1 Apr 2017

Review: Missha Line Friends Dual Blending Cushion Shadow Rose Crown

I want to talk about this cushion shadow very briefly here, so this should not be a long review. I bought this from Gmarket when Missha was having 20-50% mega sales. So, I got this at really good price at about RM 26. There were five colours in total and  I chose this because it looks prettiest and the easiest to match. But all other colours are also really pretty so you can choose the one you like the most.

This is a cushion shadow, which means the eye shadow is housed in a plastic cap and you can scoop it using cushion brush attached to it.

The cushion brush is flexible so you don't have to worry that you cannot reach the deeper end of the shadow.

The colour is very pigmented and pretty. It will stay on my eyes for long time without smudging or going off. It is also convenient as you can just take this out with you everywhere without having to worry about breaking it. This product alone is sufficient as your eye shadow for the day since it contains a brighter shade for base and highlight and also a dark shade for contour and the main colour.

Overall, a really pleasant, convenient, affordable and cute product. I think the quality of Missha eye shadow is better than Pony Memebox, although not as good as CLIO. I like Aritaum a lot too but I still prefer CLIO in terms of the quality of eye shadow and Etude House in term of how pigmented and affordable it is.
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