30 May 2016

From Jeju: An Overview of 77 Innisfree Products Part 3 - Sunflower Sunscreen Line, Apple Juicy, Whitening Pore, Green Barley, White Tone Up, Forest for Men, Mineral Makeup

Check out the part 1 and part 2 of the 77 Innisfree products review. This is the part 3 of this review.

Innisfree Eco Safety No Sebum Sun Milk SPF50+ PA+++
To be fair, this is a good product. I have done a thorough analysis on the ingredients and was quite impressed but sadly this is not the right product for me. It is designed for oily and sensitive skin types, who is allergic to chemical sunscreen and needs a really matte sunscreen. A lot of sunscreen is very greasy; even those that is less greasy like most Japanese or gel-type sunscreens, are a bit irritating due to the presence of alcohol inside. This one compensates them all. It dries down matte, will absorb sebum and is not irritating at all to skin. It's also non-waterproof so great for those who sweat a lot and are active outdoors. My only complaint is that it dries down too matte that my skin feels really dry. Not just me, even my friends with combination skins. So, this is a good sunscreen, but only for oily and sensitive skin.

Innisfree Eco Safety Daily Sunblock SPF35 PA++
This is a decent sunscreen with chemical UVB filter and physical UVA filter (titanium dioxide). I was a bit crazy about physical UVA filter because of all the reported concerns on having excessive chemical sunscreen filters on your hormonal system, which is why I pick this instead of the round-bottle one. Turned out, I still find that this is a bit sandy and less watery compared to Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence and Hadalabo UV Perfect Gel. It is not sticky, but sandy and uncomfortable on my skin. They have not grounded the titanium dioxide fine enough to make it feels barely present on my skin. It doesn't leave any obvious white cast though, but I really dislike how it is being rather sandy and less refreshing despite calling itself water base compared to other sunscreen. Review's coming up!

Innisfree Apple Juice Cleansing Oil
I think I have mentioned before that I hate cleansing oil a lot. So far, only Primera Cleansing Oil and Banila Co Clean it Zero meets my requirements on a cleansing oil, the rest feels nothing more than a lot of slippery silicones on face without effective cleansing power and is not easy to be washed off. And this Innisfree Apple Juice one, despite its popularity, belongs to the silicony-slippery cleansing oil that is ineffective to remove makeup or to be washed off! In short, its emulsification technology fails. So, I am sorry to say that I don't like this and will not repurchase. I even lazy to do a separate review on this...

Innisfree Whitening Pore Eye Cream
For anyone who have tried the popular Origins Red Ginseng eye cream, you might be familiar with the idea of adding mica (those shinny powdery stuffs) into anti-dark circles eye cream. Even the very gentle herb brand Belif has mica added into its anti-dark circle serum. This is yet another mica-instilled brightening eye cream. It claims to brighten, moisturizes and prevent fine lines under eyes but sadly it does none of those claimed benefits on mine. It is quite greasy, maybe will nourish your eyes area but definitely not brightening or moisturising. So far, my fav remains Belif's Moisturising and Firming Eye Cream. For full review, please see here.

Innisfree Green Barley Bubble Cleanser
I just started to use this so I don't have a lot of insightful thoughts on it yet. However, I can share the reason why I bought this. I was relying on it to do some gentle exfoliating while cleansing my face. As you guys know, sometimes when you sleep really late, your skin can get dull and all those whiteheads and blackheads will come out to say hello, and it is the time when exfoliation comes into rescue. Besides, it also comes with those convenient pump to save your time on lathering, which is great for lazy nights or busy mornings. Will write a full review on it when I'm trying it enough to start talking about it.

Innisfree White Tone Up Spot Sleeping Mask
Actually, I bought this for my friend with extremely dull skin. I didn't need it myself since I've fairly even complexion, just freckles issue so I couldn't share my personal opinion on it but I'm gonna share hers. She said that this is not sticky or heavy at all, in fact quite light-weighted and soothing on her skin. The downside is, since most dull skin is caused by a combined factors such as dehydration, genetic factors, sun exposure, and insufficient exfoliation, so this doesn't do much to her really dull skin. I am persuading her to try something moisturizing but somehow I fail. So if you are looking for brighter and evener complexion, do remember to do your exfoliation, sun protection and moisturizing well before anything else.

Innisfree Forest for Men Control All-in-One Essence
Innisfree Forest for Men Phytoncide All-in-One Essence
I've recommend this forest for men line to both my bf and male friend. My male friend is a much committed person. He has been using this, although not as frequent as me or most of my female friends, for some 1.5 years already. He said this has done a good job at controlling his sebum production. He is 30+ years old, has oily-combination skin and dull-dehydrated-rough textured skin. He said that whenever he is not using this, his skin will feel papery, dry and oily, which is highly uncomfortable. He is enjoying every bit of it and is not thinking of changing into any other products.

As for my bf, he is a much lazy user, but he still likes the Control All-In-One Essence a lot. He feels that it is really light-weighted yet powerful at controlling his sebum production. He likes it much better than the Jeju Volcanic Pore Essence. But after he found LJH Tea Tree Essence, this becomes so-so for him as I never seen him using this anymore.

Innisfree Mineral Shading #08
I was looking for a good contour product when I found this. Contouring has not gained its popularity 1-2 years ago, although the trend has been blowing big in many Western countries. Missha, 3CE, Etude House, and Memebox haven’t come out with their respective shading stick or contour yet when I needed one, so I bought this powder mineral shade from Innisfree in a "no choice" condition. Fortunately, it turns out well and is actually pretty blendable and gentle on the skin. The problem is, the colour is either very subtle or very abrupt whenever I am using it. This has something to do with my poor makeup skill, but that also means that individuals without makeup skills like me might not be able to utilize this product to its full potential.

Innisfree Skinny Microcara
This is a unique mascara. It has skinny brush that will make sure that every single lashes of yours are applied. It is great for individuals with sparse and skinny mascara like mine. However, this product deteriorates quite fast, like within 6 months from opening even though I don’t use it often and store it away from sunlight in room temperature.

Innisfree Eco Flower Camellia Tint
Actually, I like this eco flower tint a lot. It smells really wonderfully floral, has nice colour, is cheap and quite hydrating on my lips. The down side is... it will dry up my lips really quickly, accentuates my lip lines and turn it flaky. All dead skin cells are coming out after using this for about 3 hours if I don't remove it with a makeup remover. Urgh... I am having dead skin cells and lip lines issues with lip tint in general, and this one is the worst among all others.

Innisfree Eco Flower Garden Balsam Tint Balm
Since the lip tint fails me, so I got this tint balm instead. It is quite moisturizing, less drying, has nice colour and is also pretty cheap. However, I still couldn't apply it for more than 3 hours because it will still accentuate my lip lines and cause my troubles. Sad, isn't it?

Innisfree Ampoule Intense Cushion
I used to love this cushion a lot. Actually, I don't know much about cushion foundation until I saw Pony doing it on her Beauty Diary. She recommended this particular one a lot, so I bought it from Testerkorea because it is not available in local Innisfree store anyway. It was fun the first few days of using it. It makes my skin looking nicer and evener tone, with no imperfections and even a tone brighter than my original skin tone. I have been using this days and nights to make myself happy about how beautiful my skin can be until at some point those milias resulted from clogged pores starting to pop out. I am not sure does that mean I am not cleaning my skin well enough after using this, since this is an oil-based foundation, but yeah... it stops me from playing with it a lot after that. In the end, I just give this away to my little sister who is interested in playing with cushion foundation.

Innisfree Eco Eyebrow Pencil #Grey Brown
This is a nice eyebrow pencil, probably the most cost-effective one I've tried so far. It has decent pigmentation, pretty long-lasting compared to Holika Holika and Etude House ones I've tried, and has this shape that makes it easy to draw your brow. I like it, and have already made my repurchase.

Innisfree Eco Gel Liner #Brown
This is surprisingly good as a liquid-type gel liner. I know a lot of people are raving about the Tony Moly one, which I will try some time later, but this Innisfree one really worths the try. It is highly pigmented, waterproof but not hard to be removed, and has not dried up in 7-8 months after opening it. I really like this gel liner and would recommend it to others!

Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Primer
Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Powder
Do you know the feeling of how you sometimes buy something that is completely unnecessary just because everyone else around you are sharing and talking about it? This is how I buy these two. Actually, I bought them after reading about a Facebook seller I’ve been following sharing and raving about this no-sebum blur line. For someone who don’t really have pores concern like me, I seriously do not know why I bought them. They work well, and is quite compatible on my pores, but somehow I don’t feel the need to spend that RM 70-80 buying a primer and a powder to blur my less-invisible pores. So, I am feeling regretted over my impulse shopping behaviour now. Anyhow, although my pores are generally agreeable with these two, my mom’s aren’t. The No Sebum Blur Primer breaks her out very badly, and she is the only having big pores and combination skin. So maybe you guys need to patch test to see if it works for you before buying.

Innisfree Shadow Pencil #Milk Tea
I am enjoying this shadow pencil a lot, especially this pearl-shinny nude beige colour. The colour is very natural, almost invisible on my eye lids, but it will give that subtle highlighting effects that I like. It’s also very convenient too in pencil form, so you don’t need a brush to apply this. You just carry this around your bag and apply it whenever you need to. Pony in her Beauty Diary also mentions that this colour is perfect for summertime as it will not smudge easily and is quite long-lasting and natural on your skin even when you sweat a lot.

Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick #07 Cherry Red #03 Cream Coral
I bought number 03 nude coral and 08 cherry red, both are really nice colour. Nude coral somehow resembles my lip tone so I don’t wear it as much as I want, but cherry red is sexy and lovely. I am rarely a lip makeup person, but the colour induces me to just buy and collect. The creammellow lipsticks are by far the only lipstick that I can tolerate having on my lips for 2 hours and more. I have sensitive lips that will chap whenever it is dry or has anything occlusive on it, including tinted lip makeup. Most Innisfree lip sticks fail me, but this one does ok. It is very creamy, the colour is pigmented and pretty, and is quite moisturizing compared to the other ones.

Innisfree Colour Glow Lipstick #08 Spring Flower
Can I say that this is one of the most drying lip stick I’ve ever tried? Yes, the colour is really pretty but honestly this is very drying. It hurts my lips if I continuing wearing it. But, gosh, this range has the pretties and most vivid colour available. So, my advice? Patch test, if possible on your lips, before buying.

Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool 2.0
I got the 2.0 version, although Innisfree Malaysia is now selling the 3.0 one. But I must say that the 2.0 one is awful, the quality in particularly. The cotton will scatter and stick all around your face, and although it may look like it has many layers, those layers are not separable. They basically just stick together, maybe will separate when you soak it with watery essence or toner, but will leave cotton shatters on your face anyway. Maybe the 3.0 will be better, but 2.0 is really awful.

Innisfree Tapping Lip Concealer
I agreed with Meejmuse, this is literally the BEST lip concealer I’ve ever used. I have tried a few, including the Banila Co one, but none is as moisturizing and natural as this one. This provides a natural and moisturizing finish on lips that is not as drying and cakey as using cushion foundation as lip concealer. This is also pretty cheap, only RM 15 or 18 (USD 3-4) each. I love this, and I am settled down now for lip concealer, will not go out and try new ones out there unless this has been discontinued.

Innisfree Eco Ice Head Cooler
As shared in my previous mega haircare review, I have sensitive and itchy scalp but dry hair, so most of the time I am troubled by sebum-related itchiness, because scalp is really a place where you cannot put any toner, essence or cream. Most haircare products I find are meant to be washed off, so my scalp gets itchy when it is dry, dehydrated or oily. It’s a mess. So, this head cooler definitely comes in handy when my scalp is irritated from sebum production. Regardless, this cooler isn’t the best product to stop my scalp from itching. It merely meant to temporarily soothe my scalp. I think people living in 4-season climate might find this nice to use during summer time as a cooling and soothing weapon against the hot sun. It’s a nice and interesting product, but it doesn’t work like magic on my super messy scalp.

You can get this from: Innisfree Malaysia | Hermo | Althea | Koreadepart | Testerkorea | Gmarket
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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