27 Apr 2017

Review: Laneige Vitamin Brightening Cleansing Water

I think it is not wrong to call myself a semi-expert on cleansing water. I use almost exclusively cleansing waters, when everyone's else is using cleansing oil, so I get to try out a lot of different cleansing waters in the market. My first one was the Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Water, then I have Nature Republic, The Saem, Etude House and Son & Park. I have a few more in my wardrobe and today I am gonna talk about this one from Laneige.

Laneige only comes out with one cleansing water, even though they have 2-3 cleansing oil/liquid for you to choose from, so you won't be confused when you are looking for a cleansing water at Laneige counter. Laneige people actually advised me to get the Pore Cleansing Oil because they said the cleansing water could not really remove makeup (therefore it is useless). So I had to explain to them that I rarely put on makeup and I only use cleansing water to remove sunscreen. Is it that hard to believe that I only bought a makeup removing water to remove sunscreen? Anyway, this retails for RM 95 at the store and its cleansing oils more expensive. You can also get it online from Althea, Hermo, Gemfive and GoShop.

The product is housed in a beautiful orange-pinkish plastic bottle with a convenient pump top just like the Innisfree one. It contains 300ml worth of product inside.

Laneige claims that this is a vitamin C infused cleansing water that can make your skin appears brighter, clearer and revitalized immediately after using. Based on the official description, this sounds like a rinse-off version of the Clear-C Advanced Effector EX. But I am interested in its claim that this product uses corn-derived propanediol instead of PEG surfactant as its detergent, which means it is gentler and less irritating than PEG-based cleansing water.


First, place a cotton pad on the pump and press 2-3 times. You can press as much as you want, it is really up to your personal preference. Just make sure that the cotton is completely soaked to avoid rubbing a dry cotton on your face. Then, use the wet cotton to swipe along your skin texture to take away any impurities and makeup residues.

Now comes the multibillion question: do I need to rinse my face with water after using? No. You are not required to, but you may if you wish to. For me, I don't like anything that says cleansing to stay on my skin so I will still continue that with a foam cleanser. But you are not me, so go with your personal preference. If you have sensitive skin then I advise you to at least rinse it off with plain water before moving on to skincare.


Water, Propanediol, Glycerin, Niacinamide (3000ppm), Panthenol (2000ppm), 3-o-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (1000ppm), Acerola Fruit Extract, Euterpe oleracea Fruit Extract, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Magnesium Silicate, Sodium Sulfite, Citric Acid, Poloxamer 184, Polysorbate 20, Glutathione, Hexylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, 1,2-Hexanediol, Fragrance


Ingredients analysis on cleansing water tends to be pretty straightforward. You either find it harsh or ineffective. If neither are true, then you have a good cleansing water. This Laneige one belongs to the "good to excellent" category.

It says it uses corn-based propanediol to remove makeup and impurities, but my little science background tells me that this ingredient is not a detergent. It is just an alcohol derivative that enhances ingredients penetration and leaves the skin hydrated. We still have detergents/surfactants here, but in lesser quantities, such as poloxamer 184, polysorbate 20, hexylene glycol, so they are less likely to cause issues if you keep them on your skin for longer time (i.e. not rinsing it off).

I see that niacinamide, vitamin C, acerola fruit extract, acai berry extract are added in here, which makes me wonder are they really necessary. I understand if you put that into a cleansing toner, but cleansing water? How much of it are gonna take effect on your skin if it is meant to be rinsed off after contacting your skin for a good few minutes? Anyway, if you use this a cleansing toner, if you keep it on your skin for longer, then these ingredients are truly amazing to brighten up your complexion. Other than that, you are just wasting your products (and money).

Other than the two surfactants listed at the bottom, other ingredients are really safe (all green!) to use on your skin. And I am not surprised - how many scientists will encourage you to leave detergents on your skin for longer time?


Can it remove makeup? Yes!
Can it remove waterproof makeup? Yes if I rub hard.

As you can see, almost everything is gone, including tints and eyeliner. So this can remove makeup if I rub harder, which I am not gonna do on my skin. Do at your own risk. But this is one of the few cleansing waters that can remove makeup.

Since it can remove makeup, this can definitely remove sunscreen as well. 


Needless to say that this is a high quality and effective cleansing water. If you are looking for a no-rinse cleansing water, then this is a good one to look for, or if you are looking for a gentle cleansing water that can also brighten up your skin, then this is a great option as well. BUT... if you are just looking for something that can remove your makeup or sunscreen quick, then I think RM 95 for 300ml is kinda unnecessary. You are just gonna waste the vitamin C inside all going into the cotton pad and flowing down your face as you rinse it.

I used it every night in the past 4 months to remove my makeup (light one) and sunscreen. It works really well on both of them. No irritation, not causing any redness, not drying, and no clogged pores. And I still have at least 35% left in the bottle so a little really goes a long, long way. I love it, I just wouldn't repurchase because I like the scent (Laneige one always gives me headache) and consistency of my Nature Republic one better, and I think my Son & Park is a better no-rinse cleansing toner for my skin. But if you are sensitive to alcohol (therefore Son & Park), then you can give this a go as a gentle and skin brightening no-rinse cleansing water!

packaging: ★★★★☆ 
scent: ☆ (give me headache)
texture: ★★★★
ingredients: ★★★★☆
performance - brightening: ★★★ (not noticeable)
performance - makeup removing: ★★★★★ (sunscreen and light makeup) 
general impression: ★★★★ (I hate the scent) 

You can get this from: Laneige Malaysia | Gemfive | GoShop | Althea | Hermo
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Product is purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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