underarm area and legs. I don't really recommend using it on your legs thought because I figured that Veet Hair Removing Cream works much better and is more smoothing for your legs.

On busy day or during travelling where you don't want to be bored down by excessive luggage weights, simply throw everything inside the pouch that came with it and be ready to go. It really pampers me and makes the life for a lazy bug like me easier.


I am a practical and honest person when it comes to beauty products. I don't rave about every single product I use, but this one... rocks! I won't say that it is the cheapest you can get, because it still retails at RM 99 at Watsons but I think it does worth the price you are paying for. Normally, I need a few tools like scissors, knife, tweezer, razor, and shaving cream to make myself somewhat hairless. Don't get me wrong though, I am not against having body hair, but I want to keep them in check so that they don't attract bacteria and produce weird odour. And I find underarm hair a bit annoying to have but that's just my personal preference.

For me, this electric trimmer is a really convenient, useful and safe tool to save me from a lot of hassle. I love using it on my "bikini area" as well as eye brow. I don't really use it on my underarm hair because I find that tweezer is still the best tool to prevent them from growing back too soon. But this works great for my eye brow and private area. I can minimize its contact with my skin to prevent cuts and wounds. And the comb really helps to unify the length of my eye brow. I don't have to slowly go through each and every brow with my scissor and spending close to an hour to get my brow done. Sometimes, I also use it on my hands and legs where I don't feel like using the shaving cream. I even use this on the split end of my hair that is hard to manage using scissors. I think there is an endless way of using it as long as you find your way.

As for those people who are worried about the possibly of having your hair grown back thicker after shaving them, you can read this article to find out more of why that's not scientifically proven. I realize that as long as you don't damage the skin area that you shaved, there will not be melanin synthesis in those areas hence it is not possible to get darker. The thickness of your hair is also determined by your gene and hair follicles so it is impossible to change by just cutting it off. I mean there are people who told me that cutting my eye lashes can encourage it to grow thicker and longer. That of course never happens. I just ended up with one side of my eye lash looking much shorter than the other side. So do not be afraid to trim your hair because of a lot of these pseudoscientific claims.

I am not trying to promote any message of going hairless. Having some hair is sexy. What I am doing here is to basically present to you a sense of hair styling vs. balding. Wish everyone a nice hair day!

[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Product is sent to me for reviewing purpose but the opinions are my honest and unbiased views. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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