18 Apr 2017

Of Water Science and Dewy Skin: A Brand Overview and Reviews of 25 Laneige Products Part 2

I have talked about the brand philosophy and its skincare objective in my part 1 review, which you can see here. So, in this review, I am gonna be talking about my general impression on the brand Laneige and Laneige products as a whole.

Laneige is a popular cosmetic brand in Asia. Actually, it is more successful across the world than it is in Korea. The brand itself is doing good in Korea as well but you will find them more popular in other countries, which is kinda interesting. Korean women tend to prefer higher-end brands like Sulwhasoo, Hera, IOPE, Ohui, and so on. College girls or those who cannot afford more expensive skincare brands will go for Innisfree, Tony Moly, Etude House, and so on road store brands. So Laneige is somewhere in between. Its consistency is also lighter so it is less so hyped up in Korea where the winter can be really brutal. I am not saying that Laneige is not popular in Korea, I am just saying that it seems to be more popular in other Asian countries.

I know the brand long before knowing Innisfree, Nature Republic, Estee Lauder, Biotherm... and so on. A lot of people are raving about it, many more using it. And it is kinda simple, its concept basically evolves around water technology so you can imagine the importance of moisturizing in Asian women's skincare ritual. In a hot and humid environment like Malaysia, lightweight yet moisturizing products are the kill. There is even one lady at Parkson asking me why am I buying Kose when everyone prefers Laneige, which I thought was kinda interesting!

Having used Laneige for more than 2 years now, I am finally dedicated myself to writing about this brand. I used to assume that everyone knows about Laneige already. It is so popular and so many people are using and talking their products. But somehow I still received questions on how to use their products and what are my thoughts on them so I just decided to compile all of them and put them in a mega review like what I did for Belif, Biotherm, Innisfree, and so on.

Let's get started with this much anticipated part 2 review:

  • Laneige All Day Anti-Pollution Defensor
  • Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel
  • Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack
  • Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
  • Laneige Water Sleeping Mask
  • Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask
  • Laneige Whitening Sleeping Ball
  • Laneige Firming Sleeping Ball
  • Laneige Mini Pore Waterclay Mask
  • Laneige White Plus Renew Tone Up Corrector SPF40 PA++
  • Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar Pink Salmon
  • Laneige Water Drop Tint Apricot

Laneige All Day Anti-Pollution Defensor

Laneige calls this “anti-pollution defensor”, but for me, this is essentially a sunscreen. It has SPF30 and PA++, and has a rather lightweight consistency that sinks into your skin quickly after several patting.

Laneige tries to give this a fancy-sounding property which claims that it can reflect fine dust so that your skin appears clearer and is less prone to acne and inflammation. It claims that this has “magnetic polarity” that helps the skin to repel dust through the use of negative charges. Kiehl’s also has something similar called “Cilantro And Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Soothing Mask”. I did go into details about the science behind the entire mechanism but personally I don’t find it any difference from my usual sunscreen.

If you look at the ingredients, this has oxycinnamate, ethylhexyl salicylate, and so on basic sunscreen ingredients. And there is arbutin, green tea extract, and macadamia oil that supplies some brightening and nourishing benefits. Other than that, this looks like a sunscreen for me. I think if you have oilier skin, is prone to breakout, or work in a polluted environment then you can probably try this out for added protection. I don’t think they will sell things with unfounded claims. But, if you have normal to dry skin, is not prone to breakout, or you want something with greater sun protecting benefits, then I don’t see the points of getting this. And I think this one is more expensive than other Laneige sunscreen so also do weight your budget. As for me, since I don’t think I need it, I won’t purchase it.

Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel

This is a physical exfoliant that can “gently” slough off dead skin cells on your face. This is formulated with a bunch of berries extract like raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, coffee seed extract and so on to offer additional brightening benfits. It also contains kaolin, which is a sebum-absorbing normally used in clay mask. Basically, this is a superberries infused peeling “gel” with a lot of harsh granules.

If you ask me, would I recommend this? No. I find it too harsh for my skin, even harsher than Primera Intensive Peeling Gel, as harsh as Nano White Clay Cleanser. I don’t think anyone should use harsh granules on their skin nowadays as we are privileged with a variety of choices that are much gentler and effective.

However, if you are interested, this is a physical scrub for drier skin. Apply evenly on a wet face then massage for several minutes until even. Don’t overdo it, don’t massage until you feel painful. Then, rinse it off using lukewarm water. Basically, just treat it as your normal scrub. If you are interested in a scrub, I would suggest that you go for Skinfood ones which are cheaper and less harsh.

Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack

This is one of the few Laneige products that look cute but doesn’t attract a lot of attention or raves. I personally isn’t attracted to it, having tried out several sample packs. It is a creamy emollient mask that offers nourishment, suppleness and firming benefits for the skin. It has a sweet fruity scent to it which I personally don’t like, but many young girls will love.

It is made of fermented yogurt, trademarked “sogurty”, to promote collagen synthesis, protect the skin from harmful environment and make the skin appears healthier and firmer. Its anti-inflammatory property also soothes and protects it from acne and other skin problems. Sounds cool but except for nourishing, I don’t see any other claimed benefits.

So the bottom line is, this is a moisturizing wash-off mask that is more suitable for young girl or those have drier skin. I don’t find it useful, practical or pleasant to use on my face. I guess I just don’t appreciate its texture. If you are attracted to “yogurt mask” in the market, which normally comes in small capsule packs (Innisfree and It’s Skin carry some), then you can give this a try. As for me, I might as well go for its Water Sleeping Mask with overnight skin protecting benefit. This is just an expensive “meh” in my opinion.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

This is a sleeping mask designed for your lips. It came out in 2015 when Laneige renewed its Water Sleeping Mask packaging and trimmed its content down to 70g. It made a small rave in the beauty community but then out of suddenly every blogger and vlogger seemed to be talking about it end of 2016 and in 2017. During Christmas 2016, Laneige took a step forward and came out with 4 different flavours for this lip sleeping mask, which is a good news for someone like me who dislike candy-smelling lip mask.

Although a lot of people are raving about it, I personally don’t like it as much as I would love to. I find it sticky. But don’t fret – I find a lot of lip moisturizers sticky too. This belongs to the not-so-sticky type, if you are interested in buying. And I don’t like its sweet fruit candy scent. I find that it accentuates to all my lip lines and then makes my lips appear drier over time, instead of nourishing and protecting it. Again, most emollient lip products I use give me these adverse effects, not just this Laneige one. So far, only Hada Labo Lip Balm and Mentholatum Beeswax Lip Balm are within the “acceptable” standard for my lips. All other lip moisturizers fail. My lips even reject lip gloss, lip tint and anything that will stick to the surface of my lips. My lips are as sensitive as my scalp, so I am at least blessed with not so sensitive skin that allows me to try out multiple products.

Unless if you have sensitive lips, you will probably like it. It is juicy, it is nourishing, it smells sweet, and it is cute. I mean, it is CUTE. And you can use it as a lip balm, or lip mask, or lip sleeping mask, anything you like. 20g is a lot of products, so you can just play around with it. And don’t you agree that it has really cute spatula? Yes?

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

This is one of the items that brought us all into Kbeauty. It is so popular in Asia that I got to know it before knowing any other Korean brands. It is basically a lightweight, floral-smelling hydrating mask that accompanies you through the night. So far this is their 4th edition since their first launch in 2002. It is one of the must-try beauty product with a lot of raves and rants.

I talked about this in detail previously. I don’t think this is a must-have in everyday routine, especially that there is a lot of sleeping masks coming up in the market, but I would agree that this is a must try. It has become a staple sleeping mask. It is lightweight, it is hydrating, and it smells great. It is perfect for all skin types and all seasons. You can use it as a soothing pack, wash-off mask or sleeping mask. You can use this as your daily moisturizer although I personally don’t find it moisturizing enough as a moisturizer.

I enjoy using this, but I am not using it every day. I might keep a jar of this in my wardrobe and just use it slowly within its one year shelf life period. It is a good go-to sleeping mask during the time when your skin is having small breakouts, allergies, and feeling dry. You can see my comparison review here to find out more about other sleeping masks I have tried!

Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask

I have received several requests to review this particular sleeping mask, so here is it. I haven’t tried out the full product, but I definitely gonna get the full size product. This is an anti-aging sleeping mask designed to firm up the skin and making it appears more youthful overtime. It is designed for all skin types especially drier, mature and saggy skin. I think Laneige has been working quite hard to come out with bunch of sleeping masks having made a debut success in launching their lip sleeping mask. Now they carry a whole range of sleeping balls and several sleeping masks for moisturizing, lips and anti-aging purposes!

Some of you ask me is this firming sleeping mask the same as the firming sleeping ball? No, it is different. The firming sleeping balls are just like Laneige’s already discontinued Firming Sleeping Pack. That was basically a bouncy memory gel that doesn’t do much on the skin. I didn’t notice much different after using that one. A friend of mine who purchased the entire bottle reported literally zero improvements before and after using the Sleeping Pack. And she was pretty obsessed with v-shaped jaws and firming products so she paid a lot of attention to products that could firm and lift up her contours.

This Firming Sleeping Mask under the Time Freeze line (the previous one was under, or looks like it is under the Perfect Renew line) is a much better version of firming mask. It has a gel cream consistency that is still bouncy, but much more moisturizing and skin adhering than the previous one. I didn’t see any significant lifting effect as yet because I have only used like… 10g of the actual mask but I can definitely tell that my skin is a lot smoother, moisturized and softer after using it. I guess the effect will be magnified if you pair it with the Laneige Time Freeze Face-Fit Roller but I don’t want to fork out that much of money to buy a Roller. I am so broke right out and priority must be given to things I want the most first.

Laneige claims that this can take care of 5 signs of aging, which are dryness, skin texture, fine wrinkles, pores elasticity and skin tone. Let’s see… dryness YES, wrinkles MAYBE, skin texture (IOPE essence is enough to satisfy me), pores (BHA and niacinamide) and skin tone (White Plus Renew Original Essence). I think I will repurchase because I like how this feels on my face very much. I cannot comment too much on the lifting effects because I still need to use more of it to give further judgments. Maybe I will persuade my friend into buying this one and shares her thought back with you guys? XD

Laneige Whitening Sleeping Ball

This is a sleeping mask in capsule forms with skin brightening property. If you notice, this resembles the old White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Mask very much. Even the ingredients are the same, so Laneige basically just repackages the whole thing into little capsules and call them the "sleeping balls". This one contains some really good stuffs like niacinamide, vitamin C derivative, green tea, yeast extract, squalane... pretty much the mini version of the White Plus Renew Original Essence. Kinda like the concept of Samsung S4 Mini.

To use this product, you basically just tear open the seal, and then mix the transparent gel together with the round shaped creamy essence. Each capsule is good for 2-3 uses. You are meant to use it immediately after opening, but I noticed that they don't do that even in their Boutique so what I did was that I transferred the mask into sanitized container so that they lasted longer. I could use them for even 5-6 times this way. You can also use a generous amount of the sleeping mask after using the Original Essence before going to bed. Next day, you will wake up with glowy skin!

Laneige is an expert in sleeping masks. Most masks they made don't disappoint. So this whitening one is pretty decent too. But I noticed that if you take out some of the clear gel and mix it with the whitening ampoule, the end product kinda resembles the White Plus Renew Original Cream so if you got the cream already this mask may not be necessary. Of course, you can mix more of the clear gel to give this a more gel cream consistency. It is up to your own skincare preference.

Performance-wise, this is a decent glow-adding and brightening mask. You will definitely notice an increased in the radiance on your skin but you can achieve that with a very good moisturizing mask too so you are open to options. As for me, I find the packaging as well as the art of mixing it cute so I will continue to repurchase if I see good deals.

Laneige Firming Sleeping Ball

This is a memory gel that you can use as a sleeping mask to restore the elasticity of your skin. This mask is the capsule version of the discontinued Firming Sleeping Pack; the ingredients and consistency are the same. Laneige uses a lot of trademarked technology. This time, it is called SleePOP™. It claims to be able to restore the skin’s ability to recover as well as alleviate the appearance of fine lines and prevent further damages.

Is it good, given the interesting consistency and claims? NO. I don’t see any difference before and after using this mask. A friend of mine who bought the old Firming Sleeping Pack did not notice an increased in firmness and elasticity of her skin. This is basically a memory gel pack that is fun to work without any promising results. It contains a bunch of emollients, emulsifiers, viscosity controls, all these non-skincare ingredients. It also has hydrolyzed collagen but anyone who goes a bit deeper into skincare ingredients will understand that hydrolyzed collagen has NOTHING to do with the collagen on your skin. It does not stimulate collagen synthesis, it does not increase the amount of collagen on your skin nor does it actually get absorbed into your skin. It is just an emollient that sits well on your skin to hydrate and protect your skin underneath it. Honestly, unless if you use retinoid, I don’t think this can actually do much. Even the Korean contour lifting masks are limited in their long-term efficacy not to mention this emollient mask that does not contain any active ingredients that can reverse signs of aging on your skin.

Laneige Mini Pore Waterclay Mask

This is a clay gel mask made of mineral mud from the Yellow Sea, which is the only island mud flat designated by UNCESCO and is known for its pristine natural environment. A lot of Korean brands like to call their ingredients pristine, such as the peat line from Belif, so I am not impressed this time. Besides, all clay mask are made of mineral enriched clay or mud anyway, and they all have similar characteristics which is to absorb and regulate sebum on your skin, so please forgive my immunity to fancy-sounding ingredients.

The unique thing about this Laneige Mini Pore Water Clay Mask is its ability to dry quickly. 99.9% of clay masks I used take a long, long time to get dried, so this quick-drying technology is a bonus for me. This mask also feels kinda cooling when you put it on. And it also does a good job clearing off all dust and sebum off my pores, as well as making those deep-seeded ones popping their heads. In short, it works pretty well to deep-cleanse my pores.

But it has several downsides as well. First, it is a bit messy to apply because apparently it is wet and runny. You cannot escape from making your clothes or your hand or even your hair muddy when you are applying this. Second, it feels tight on my skin after it dries up. I am so worried that I will get deeper laugh lines or develop new wrinkles/dry lines whenever I am moving the muscles on my face when I am putting this on. My face also feels really tight and dry even after washing it off, as if the mask has desertized my face. I must immediately follow it up with a moisturizing serum or cream otherwise my face will start cracking and feeling itchy. I also don’t like the scent of this mask either. It smells like some kind of glue. Maybe I should be happy that they dint add any fragrance in it. But imagine sitting or lying down there 10-15 minutes smelling like glue… not very pleasant right?
Not sure will I repurchase but probably not since it is too drying and the price is not cheap either.

Laneige White Plus Renew Tone Up Corrector SPF40 PA++

This is a skin brightening or colour correcting primer with sun protecting benefits. Now it has been reformulated as the White Dew Tone Up Cream.

Again, another Laneige sunscreen-type product with additional primer and colour correcting benefits. This works like a cc cream for me, which can brighten up my skin in a natural way, making it appears dewier and radiant. This has subtle pink tone so it may not be suitable for those with very yellow undertone skin. It will not leave a white cast if you moisturize your skin prior to using. It is also not sticky or tacky unless if you apply a generous amount of it. A little goes a long way for this product.

This kinda resembles Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream but I like this one better. It is less cakey on the skin and is also less powdery when you apply. You will get a very beautiful skin tone if you mist your face prior to applying this. It also smells kinda nice, but is a very common cc cream scent so if you have tried any cc cream before you will know how it smells like. I have not tried the Tone Up Cream that came with my White Dew Ampoule Essence in a set last week so I will keep the review for later. So far, the Tone Up Cream looks really promising with mica and more titanium dioxide inside but this Tone Up Corrector is in my opinion a nicely formulated product as well. I am not sure if they will bring it back later but maybe they can consider change its name to “cc cream” or something so that people at least are aware that this is something like a cc cream.

Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar Pink Salmon

Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar has been really popular among the beauty community. I mean, radiant lips are the trend so who will not get their hand on at least one of their best-selling lip tint bars? The one I got was in pink salmon, which is beige pink.

There really aren’t a lot of things to say about lip tint. I am not really a makeup fanatic so I don’t use enough lip makeup to make any informed opinion. Basically, this particular lip bar glides on smoothly on my skin, giving me the convenient of producing radiant lips without needing a concealer or two different lip sticks in hand so I kinda enjoy the convenience it gives. The colour isn’t the longest lasting but it can last me for a good few hours if I don’t eat or drink anything. And it is kinda an office colour so it is suitable for office wearing or normal makeup look.

Laneige Water Drop Tint Apricot

Next lip product from Laneige that I want to talk about is the Apricot Water Drop Lip Tint. Although this is called a tint, the colour actually does not show up well on your lips. It is more “water drop” than “tint”, if you get what I mean. And I don’t find it moisturizing either; it still dries up my lips in a way. And this product cannot last any longer than an hour on my lips. It is not the type of lip gloss where you will see a layer of glossy finish on your lips. This one doesn’t. It is more like the colour is mixed with this gloss that will disappear or get absorbed totally into your lips over time. I don’t know where it goes. It is just no longer there within an hour from applying even I am not eating or drinking. Not something I would repurchase.

That's all for my part 1 and part 2 Laneige reviews. I have more coming up since I just purchased the White Dew series and I will be using the Perfect Renew trial kit. Actually I already used some of the older Perfect Renew products but didn't keep the pictures and skincare notes on it so I will skip that one and just review the newer formulation. Do bear with me on that, and I will see you guys in my part 3 review!

[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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