26 Nov 2016

Review: Primera Skin Relief UV Protector SPF50+ PA+++, A Sunscreen Suitable for Pregnancy

Sometimes when you got pregnant, skincare can be a very challenging thing for you. There is a list of ingredients you shouldn't touch when you have babies. In fact, most of my friends literally go skincare-less when they are pregnant. I understand that, not everyone of us know how to read ingredients of skincare products or have the awareness of it. So, the safest option is to avoid it all together. However, pregnant women are more prone to hyperpigmentation and skin problems like acne, fine lines and increased sebum production due to hormonal changes in their body. Hence, it may not be best to avoid all skincare products.

The good news is, there are certain brand that addresses this issue. One of them would be Primera from Korea. I've talked about this brand before. It is a very natural (not organic) vegen brand utilizing the power of germination and translates them into skincare force. The best part about it is that it is suitable for pregnant women and it also has a range designed specifically for babies!

23 Nov 2016

Review: Belif UV Protector Fresh Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++

Most of you probably know that I am a big fan of Belif products. And a lot of you might notice that I review about sunscreens a lot. In fact, sunscreen is a skincare product I finish the quickest compared to the rest. So you can guess how excited I was when I finally get to open this bottle of Belif Fresh Sunscreen! I mean, what's more exciting and intriguing than trying out a sunscreen product from my favourite brand? Maybe I will find my soulmate here!

21 Nov 2016

Review: Lirikos Marine+ Mineral Toner and My Thoughts on Lirikos Marine+ and Marine Energy line

Do you enjoy cocktail? But how about having one for your skin? Would you still be interested or completely turned off by the idea? Let's look at the cocktail we're gonna have for our skin today - Lirikos Marine+ Mineral Toner.

Actually, this line has been discontinued when I bought this Mineral Toner from Gmarket. They replace it with an entirely new brand called Lirikos Marine Energy instead of Marine Plus. I bought something from the new Marine Energy line as well but I want to talk about the Marine Plus Mineral Toner first.

20 Nov 2016

A Comparison Review of 11 Facial Mists I used

You guys know I am a slow writer, and it may take a few days for me to write a really detailed product reviews, hence I don't feel like doing the same for facial mists, which are often time more or less the same kind of product. Putting them together in one post also allows you guys to better compare them.

To begin with, facial mist is a watery spray that used to replenish, rehydrate, and refresh your skin throughout the day. For that reason, they are always designed to be light, portable and convenient. I've used several mists in the past, and they somehow feel the same, with minor differences in packaging, scent and efficacy. It's fairly hard to tell which facial mists is more hydrating, soothing or refreshing than others, as these are just some temporarily moisture fix for your skin. You'll need to look for hydrating serum to find permanent solution to your dry or dehydrated skin issues.

Normally I use facial mist whenever my skin is producing oil, feeling dry or hot. It will effectively calm, cool, refresh and hydrate my skin to stop signs of irritation and unhealthiness the skin produces. Regardless, it is not meant to replace my hydrating toner, serum or cream. I still need to use those to keep my skin at its optimal level. If you are still confused, just think of mist like a skincare supplement or temporary booster:

  • Etude House Mineral Bottle Facial Mist 
  • Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Skin Mist
  • Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist
  • Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist
  • Avene Thermal Spring Water
  • Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water
  • Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist
  • Hera Cell Essence Mist
  • Laneige Water Bank Mineral Mist
  • The Face Shop Chia Seed Soothing Mist Toner
  • Whamisa Organic Flowers Damask Rose Petal Mist

10 Nov 2016

My October 2016 Haul: Althea Korea is doing RM 99 Free Shipping Promotion FOREVER!

Good news to all Malaysian sweeties! Althea Korea Malaysia is doing a RM 99 free shipping promotion and they are extending the promotion... FOREVER!

As you guys know, Althea is a trusty Korean beauty retailer based in Korea and is currently shipping to multiple Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia. The minimum required purchase for free shipping deal was RM 150, which I think is pretty reasonable given the low individual item prices, wide range of selection, constant daebak deal and speedy shipping.

But, not everyone has RM 150 worth of products to buy everytime so RM 99 is definitely a great news for all of us!

9 Nov 2016

Review: Namu Life Snail White Cream

If you read my previous review on the Secret Key Black Snail Cream, you'll probably realize that I have this tendency to spend on things I might not need or enjoy simply because some vlogger recommended it somewhere else on the internet. Well, a lot of us probably do that, sometimes you get lucky sometimes not. Today I shall talk about a really popular product raved all over the internet that turns out to be super funky for me. It teaches me a lesson that popularity sometimes turns us blinded.

8 Nov 2016

Review: Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Essence

Have you ever fantasizing about sitting on the beach the whole day, doing nothing but listening to the sound of waves hitting the shore? Or dreaming of turning into a fish, swimming freely between rocks and sands to feel the ocean? If you do, then you'll probably enjoy this essence made of lava seawater from the prestige Jeju Island.

Said to be made of lava seawater that only exists in two places on earth - Jeju Island and Hawaii, this Essence sounds like a hydrating elixir for me! At least it contains those precious lava seawater that I cannot possibly find in any other skincare (not that I know of) or places nearby (maybe I will visit the Jeju Island one day)!

7 Nov 2016

Review: Primary Raw DoYouganic Cleansing Soap

Do you guys eat tofu or enjoy drinking soy milk? If you do, then you'll probably love this new brand from Korea that utilizes doyou, or soy milk in their products.

I've got several products from the brand myself, namely the DoYouganic Cleansing Soap, Soy Milk Azulene Gel Cream and Soy Milk Facial Cream. But since I finished the Cleansing Soap the earliest, I wanted to talk about it first.

3 Nov 2016

Believe in Truth: A Review of 60 Belif Products Part 2: Booster, Toner, Mist, Eye Cream

I have talked about the brand philosophy, product label, and my thoughts on Belif products as a whole in my part 1 review. In this article, I am gonna share how I get to know Belif at the first place.

I got to know Belif long before Belif opened its first store in Malaysia. I heard about Belif when I started to dive into the kbeauty trend. I wanted to give it a try so I included some of Belif's miniature in my 3rd Testerkorea haul some time in 2015. And it was the Aqua Bomb that got me super hooked, which subsequently prompted me to become one of the first customers when Belif opened its first store in Sunway Pyramid. All these amazing products I share in this mega review is a combination of my own purchase, Gift with Purchase (GwPs), sample sachets, family's purchase and friend's purchase. It takes me nearly 2 years to accumulate this much of Belif products. And my review was finally shared on Belif website last year as a recognition of my effort.

I hope these reviews will be helpful for some of you who are interested in trying out and learning more about Belif products. Good luck finding your best Belifies.

Full list of products discussed in this article:
  • Belif The True Decoction - Anti-Aging Shaking Water | Full Review
  • Belif Numero 10 Essence | Full Review
  • Belif The True Tincture Of Chamomile | Full Review
  • Belif Witch Hazel Herbal Extract Toner | Full Review
  • Belif Bergamot Herbal Extract Toner | Full Review
  • Belif Eucalyptus Herbal Extract Toner | Full Review
  • Belif The True - Whitening Clear Toning Water
  • Belif Glazing Water Mist Purple
  • Belif Anti-Dark Circle Eye Serum
  • Belif Moisturizing And Firming Eye Cream | Full Review
  • Belif Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream

2 Nov 2016

Comparison Review: Senka Mineral Pure vs. Essence vs. Perfect UV

My quest to find "the best sunscreen" has extended to Senka, a Japanese skincare brand under Shiseido that is targeting the general market. So far you can only find this line in Watsons Malaysia and maybe AEON Wellness if I am not mistaken. They are always on sales for somewhere around RM 25-40, and are on the "affordable sunscreen category" in the market. Apart from its Mineral UV line, Senka is also particularly well known for their Perfect Whip foaming cleanser.

Review: Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater VIP Kit

Some of you guys have been asking me to do a review on this after I shared it on my Instagram, so here is it!

Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater line was launched in Korea in April but only came to Malaysia in October.

It was uber popular among the Korean community when it was firstly launched. A lot of people was talking about getting it somehow. I held back despite the temptation because I had tried the Jeju Sparkling line and was not sure how would it differ from the Jeju Sparkling line. I've had a lot of products and didn't want to risk myself on products with unknown texture unless it came to Malaysia where I can touch and feel.

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