19 Apr 2017

Review: LG ReEn Yungo The Premium Bird's Nest Premium Hair Cleansing Treatment and Yungo Ampoule Drop Essence

Wanna experience the luxurious Korean haircare treat that looks like it is formulated for the Korean royalty? You gotta try out the LG ReEn Yungo The Premium Bird's Nest Premium Hair Cleansing Treatment and Yungo Ampoule Drop Essence! Pheww... what a long name.

Yungo haircare line was really popular in 2015 and 2016. Their cleansing treatment, for instance, is always sold out in the Korean departmental store. Some Chinese manufacturers were quick at coming out with fakes for this product due to its popularity and high demand. So we actually saw a huge market trend to grab Yungo products one or two years ago. But this all had died down now, which was pretty interesting! The same goes for a lot of Korean hot products like Cloud 9 cream, Elizavecca, and so on.

Today, I am gonna bring you guys through this very popular but suddenly died down brand from  LG Yungo/ReEn.

LG ReEn Yungo The Premium Bird's Nest Premium Hair Cleansing Treatment

I couldn't find a lot of information on this product. Memebox is no longer carrying it, so does Hermo which I bought the product from. RoseRoseshop still has it, but I noticed that RoseRoseShop carries a bunch of long, long time ago products so I am kinda suspecting that they don't really bother to update their list from time to time.

On Memebox website, I found some descriptions of the product. It says that this is a two-in-one shampoo and hair treatment that can provide intense nourishment and premium care for the hair. But when it comes to ingredients, the list is so long that I suspected this was not the real list. There are some fancy-looking herbal extracts, but also a lot of harmful preservatives. The list of ingredients were so long that I don't think any single ingredient makes any sense here, they are probably just 0.00001% in the formulation that is just there to make it looks nice.

Coming to the texture and application. This product comes in a creamy paste that is easy to lather when you mix it with water. My only complain is the scent which is super strong and overpowering.

As fancy as it sounds, and as much as I would like to love this product, it is a disaster. It turns my scalp into a disastrous itchy war room that took days to recover from. My scalp itched every single time I washed my hair with this cleansing treatment. I don't know what they put inside it, but definitely not something good.

Yungo Ampoule Drop Essence

I have talked about this hair serum in my comparison review of 12 hair serums or treatment before. Basically, it is a nice-looking hair serum that is kinda unimpressive in my opinion.

The packaging looks nice, cute and beautiful. It looks like those things you present to the Empress or Emperor.

It has a lightweight oil consistency with mild but not-so-natural perfumy scent. The oil feels like some cheap oil you get in the night market. It doesn't get absorbed into the skin properly and basically does nothing for my dry hair.


I just wanna write this review so that you guys are aware about these two products and don't fall into the buying traps. I think I understand why the hypes and buying trend are all died down. People are starting to realize that these two don't live up to their hypes and expectations so they were becoming smarter and more informed consumers. I hope this review will stop more people from falling into the trap and think twice or at least try before purchasing. These were designed to look nice without any significant benefits for your hair and scalp. Unless if you fancy beautiful packaging or strongly fragranced haircare stuffs, otherwise don't bother.

[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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