19 Mar 2017

Swatch Review: Laneige Water Drop Tint Apricot, Memebox Pony Blossom Lipstick Orange Dahlia and Aritaum Colour Lasting Tint Peach Puree

Today, I am gonna talk about three lip makeup with similar shades and how they perform compared to each another. They are... Laneige Water Drop Tint Apricot, Memebox Pony Blossom Lipstick Orange Dahlia and Aritaum Colour Lasting Tint Peach Puree.

Laneige is famous with its water bank skincare line, so we naturally have this concept that Laneige products are moisturizing which include its makeup items. This Water Drop Tint is claimed to be moisturizing while at the same time long-lasting. The packaging looks beautiful and cute with a uniquely designed brush that makes it easier to apply on the lips.

Next we have Pony Blossom Lipstick in Orange Dahlia that comes in this gorgeous golden packaging. I was a big fan of Pony Makeup so naturally I grabbed one of these when Pony collaborated with Memebox to launch a special makeup collection. Although I am quite disappointed with its Eye Shadow Palette, Pony Blossom Lipstick is actually pretty good and is quite moisturizing on the lips.

Lastly we have Aritaum Colour Lasting Tint in Peach Puree. I bought this because a lot of people were raving about Aritaum Colour Lasting range. This range is said to be super long-lasting where the colour won't fade even after you eat or drink. And it is super cheap at less than $10 so it is quite a deal!

Swatching them on my hand. As you can see, Laneige one is pretty watery and glossy, Pony is the creamiest and the most moisturizing among all three whereas Aritaum settles down semi-matte. The colour is more or less the same but you can see the subtle difference given their distinctive texture.

Trying to remove them with cleansing water. Both Laneige and Pony lipsticks are easily removed but not Aritaum one. It will stay for at least one day.


I didn't expect that I would buy three lipsticks with highly similar shades - red orange! Among these three, I like Pony Blossom Lip Stick the most. I find it pretty moisturizing and non-drying at all (unlike Innisfree one which always accentuates into my lip lines). The colour looks pretty and the price is pretty standard too! Laneige one is quite gentle too but I see any big difference with or without it on my lips. Aritaum is not bad but I don't really like lip tint that works like tattoo if you get what I mean. These kinda products normally get tinted into your lips that it takes some time to get completely metabolized. Otherwise, you will have to exfoliate your lips to get rid of those pigment residues. Quite a hassle and I am a bit concerned about having pigment residues on my lips hence not something I would repurchase after I have finished it.

Laneige: ★★★
Pony x Memebox: ★★★★
Aritaum: ★★★
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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