2 Jan 2017

My November and December 2016 Product Empties Report

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution (Full Review)
I love this serum. It is a brightening serum with vitamin C that will fade your freckles and dark spots. It is also not drying like other brightening serum either. Definitely will repurchase!

Innisfree 0% Zero Shampoo for Dry Scalp (Full Review)
My favourite hair shampoo so far. It contains AHA and BHA to exfoliate and control dandruff and flakiness of the scalp due to dryness or other complications. One bottle of this (400ml) takes approximately 4 months to finish, which is pretty decent for a shampoo with good quality like this. It will also not dry out my hair like most other shampoos (like the Tsubaki Head SPA) since it contains a bunch of hydrating ingredients to moisturize and protect the hair and scalp. Highly recommended! Have already repurchased a refill pack!

LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule (Review)
How should I say? I am not a fan of propolis ampoule but this LJH propolis ampoule is definitely something that gives me visible glow. Normally, only hydrating products coupled with a good exfoliation beforehand gives me that kind of glow but this alone seems to be capable of producing shine and bright by itself. Pity that it comes in such a small quantity and with high price tag. However, a repurchase for me. I like how light-weighted, cute and effective it is. Full review coming soon.

Belif Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrate (Review)
This is actually my mom's empty. She has finished at least 2 bottles of this since I introduced it to her this year and is moving on to her 3rd bottle. She said it has helped to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and surprisingly also pores size, which was revealed under the microscope when she went to a Beauty Salon last month.

Belif The True Tincture of Chamomile (Review)
Also my mom's empty. I finished the miniature but not the entire bottle. But my mom is committed to this Tincture of Chamomile which she said is effective at reducing blackheads and clogged pores on her skin. Sort of like a genki booster for her skin. I lost count how many bottles have she finished since she first bought it!

Belif The True Cream - Aqua Bomb (Full Review)
This is my holy grail. Also the only moisturizer my mom uses and loves. We love how hydrating, soothing yet light-weighted it is. I think I won't open my next tub since I am indulged in the Whitening Cream from the same brand recently but this Aqua Bomb is definitely a repurchase for me!

Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum (Full Review)
I am considering calling this my holy grail moisturizer in 2016. This has the softest texture I've ever seen in all other cream I have, yet super light-weighted and fast-absorbing. It is odd how it can be soft, moisturizing yet light-weighted at the same time. No wonder it is called a pressed serum! It has the potency of a serum but the consistency of a cream (or gel cream)!

LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence
Actually, this is my bf's empty. He rarely empties anything, so I am excited to include it here since this is his first empty of the last... 6 months I guess. He calls this the essence that can truly control and calm his acne without any stickiness. It is also very hydrating for his oily-dehydrated-acne-prone skin. And for a lazy person like him, finishing this on his own really is saying something about this essence.

Let's move on to something I will not repurchase:

Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX Light
This is Sulwhasoo's renewed and reformulated light version of their popular but highly unaffordable ginseng cream. I got it during my last visit to their Pavilion roadshow. It contains potent ginseng extract that repairs and reverts aging-related damages of the skin. It also nourishes and moisturizes the skin with its blend of hanbang formula. Treat yourself like a queen with this cream! I might not purchase the full version at this point of time due to the price tag and my skin need.

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist (Review)
This is a hydrating and refreshing skin mist infused with jeju sparkling water. Despite my love for its Essence, this mist is a huge "meh". It produces very refined mist that feels almost like nothing on my face. A bottle of this cannot last for a very long time and I don't really see why I should repurchase something at RM 52 that will not last me long without any noticeable skin benefits.

Illi Total Aging Care Scrub Wash
I like its scent, but I find the performance of this body shampoo kinda "meh". There is really nothing special about it. Not hydrating, moisturizing or soothing at all. Will go back to the Johnson & Johnson pH 5.5 one after this.
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