30 Jun 2016

Hermo Malaysia 612 Sales: How I spent a lot unknowingly

Hermo 612 4th Anniversary, you are invited! That's the special invitation card I got for being a Platinum Member.

At some point, I realize that I never actually write about my experience shopping at Hermo. Not once! And that is odd for me since my first online beauty haul was from Hermo. How could I not be sharing about them?

And then this 4th anniversary sales thing kicked in, which was a perfect timing to remind me to do this now or never haul review finally on Hermo! Let's get started.

So what is Hermo? Basically, Hermo is a cosmetic and personal care online shopping retailer based in Johor. They provide a buy 2 free shipping service to local Malaysians and is also shipping to Singapore. They are known for next day delivery, responsive customer service, buy 2 free shipping rule and wide selection. They are probably the number 1 Asian cosmetic online retailer in Malaysia I would say! Now even more local brands are joining their site.

woah, everything packed in nice bubble wraps

1st order

Hermo First 8000 customers Goodie Bag
rose mask, random samples, Kotex sanitary pads (I wonder what if the buyer is a guy with no women relatives? Lols), Biotherm voucher, H20+ moisturizer (woah I always wanted to try this brand!) and so on... everyone's goodie bag is slightly different, and I gotta tell you guys that these goodie bags are sold out the first day of their sales event. Boom, 8,000 customers ordering on the first day alone!

Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid
My babe. I initially bought this for my boy friend who is suffering from constant clogged pores and cystic acne. After reading tonnes of review about it, I figured that this could be helpful to clear away those deeply seeded dirt, sebaceous filaments and dead skin cells within his skin that topical cleansing mask could not remove. Those clay mask may temporarily suck some sebum out of his pores, but nothing further down. Within 5 uses, I can see significant improvement on his blackheads and breakouts. This product also melts away a few blackheads on my nose area that are normally too small to be removed by a nose strip.

I'm Meme Nail Strengthener
I have yet to use this, but since I have weak nail and cuticle, I thought maybe this could help to strengthen my nail and prevent cracking.

Lindsay Modelling Mask Tea Tree / Calendula / Pearl
Another rubber mask I bought for my boy friend. I also bought the calendula and pearl flavours for myself. This tea tree flavour is said to be perfect for those with acne-prone and sensitive skin. He used it before and said that it was the best thing ever to happen on his face. The only downside is of course, the price (RM 12.90 per usage).

2nd order

Tony Moly Cucumber Water Gel
Honestly, I bought this just to compare it with my Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, Mamonde Rose Soothing Gel and The Face Shop Bamboo Soothing Gel. I know soothing gel is a big hit in Korea and these things are selling fast and wild especially in a hot country like Malaysia. So, it would be intriguing to see the differences between these gels made of distinctive ingredients.

Laneige Whitening / Firming Sleeping Ball
I am more interested in getting a set of these sleeping balls, or the colourful Water Science Mist, but since Hermo is doing this 1+1 sales for a price slightly cheaper than their original prices, I am sold. I have not tried them yet, so I will get back to you guys in my sheet mask review episodes once I've tried them.

Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Hair Serum
These are my repurchases. I rarely made repurchases, only 20% of all products I used got into my repurchase list and among them only 5% I actually repurchased. There are too many things that I want to try. So this is saying something about this hair serum since I repurchased two. Essentially the most moisturizing and non-greasy hair treatment oil I've ever used. Not to mention that it smells lovely too! You can see my comparison review here.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
This is also my repurchase. Technically my second bottle, but I got a 50ml one as a token of appreciation from Innisfree Malaysia for being their VIP member last year so this should be my 2.5 bottle haha! I've done a comparison review on this with the Goodal Phytorain Murumuru Seed Serum. Both uses plant seed extract as their main ingredient but the Innisfree one is super light-weighted yet highly moisturizing. I will share my thoughts in my future Instagram post and reviews how I think having tried a bunch of different skin booster and serums.

Kao MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask in Lavender
Among all Kao masks, I love lavender and chamomile the most. My male colleague, on the other hand, prefers rose and chamomile. These are the perfect eye masks for office ladies and gents whose eyes are constantly on the computer screens without proper blinking and resting. It would also make a lovely gift for your daddy and mummy too if you want! PS: this is my 3-4 boxes.

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist
I love the Jeju Sparkling line, as I have mentioned in my reviews of its toner, essence, lotion and cleansing mousse. I thought this would be a lovely addition to my sparkling mineral line, and want to see how it compares to my current babe Etude House Mineral Bottle Facial Mist.

Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream
Got this for my boy friend. He has cystic hormonal acne along his jawline. I was hoping that this product with its zinc content would protect and mitigate the blemishes and heal his acne scars. So far (1-2 weeks), we have not seen major improvement in his blemishes, redness, and scars. Will see how it goes with more uses.

Nature Republic Argan Oil Deep Care Hair Pack
This is my repurchase to replenish my old one. Honestly, a lovely nourishing hair pack for dry and damaged hair. However, if your hair is too frizzy and brittle up to a point where no hair pack can help, then I suggest you to just get a proper hair cut. My hair feels soft and velvety after using this, like those silky soft hair you seen in most shampoo advertisement, although the effect only lasts 1 day.

Skinfood Black Sugar Wash Off Mask
I bought this because first it was on sales for RM 23 and second I always need more exfoliating mask for my skin especially area around my nose that gets whiteheads easily. I also have hyperpigmentation that is quite stubborn to get rid of, so I want to see how this one does compare to the Rice one which I have just finished and the Primera one I just bought.


Well, I have shopped from numerous online retailers, from RoseRoseShop, Testerkorea, Koreadepart, HKC Plaza, Gmarket, Qoo10, Althea Korea, and so on to Hermo. They all have their own pros and cons. Hermo offers free shipping for minimum 2 items purchase, which is flexible because you can take your time thinking which one you want to buy instead of rushing into buying a lot to compensate for the shipping like what I did for Testerkorea, Koreadepart and Gmarket. It also provides membership benefits, credit rewards, and has mega sales during special occasions. Of course, if you want to buy A LOT of stuffs, then Hermo might be a little bit pricey since they need to consider import duties, local shipping cost, local staffing, and inventory maintenance. Other than that, Hermo is indeed a perfect place to shop for your favourite Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese products. A lot of local brands like Maybelline, ZA, Clio etc. are also partnering with Hermo that would mean more choices to choose from!

[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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