5 Apr 2016

Review: The Face Shop Chia Seed Soothing Mist Toner

This is technically my first mist-toner. I was so intrigued when I first encountered one. I was like: what? a toner and a mist hybrid? Isn't toner something you use on a cotton pad to wipe off dead skin cells and debris, how can you achieve that with a mist?

Of course, that was long time ago (actually, a year ago) when I had minimal understanding of toner, lotion, essences and mist. Nowadays, as I gain more understanding of different categories in skincare, I realize that there is a lot of greys in skincare categories. It exists along a continuum instead of between clear cut lines. And this mist toner is definitely one of these "greys".

3 Apr 2016

Review: Primera Miracle Seed Essence

A pure soul sealed in a beautiful glass

The Miracle Seed Essence was the reason that drove me into Primera. A year ago I was super obsessed with treatment essences that I madly collected all (reputable) treatment essences I could find, and Primera was one of them. You can check out my previous post on Primera for more information about the brand.

Basically, treatment essence is a miraculous watery solution that does it all. It can tone, gently exfoliate, hydrate, anti-oxidize, brighten, and prep. It's not a toner, not quite an essence, and definitely not a serum; more like a hybrid of toner and essence. It can replace toner as long as you practice double cleansing - use a makeup remover before a foam cleanser, since treatment essence is generally low in pH and high dose of active ingredients to balance and replenish. This treatment essence does almost everything a toner can do, while many times more nutritive than toner, except for serving as a second cleansing step -- which can be achieved by double cleansing.

Normally, I use this immediately after cleansing. I will add in one more toning step (non-astringent, hydrating toner) if I need added hydration on a particular day. I feel that it supplies abundant hydration and energy to my skin while helping my other skincare to absorb better. On days that I don't use this, I notice more rough-textured and dehydrated skin. Something just doesn't feel right about my skin during its absence.

it contains 93.1% of germinated lotus seed essence

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