24 Jan 2017

Review: Scinic Aqua All In One Ampoule

Another big korean beauty trend in 2016 is these all-in-one ampoules that come in a big tubs with economic prices. It is definitely mind-blowing considering that most skincare products calling themselves ampoules tend to be really pricey. For instance, my beloved LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule with only 15ml of products cost some USD 20-25, not to mention higher end ones. Hence, these all-in-one ampoules are an interesting new addition to the existing skincare line and is definitely worth exploring!

Basically, all-in-one ampoule is a skin treatment that is blurring the lines between toner, serum and moisturizer. It is light-weighted enough with its watery gel consistency that makes it a toner, contains loads of skin-benefiting ingredients that qualify it as a serum but is moisturizing enough as a moisturizer. But if you say only use this after cleanser, then it is definitely not enough to replace your basic skincare routine. You can also use this as a body moisturizer, soothing gel or sleeping mask. I think this deserves its reputation as a good multipurpose and multitasking multi-care product.

The packaging looks simple enough, like a water tank filled with hydrating goodies. It is not very travel-friendly since it is quite bulky but if you only need to carry one product to a beach or something then this will come in handy.

The product has a watery gel consistency that turns into water once it touches your skin. It feels like a denser, thicker and more concentrated form of Nature Republic or Mamonde soothing gel. It doesn't leave any sticky feeling after patting for absorption.


Scinic advertises this as a skincare treatment that uses the "better water technology". It has normal water, seawater, and glacier water as the main ingredients with quality ingredients such as niacinamide, adenosine, mannitol, collagen, and so on in the main menu. For side dishes we have kelp, algae, centella asiatica, sage, licorice, green tea, japanese knotweed, matricaria, rosemary, barley, cucumber, lotus, ginseng, and so on anti-aging and skin soothing botanical extracts. And then also some potent antioxidizing oils like borage seed oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and rapeseed oil. The ingredients may look lengthy and extensive but it is actually just a bunch of fancy-looking ingredients stuffed into one that gives this product the hydrating and anti-oxidizing properties of a serum. Key ingredients remain the "better water", marine ingredients, collagen, and the botanical oils that make this a good hydrating and moisturizing powerhouse.


Korean beauty trend always comes and goes. This all-in-one ampoule is very popular in 2016, but the popularity fades when it comes to 2017. I remember other brands even come out with honey and berry ampoules that call their products the multitasker to end all your daily skincare hassles. Well... I don't think it is true.

First of all, this product is not moisturizing or hydrating enough as a standalone serum or essence. Next, it doesn't retain moisture on your skin long enough to function as a moisturizer. And third, if you apply it on a dry face it will not get absorbed well as compared to apply it on a freshly clean face. But if I were to count, this product has counts of pros as well. It is a good multitasker, is quite economic since it comes in big volume, pretty moisturizing and has quality ingredients. The fact that it is made with glacier water and seawater will also turn some people on.

But if you ask me, this is just an awkward product that is no where near anything. It is not a toner, not really a serum, definitely not good enough as a moisturizer. Maybe a good body moisturizer or cooling gel, but that doesn't justify the price I pay for this bottle. Hence, not something I would repurchase after finishing off. And I don't think I will purchase any other all-in-one ampoules anymore in the future.

About: toner, treatment, moisturizer, cooling gel, body moisturizer, sleeping pack
Properties: hydrating, anti-oxidizing, moisturizing
Best suited for: all skin types

packaging: ★★
scent: ★★☆
texture: ★★
ingredients: ★
efficacy: ★★
overall impression: ★★ (doesn't live up to my expectation)

You can get this from: 11street | Jolse
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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