28 Feb 2017

Beauty Workshop with Cosrx, Hermo Malaysia and Joan Kim

I had the honour of being invited as a special guest to a Cosrx Malaysia Beauty Workshop Event with Joan Kim organized by Hermo. Actually I wasn't aware that Joan will be there when I attended the workshop so it was quite a surprise to see her there. The workshop was carried out in SFG Cafe at Sunway Nexis. There were about 50-60 of us invited to the event.

This event was meant to promote the new invention from Cosrx - the One Step Moisture Up Pad. 

All attendants were given a full size Moisture Up Pad, some Cosrx stickers, a Cosrx "passport", some samples and a Cosrx notebook.

Aren't they look cute? And it is a Cosrx limited edition!

The empty cafeteria when the beauty workshop session with Joan was over. I was so busy listening to her interactions with Tracy from Hermo that I kinda missed the slide shows. But whatever Joan shared on Cosrx was also available on her Youtube channel so you can just follow her to know her thoughts on Cosrx.

After the 1 hour session with Joan on Cosrx, we moved on to the fun part, which was to complete 4 missions in order to get a Special Gift from Cosrx:

  • "testing and consulting zone" to better understand all Cosrx products
  • "photobooth zone" to take photo with Joan and Mr. RX
  • "game zone" where you can get a free Hermo cosmetic tool if you manage to match your cards
  • "listen to your voice zone" where you just leave your comments on a big white board

You all get all these Cosrx goodies if you completed all four missions!

A group photo of all Cosrx testers available on the counter. How I wish that I can bring all these home!

These are all the people who were queuing up to buy Cosrx products! Amazing, isn't it?

Finally, a group photo. I wasn't in there as I was busy taking their photos myself. Lols.

Went home fully satisfied with all these Cosrx goodies. I can't wait to try the Moisture Up Pad as well as other Cosrx products! It was indeed a wonderful date with Joan and I didn't expect that she will be here with us. The product consultation and product QnA session was fun and engaging and the lucky ones can go home with free Cosrx products. The cafe was pretty cozy and the food was great. I think the only downside is the long queue we were in while waiting for other people to complete their missions. In short, a really nice beauty workshop and looking forward to attending one in the future!

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[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this review. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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