28 Mar 2016

Skincare and Makeup Regrets 2015: Product Empties that I'll Not Repurchase

I find that reviewing about products that I'll not repurchase is as important, or even more important than reviewing about products that I'll repurchase. At least, it gives my readers a good sense about things that you should avoid or be extra careful before making any buying decision.

My 2015 lists of products that I'll not repurchase are products I finished using in 2015. This includes any good but not-suitable-for-me products, only so-so products, and badly formulated products. This list does not include some products I am not entirely sure will I repurchase in the future, the products in this list are things I am quite sure I will not repurchase in the future unless its qualities attract me some times in the future... which I think is quite unlikely.

Aqualabel | Avene

Aqualabel Milky Mousse Foam
This Aqualabel moisturizing face wash is quite drying on my face, and is kinda hard to lather compared to most other creamy foam wash. A little goes a long way, I still have 80% left in the tube after 3-4 months of using it. Face feels very clean but tight and dry as well. Not a repurchase, in fact I did not finish it either, prefer something more moisturizing like Nature Republic Aloe Vera Foam Cleanser.

Avene Cold Cream Lip Balm
Extremely disappointed with this lip balm despite hearing a lot of good reviews about Avene products. This cold cream is exactly like what it is called, a cold and heavy cream which spreads out like butter without being absorbed into your lips - hence wouldn't heal or save your chapped lips, in fact only worsens the condition by creating some solid residues on my lips.

Avene Thermal Spring Water
A popular toner or mist type product from Avene. My friend recommended this to me. She uses it as toner. I have tried using it to soothe my skin whenever it feel sensitive but didn't feel any big difference after prolonged usage. Not as moisturizing as Bioessence bioenergy water I think, but some soothing effect compared to Bioessence one. I think I won't repurchase, instead will just get water mists from other brands, or use more compact mists like Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist or Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus.


Bio-Essence Inchloss Extra Strength Body Cream
This body cream has greasier texture compared to normal body cream, and will be hot and oily if you apply a lot on your body. I don't feel that this works well if you don't consciously carry out other weight-loss regime yourself. And honestly I didn't apply this everyday either so it is hard for me to give an unbiased, precise and concise judgement. But, this will not be my repurchase because I don't have the motivation to use it on a daily basis due to the spicyness hence would be a waste and even a burden of having it on my dressing table. Guess I will resort to regular exercise and proper diet to work out on my diet plan.

Bio-Essence Inchloss Shower Scrub
This shower scrub smells nice, like strawberry with microbeads. It is a body scrub, meant to reduce dead cells on your skin areas before applying any slimming cream or cellulite treatment so that those essences can be absorbed into your skin. I find this scrub a bit inconvenient to use because you will have to avoid sensitive areas when applying. Again, no incentive to use it due to all the hassle so will not be a repurchase.

Bio-Essence Cellulite Treatment
This cellulite treatment smells like the extra strength inchloss body cream, with the same spicy feeling after rubbing in. This cellulite treatment has lighter texture compared to the body cream, but is equally oily if you apply a lot (and you will need to apply a lot to do the massaging). So far has not seen any obvious slimming results. And no incentive to use it on a regular basis hence won't consider repurchasing.

Bio-Essence Royal Jelly + ATP Face Lifting Cream
This lifting cream smells really wonderful, I would say that it smells like royal jelly with slight spicy smell. It will also leave a spicy feeling on your face, so as to burn fats on your contour I guess? The texture of this cream is quite heavy, but not too heavy in the sense of highly nourishing cream type, just a normal creamy cream type. I guess it needs to be in that texture to aid the massaging process, otherwise it will pull and hurt your skin if the texture is too light and gets absorbed too fast. To be honest, I've seen positive results from using it. My contour becomes sharper and more defined. I recommended it to a male colleague and he got good results from it as well. As for why I wouldn't repurchase --- it is simple, I don't feel like using it everyday. I prefer a cream that won't give that same spicy feeling and is more light-weighted, and I am not committed into that V-shape building routine of massaging everyday. At night, I still prefer my other creams especially my Belif Aqua Bomb with awesome texture and scent. I am not saying that this product is bad, it is good, but I just don't need it everyday to make a repurchase.

Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water
Like Avene Thermal Spring Water, this is another obsolete mists, in my opinion. It feels nothing more than just a plain water mist. I don't see any miracle results from using 3 full sizes 300ml bottles hence would not make a repurchase. I would prefer trying out Cermolab one, or stick to my current Goodal, Innisfree and Whamisa ones. Those smell nicer and feel like something other than water is being added there.

Bio-Essence Royal Jelly + ATP Nourishing Deep Cleanser
This is by far, the most drying and harsh cleanser with the label of "nourishing" I've tried in 2015. It will leave my skin feeling tight and squeaky clean, which is not really good for dry or even oily skin because overcleansing is equally problematic as undercleansing (not cleansing your face properly). I finished some 60% of the entire tube, and couldn't bear with the tightness anymore so I threw it away. Wouldn't repurchase.


Biore Makeup Removing Facial Foam
Another unimpressive makeup remover from Biore. The makeup removing foam is a new innovation in cleansing routine, which combines makeup remover and foam cleanser, but this one is definitely not among my favourites. In fact, I don't enjoy using it at all. Smells citrusy that is quite artificial and unpleasant. The texture is sort of like jello and is a bit hard to foam up like normal foam cleanser. It could remover sunscreen but not bb. I can still see residues of bb or concealer on my face. I don't think that a good makeup removing foam cleanser would leave me always in the fear of not properly cleansing my face. Hence, not a repurchase. Please see my full review here.

Biore Makeup Remover for Eyes & Lips
An ineffective makeup remover. It cannot remove shimmer or glitters trapped between my skin. In the end, it leads to accumulated debris and makeup. Worst still, it leads to skin problems such as dullness, fine lines and breakouts. Read my full review here.

Coni Beauty

Coni Beauty Black Jelly Mask
This is a charcoal deep-cleansing wash off mask. Charcoal mask has been a hot trend in the past 2 years, where a lot of brands come out with charcoal masks. Personally, I don't like this charcoal mask as much as the DMC brand, since it is quite harsh on my face and doesn't cleanse as well as other products. It works better than the Innisfree Volcanic Pore Mask but not as well as Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque and DMC Deep Cleansing Mask. See my full review here.

Coni Beauty Floral Spring Mask
This is a lavender soothing sleeping mask. Not a repurchase, and in fact I have not finished using 80% of the product either. This thing smells very plastic and is not moisturizing enough for my normal skin. I don't feel any difference before and after using this soothing mask, and I really don't enjoy it at all. See my full review here.

Dr. G

Dr. G Super Aquasis Moisture Toner
Dr. G Super Aquasis Moisture Essence
Dr. G Super Aquasis Gel Cream
Bought this super aquasis trio from Sasa Malaysia after the sales girl's recommendation. Developed serious sensitive reaction towards them, couldn't use them at all, will feel itchiness all over my face whenever I apply them. In the end, I have to throw them away, which is quite sad for me because I really like the scent and texture of this super aquasis line. The only products I develop sensitive reaction towards.

Dr. Wu

Dr. Wu Intensive Whitening Toner witth Vitamin C+
Dr. Wu Extra Whitening Lotion with AA2G
Dr. Wu Intensive Whitening Serum with Vitamin C+
Dr. Wu Whitening Spot Treatment With Vitamin C+
Dr. Wu Intensive Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid 18%

I was quite crazy about Dr. Wu in the 2014 and 2015. They are one of the brands Sasa Consultants always recommend whenever you visit the shop, and is raved about by my friends whom used to buy from Sasa as well. But, they are not in my repurchase list either, for two major reasons: 1) price, they are relatively pricey compared to other brands with similar efficacies (but a lot cheaper in Taiwan); and 2) not impressive, they just "meh" so I don't see the need to repurchase something that costs me RM 100 with the function of a RM 50 product.

Both whitening toners I bought deteriorated within 2 months under room temperature, hence I don't want to buy the 3rd bottle and add to the waste list. As for the serum, I think for a RM 199 serum, I'll have better choice with Kiehl's without the need for an additional RM 169 spot treatment. The lotion has lovely texture, but I am not ready to spend RM 120 on a lotion without the toner (I like to buy toner and lotion in pairs). See my full review here.

As for the mandelic acid serum, I've seen many people raving about it, but I did not see amazing results with continuous usage (2 weeks), and I find the serum to be a little bit oily and will leave my skin feeling "weird", as if it is invisibly peeling my skin, which I personally feel quite uncomfortable. Those are the reasons that I won't repurchase. Not that this is a bad product, but I just didn't like its texture enough to buy the full size or keep investing on more bottles of it.

Dr. Young | Elizavecca

Dr. Young Moist Solution Emulsion
Bought this during mega sales. A very creamy and milky lotion, but I feel itchy when I use it so I didn't finish it. Also quite pricey for the price x performance.

Elizavecca Aqua Brightening Mask
This gel cream smells really perfumy, like hair serum. The texture is also quite weird, like water droplets burst from the emulsion when it touches your skin. As a result, your skin won't get any water from this cream, only a layer of greasy stuffs on my skin. Another obsolete cream without the function of hydrating.

Elizavecca Origin Ma Cream
A cream made of horse oil, has the worst texture possible which is thick like butter and super hard to be spread. I would advise anyone to stay away from this horribly sticky cream. See my full review here.

Eucerin | Freshel | Hanaka | Hatsuga

Eucerin Lip Balm
My first impression was quite good but ended up badly. This lip balm sort of hardened half way through, which means it no longer created a creamy or watery-oily protective layer on my lips. Rather, it turned into some solid balm on my lips which rubbed some dead skin off my lips in a painful way.

Freshel BB Cream
I didn't like this BB cream at all. My first BB cream was Skin79 hot pink. This didn't have that glowy pinkish effect of Skin79, more like nude skin colour without any glowy effect. Not very moisturizing either, could be cakey on your face especially if you have pores concern.

Hanaka Intensive Renewal Mask
This is yet another less-than-impressive mask from Hanaka. Actually this is not a bad mask, but it doesn't work as well as it claims, and contains some chemicals that I don't find comfortable having on my skin. A AHA mask that works to clear and smoothen skin especially skin with white heads. See my full review here.

Hatsuga Medi Relief Soothing Serum
Recommended by my hair stylist to soothe terrible eczema on my scalp. He claims that this can heal acne as well. Regardless, it is a complete waste of money. At 15ml, this thing is retailed at RM 42.00, which is too overpriced for what it claims to do as well as its content. The serum itself is heavily fragranced (aren't fragrances known irritant?), like your cheap nightmarket type hair oil kind of fragrance, and will not do anything to soothe your scalp for more than 10 minutes. It leaves an immediately cooling effect and that's basically all it does for your scalp. This product also contains a known toxic ingredient - methylisothiazolone which I will never, ever in the future put this on my scalp again.

Hada Labo | Holika Holika

Hadalabo Whitening Lotion/Toner
Somehow I think that Hadalabo produces better moisturizing products than whitening ones. This toner contains quite a lot of potentially irritating ingredients, and is rather ineffective as a whitening toner without sufficient moisturizing ability.

Hadalabo Whitening Milk/Moisturizer
I have mentioned countless time that I don't like moisturizing milk from Hadalabo. This whitening milk is another milky and sticky moisturizer from Hadalabo which I would not repurchase. In fact, I don't like any of those Japanese emulsion, maybe except for Kose one. Lols. See my review here.

Holika Holika Jewel Eyeliner #amber #gold
Actually this eyeliner was not bad, quite good actually, much better than most other eyeliners I have bought in Watsons and Guardian. It's quite pigmented, can glide on smoothly and will not smudge easily. The cons is that the colour will disappear with times and will smudge when your eyes produce oil (I don't really have oily eyes) and it is not the easiest to apply, it doesn't have sharp tips so if you want very defined lines you might not be able to get it.

Holika Holika Jewel Light Duo Shadow
A perfect shadow palette for contouring. The nude colour is a great base whereas the deep brown acts as contour. If you ask me, I like this palette a lot! But since I have found Pony Memebox Version 1 with better basic colours, I might not repurchase this one instead will just get the Pony one.

Holika Holika Light Pink Eyeliner
Actually, the colour was OK, the only reason I wouldn't repurchase this was because this eyeliner I got from Holika Holika Malaysia local store was near its expiration (I think about 2-3 months). I trusted local store so I did not check properly before buying (which was partly my fault too) but that was a bit too unexpected and I rarely made my visit to Holika Holika store ever since.

Holika Holika Nail Cuticle Remover
Another reason I wouldn't visit Holika Holika. I was told by the salesgirl that this nail cuticle remover was a nail serum (which was what I asked for) used to nourish and repair nails. But after I researched further when I realized something was wrong with this product, I realized that it is a nail cuticle remover instead of nail serum. What? You didn't even know what product you are selling??? That's too unprofessional so I will just buy online instead if I ever want to get something from Holika Holika.

Holika Holika White Wine Therapy Mask
This is a brightening sleeping mask made of white wine. Honestly, I don't quite like the texture of this sleeping mask. It will form a plastic-coat like layer on your skin that is rather heavy. Have not seen any whitening effect. However, this sleeping mask is indeed very cute in appearance and smells really good for those who won't mind its texture.


Innisfree Eco Flower Lip Tint #CameliaI love the smell, colour, texture and everything of this lip tint, except that it makes my lips super dry and capped. I mean, seriously, the only reason for us to have lip makeup products are to make our lips look prettier than it actually is. If this lip tint, asides for its cheap price, cuteness, nice colour ranges and texture, makes my lips look super horrible at the end of the day, there is no reason for me to repurchase it. But... that's just me. For individuals who don't have sensitive lips like mine, you are more than welcome to give this a try. I think for the price, this lip tint is really wonderful. It has nice colour range (5 colours, all beautiful and sweet, not too confusing or hard for you to choose), really nice smell (flowery scent), blendable and soft texture and cute packaging. What do you think?

Innisfree Color Glow Lip Tint #Spring Flower
This lip tint, just like the eco flower tint, makes my lips super dry 1 hour after application. The colour is really beautiful, so vivid and charming, which makes it perfect for the summer season. However, the texture of this lip tint is a bit disappointing, not very moisturizing, could be quite drying with close-to-matte finish. This dries my lips up even faster than the Eco Flower Tint. I am still using it occasionally due to its vivid colour but will not consider making a second purchase. In fact, I don't have the motivation to use it on normal basis either, so what's the point anyway.

Innisfree Eco Safety No Sebum Sun Milk SPF50+ PA+++
This is actually a well formulated sun milk. Back then, when I don't understand or associate sun milk with oily skin and sebum control, I misunderstand this sunscreen as "oil-free light-weighted" sunscreen. Nowadays, I tend to be extra careful when it comes to sunscreen with the word "sun milk". This sunscreen is a physical-filters only, sebum-control sunscreen designed for individuals with oily skin. It's too drying on my normal skin, and will be quite cakey or uncomfortable for those with combination skin (I have given this to two of my friends with combination skin and they both returned it to me within 1 week). Having said that, this is not my repurchase, not because of the quality of the product, but because of my suitability of using this product. See my full review here.

Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam
If I must say, this is a decent foam cleanser from Innisfree, not super impressive or disappointing. It has this thick creamy paste texture that is quite hard to lather into rich and fine foam, which makes it the major setback here. In addition, the foam cleanser is not particularly moisturizing either. Apart from the green tea scent, I don't find this foam cleanser anything more special than other foam cleansers out there. Will not repurchase. See my full review here.

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Lotion
One of the worst Innisfree products I've tried. Too gummy or thick for any skin types I think, unless if you need a layer of something thick on your skin. I like the Toner and Essence of this series, but definitely not this one. This lotion works worst than many others I have tried. I won't give it a go. No way. Plus, it is not very moisturizing either! See my full review here.

Innisfree No Sebum Blur Powder
Guys, let's be really honest here. The only reason why I bought this, is because I read a Facebook seller raving about it, and naturally grabbed one before asking myself whether or not I need it. So, that's also the reason why I wouldn't repurchase - I don't even know why I purchase it in the first place!!! As for those with visible pores and oily skin, you'll love it if you are not sensitive to Innisfree products.

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream
To be honest, this is a decent product. I love the smell, claim, and any other things of this cream, except for its texture. This cream has a super thick, sticky and heavy texture, which will only suit those with dry to very dry skin, or already saggy and matured skin. It claims to be an anti-aging cream, but it is still too oily and heavy for my skin to handle. If you won't mind the stickiness, or have mature skin already, you can definitely give it a try! See my full review here.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask
Honestly, I don't know why this is so popular. It cannot beat Kiehl's Rare Earth Masque, nor can it beat any of Belif deep cleansing clay masks. I know it is 50% cheaper than those two, but honestly, if it doesn't work, why would I even buy it at the first place. This product is the first product I got when Innisfree opened its first store at Sunway Pyramid and it sucksssss. It doesn't work at all, on both myself and my boy friend. He has huge pores and none of the dirts come out after applying this mask. This mask is also super drying, hardens really fast, and hard to blend out. I don't need high concentration of clay in a clay mask, so I am never sold for any 80%, 90% or 99% clay content claims. What I want in a clay mask is just a nicely formulated mask, which allows me to spread the products easily on my skin, won't dry up in its own jar, can suck the dirts out, and won't be too troublesome to apply or wash off. And this Innisfree one has done none. I wouldn't repurchase. In fact, I have only managed to use 30% of it before it dries up in 6 months.

Innisfree Whitening Pore Eye Cream
This is a beautiful eye cream. It smells really good (tangerine-like), looks pretty in its white-yellow sturdy little packaging, and has those shinny mica in its formulation. It claims to brighten up, moisturize and reduce fine lines around your eyes. And it is also labelled one of the best-selling products in Innisfree. As good as it claims, this eye cream doesn’t work as effectively as I expected. The texture may seem light-weighted, but is actually quite greasy when you blend it out. It stays on top of my skin with a greasy hard-to-absorb-quickly layer. I didn’t notice my dark circles brightened, fine lines reduced or any other positive effects. I didn’t develop a lot of milia either – thanks god for that, despite its relatively greasy texture/finish. For full review please see here.

Innisfree Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack
This is a lovely, nourishing, sweet and delicious-smelling sleeping pack from Innisfree. Innisfree only has two sleeping packs the time I start using it. The other one it has is the green tea one. This wine jelly pack is made of primarily red wine and squalene. The texture is really rich but will turn into watery gel like once you spreads it across your skin. It will leave your skin pampered and smooth at night, especially if you sleep in air-conditioned room, but may be too nourishing for oily skin people or those living in hot and humid area. Check out my full review on this product.

It's Skin

Sadly, except for the Prestige Crème, nothing else I’ve tried from this brand has actually impressed me:

It's Skin 2PM SPF 50+++ SunblockThis sunscreen may look like it belongs to the prestige snail line from its appearance, but is actually not. It’s just a normal sunscreen with normal sunscreen ingredients and a hyper sticky texture. I like almost everything of this sunscreen… its smell, packaging, claim and function, with the exception of its texture. It is super super sticky, and overwhelming for ¼ tablespoon application. Your skin will suffocate and suffer. Stay away, my piece of advice. See my full review here.

It's Skin Prestige Eye Serum
It's Skin Prestige Serum Escargot

Both products are probably the only ones I don’t like from the prestige snail line. And the reason is also their textures. The serum has a gel-like texture, with strong alcohol smell and that stinging feel whenever I apply it whereas the eye serum has a more viscous and heavy texture compared to the prestige crème that is manageable but not the most pleasant one. I have no motivation to use this pair, despite loving the cream a lot. Wouldn’t repurchase. See my full review here.

It's Skin Propolis Effector
It's Skin GF Effector
It's Skin VB Effector
It's Skin WH Effector
It's Skin YE Effector

These effectors are sooo useless. I know a lot of people love them, because they are so cheap, colourful and have many functions. Regardless, a lot of the ingredients are artificial and questionable, or “cheap ingredients” I would call. If you are looking for some serum type products that can hydrate and somehow improve your skin, or if you are new to skincare and will be impressed by literally everything else you can grab, or if you are living in minimal budget and love budgeted skincare, then this will be good for you. Otherwise, please do not bother. Add more money, and get something that will work better. Among these, the propolis one has the best formulation and those interested in propolis and have acne-prone skin can try this out. See my full review here.

MagicBoo | Mentholatum | MethodeSwiss | Natio

Magicboo 1min Hair Treatment
A lot of people are raving about this. This is a hair treatment, which is sort of like a wash-off pack for your hair. Just hair, not scalp. You will be showered with dandruffs if you apply this on your scalp. Personally, I don’t think this is any different than other hair treatment in Watsons, Guardian or Sasa, especially for the price. I think Tsubaki scalp mask, Mise en Scene Perfect Repair Treatment, Dove Oil Treatment all works better than this at similar prices. This is also much oilier without being absorbed well by your hair. No incentive to make a second purchase.

Mentholatum Caviar Lip Balm
This lip balm sucks. It deteriorates after 1.5 months, with some rotten vegetables or dirty table clothes kind of smell in it. I don’t want to spend my RM 10 on something that will dry quickly, cannot moisturize lips well, and deteriorates within 2 months.

Methode Swiss Eye Cream
One of the worst eye creams I’ve ever used. This eye cream, despite coming with this roller, is taking forever to absorb and will leave solid residues on your eyes area. It takes me more than 1 year to go through just 50% of it, considering that it only has 15ml, will never ever repurchase. See my full review here.

Methode Swiss Repair Concentration
Methode Swiss Spot Eraser

This is another “cheat” product I call from Methode Swiss. The SASA salesgirl told me that I need this if I don’t want to see white, bleached spots all around my face since I was using their Methode Swiss Spot Eraser back then. This costs RM 180++ and the spot eraser was RM 120++. Together, they are RM 300 with totally…… no effects at all. What’s worst is that I develop red rashes and itchiness all over my face when I use this repair concentration (a whitening serum). I returned to the shop, and the salesgirl advises me to buy other things again. What a nut. Don’t buy it, don’t worth your money at all, according to my bad experience. See my full review here.

Natio Gentle Scrub
Another thing I bought from SASA. They make me buy this by offering a next 24-hours only limited edition –RM 20 discount coupon. I bought this and another oil free moisturizer for my boyfriend. This was a really harsh scrub on my skin. It contains some hard particles to exfoliate my skin physically, leaving it feeling hurt and irritated. Quite pricey actually and did not work as well as other cheaper alternative such as Skinfood packs. Not something I would repurchase.

Mise en Scene | Miss Hana | Missha | Naruko | Neutrogena

Mise en Scene Diamond Serum
This hair serum is not as good as the more popular perfect repair serum. I thought it would be better, as in more light-weighted and moisturizing, since it says “diamond shine”, but it is the exact opposite. It is really oily (as in watery oily), but is not moisturizing at all. The oil just creates a coated oily layer on my hair without being absorbed. I guess that’s how they use this to achieve that “diamond shine” effect – by layering an oily coat on your hair by not allowing it to absorb. In the end, this hair serum solves nothing. See my full review here.

Miseenscene Pearl Shining Rinse
Miseenscene Pearl Shining Shampoo

Both pearl shinning shampoo sets are just so-so. They are quite moisturizing, also cheap considering the humongous size it comes in – 780ml. But other than that, I am not impressed by anything. No herbs, no nice scent, no improvement in hair and scalp, and certainly a lot of SLS (a lot of bubbles). This is quite similar to Dove shampoo range too. I gave some to my bf and he said it has made his hair softer.

Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon #2
I was so curious about this lip balm seeing it popping up in nearly all Asian skincare store in Malaysia that I asked my friend who went to Taiwan to get me one. Turns out, this lip crayon has super low quality!!! The colour is quite pigmented, and it is quite moisturizing and silky as well, but will not last any longer than 2 hours. It will also dry out my lips after 1-2 hours. It smells like cheap plastic, and tastes really artificial and plasticky everytime I accidentally "eat" some of it. I didn't finish this lip crayon, I don't have confident applying it on my lips.

Missha The Style Lip Tint #Red Orange
This is my first lip tint ever. It is very pigmented and vivid, smells flowery, and has smooth texture. Again, it will accentuate to my lip lines so that's quite awkward for that part. Other than that, this lip tint is surprisingly good! However, since it is not the most moisturizing ones out there, and there may be better choices, wouldn't repurchase another one.

Naruko Raw Job's Tears Night Jelly
This is a so-so sleeping mask from the famous Naruko brand. The texture of this sleeping mask is weird, like some melted jello that is hard to be applied using the spatula in it. I even suspected that the product deteriorates but turns out this is their "new" formula. OK then. Smells really sweet, blends out smoothly, moisturizes my skin well but other than those, I don't see anything else. Pores not really smaller, skin not really firmer, not really brightened, maybe looks healthier a bit everytime I apply this mask. This is another sweet-smelling non-effective mask I wouldn't repurchase.

Neutrogena Lip Balm
I seriously am disappointed with this lip balm, especially that it comes from the popular brand Neutrogena. It is no more than a vanilla-smelling, hard-to-blend, dry-up-fast and smells-four-really-fast lip balm that I'll never ever repurchase. I mean, if a lip balm cannot last you more than 1 month, and it smells awesome and doesn't do its work, what's the point of wasting your money on something which might just cost you RM 10. It is better off buying something a little expensive (like the Mentholatum one at RM 12.90) or Innisfree Canola Honey one (RM 24). Ban!

Nature Republic

Nature Republic Soothing & Moisturizing Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Mist
This is a seriously so-so mist. It smells like the aloe vera gel, quite pleasant but other than that I don't notice any difference in my skin. The mist is not very refined, more like spraying plain water onto my skin. Wouldn't repurchase.

Nature Republic Real Nature Shea Butter Foam Cleanser
Actually I kind of enjoy this foam cleanser, but wouldn't repurchase because it fails to impress me. It comes in a thick creamy paste that will lather into rich, moisturizing foam when contacted water. It smells really nice too, like some grandma-style powder, or you can relate that to raw shea butter scent? My skin feels moisturized, plump and more radiant when cleansing with this foam cleanser. Regardless, I don't find it as good as its aloe vera counterpart. Maybe will try out the rose one if I were to make any repurchase.

Nature Republic California Aloe Sun Spray SPF50+ PA+++
I really do not enjoy this sun spray. I find it quite obsolete despite thinking that it would be a convenient addition to my dressing table. First, I am worried about inhaling it so I always try to hold my breath when I spray this onto my face. Second, I am worried about not applying enough or evenly since this is an invisible sun spray unlike sunscreen where you can touch and feel. In the end, I always prefer that little sunscreen sitting on my dressing table which I have to give this sun spray away to people who may want to adopt it. 

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Toner-Emulsion
The only thing I love about this duo is the scent and the refreshment it provides. Other than that, I don't find it impressive, hydrating enough or has done anything amazing to worth memorizing on my face. See my full review here. For that price, I would prefer investing on Innisfree Green Tea line.

Nature Republic The First BB Balm SPF 25
Got this as a gift from a purchase of RM 200 and above from Nature Republic Malaysia. The bad news is, this thing has already expired the moment they gave it to me. They told me that this was not "actually" expired, the real expiry date is 5 years, the expiry date shown here is referred to the packaging. Does packaging expire??????????? Anyhow, thanks god I didn't quite like it either. It is quite interesting to use as the first bb cream in balm I've ever received, but seriously unimpressive at all. Really cakey on my face, and will not blend well with my sunscreen and other stuffs.

Nature Republic The First Essential Skin
I didn't know "skin" means "toner" in Korea, so I always ask myself and the sales assistant there what "skin" means, is it some sort of essence or emulsion? Where is the toner? This toner has unusual texture, quite viscous and rich, if compared to its treatment essence which I always mistaken as a toner. Anyhow, nothing great or impressive in this "skin". It actually dehydrates my skin and does nothing to brighten it up at all. My skin looks dull and dry when I start incorporating this into my routines. So, sayoonara to it. See my full review here.

Nature Republic The First Cream
I used up this cream pretty quick - I don't remember exactly how fast but quite fast I would say - not because I like it so much, but because I always feel not sufficiently hydrated. So, definitely not a repurchase. See my full review here.

Nature Republic The First Sun Liquid SPF50+ PA+++
One of the worst and drying sunscreen that I've ever used. It's sooo drying that I need to wash my face after 2 hours to reapply my moisturizer. And it makes me feel uncomfortable all day long. You can try this if you have oily to combination skin but dry to normal skin please stay away from this! See my full review here.

Palmer's | QV | RegenCosme | Rosken | Ryoe | Scentio | Skinfood

Palmer's Shea Body Butter
I was looking for a cheaper alternative for my beloved The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Lotion and this came to my attention in Caring's promotional catalogue. Unfortunately, this was badly formulated and smelled awful enough to make me throwing it away in my first use. It is very rich and creamy and will take forever to absorb. Ban! It also turns me off from any other Palmer's product because it is just soooo greasy!

QV Lip Balm
It took almost 1 year for me to finish this lip balm, while finished up at least 3 other lip balms during that 1 year period. Yes, this was not a nice product that I wanted to use continuously. It was quite sticky, greasy and non-absorbing. Definitely will not repurchase.

RegenCos Premium Eye & Spot Patches
This was an expensive and harsh eye patches that you must finish within 2 months from opening. Eyes felt irritated, itchy and painful during the process. Thinking that it might just be me, I gave this to my friend and my mom. Both experience that painful sting. However, the friend who hates this love the Petitfee one she bought. She said it was by far the best eye mask she has ever purchased. And having tried a pair of the Petitfee one, I also agree that eye masks don't have to be that painful and irritating. So I think the problem lies in this eye mask from RegenCos, and it costs 3 times more expensive than the Petitfee one!!!! How stupid I am to buy this over the Petitfee one at the very first place. Expensive doesn't equal to good, now I learn a hard lesson. See my full review here.

Rosken Dry Skin Cream
I tried many body lotions for the dry areas around my elbows and knees. All were not helpful. I thought Rosken would be a great addition to my skin after reading its product descriptions and all that, but turned out to be another creamy and non-absorbing body lotion. So far, only The Body Shop Shea Butter Whip Lotion and its oil-based Almond Hand Cream work best for me.

Ryoe Green Scalp Shampoo
This is not a bad product. In fact, it would work great for individuals with scalp-issues and oily-dehydrated scalp by offering cooling deep cleansing. I love this. However, since I have found my new favourite, I would say goodbye to this. See my full review here.

Scentio Whitening Facial Foam
I hate this cleanser. It is a creamy and artificial milk candy smelling foam cleanser that is also extremely drying and harsh on skin. A highly alkaline cleanser at pH 8.0 which is also very stripping, drying and harsh. Would not recommend for any skin types. A good cleanser is important to kick start your routines but not this definitely. See my full review here.

Skinfood Egg White Nose Pack (Cool Down) 6s
You must understand that this is not a nose pack. It is just a gel-like cooling pad to "shrink" and "cool" pores on your nose. Didn't notice any difference after applying it. A complete waste of money.

Skinfood Watery Berry Wrap Mask
This is a cooling, hydrating, moisturizing and soothing overnight mask that smells really nice. I finished the entire bottle but would not make a second purchase since I didn't notice any major improvement in my skin after using. This mask is really bouncy, but non-greasy and will melt into water upon contacting the skin. Younger skin who uses laptop or smart phone a lot should try this. See my full review here.

The Face Shop | Tsubaki | The Saem | Too Cool for School | ZA

The Face Shop Aqua Sun Gel SPF40+ PA+++
Despite the name "aqua sun gel", this sunscreen is very creamy and thick. It smells like sunflower or like other sunflower-containing sunscreens. I don't have a machine to test its sun-filtering properties but I did not experience any sun burn from wearing this. Regardless, I feel that this is not something desirable for the Malaysian weather, or even for the colder weather for its really thick and uncomfortable finish, given that you apply the required amount (1/4 tablespoon) for proper sun protection. See my full review here.

The Face Shop Chia Seed Mist Toner
A good mist toner, smells really refreshing and is quite moisturizing. However, I don't find this mist toner special or worth repurchasing since there might be better alternatives out there in the market. See my full review here.

Tsubaki Shine Care Conditioner
Tsubaki has this problem of making really great shampoos and really silicony, rich but non-moisturizing conditioner. I think Dove conditioner is much better for my hair compared to this, and is also cheaper. This Shine Care Conditioner does nothing for my hair except for making it super greasy and hard to wash off.

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer
I chose the number 13 light beige although my skin tone is number 21 natural beige. I am not sure is it because I chose the wrong shade or it is just the formulation itself, this concealer is sooo drying and cakey that it will accentuate my fine lines and make the entire application artificial and cakey-looking. I doubt even if I choose number 21 it will make the application smoother. So far I am liking my Missha Under Eye Brightenor at number 21, and will not give this a try for its cakiness.

Too Cool for School Milk Tint #Pink
I don't know why this tint is popular. It looks really cute, smells like milk, and is endorsed by a Chinese celebrity, but the quality is really so-so. It leaves my lips extremely chapped and dry, and the colour gets off within hours or so. Would not recommend and will not make any more repurchase.

Tsubaki Damage Care EmulsionThis is a decent hair essence with fresh floral scent and well-absorbing texture. Regardless, I feel that the moisturizing power and the amount of products in that price tag is a little bit unworthy and pricey. I can only use less than 10 times, each time 3-4 pumps. Even with 3-4 pumps, it is not moisturizing enough for my dry hair. I think instead of wasting my money on this hair essence, I would rather investing on a good shampoo and conditioner. Even a wash-off hair treatment works much better than this.

Tsubaki Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Honestly, this is a decent deep cleansing shampoo but not great or extraordinary. I finished like 40% of the product after a year of use, and did not find myself liking this shampoo enough to make it a weekly treatment. I just used it whenever I saw it laying lonely on the shelf and reminded myself that I should not waste it. I preferred using my Ryoe Cheongamo Deep Cleansing Shampoo way more than this. At least the Cheongamo one has great conditioner to calm down my frizzy and dry hair from the deep-cleansing, smells better and feels better on my scalp.  

ZA Action Mascara
ZA Liquid Eyeliner

ZA produces decent makeup, so I am not condemning ZA products by putting it under the "2015 will not repurchase" category. The Liquid Eyeliner is really smooth and non-irritating, but is not perfect. It will still go off and smudge from blinking within 2-3 hours. I am still trying to find the "best" eyeliner for myself, hence will not repurchase. As for the mascara, it is really far from being impressive. The wing is too wide and will smudge super easily compared to the Innisfree one I've used. So, definitely not a repurchase as well.


So, that's all for my 2015 non-repurchasing list. I've done a simple calculation and realize that only 10-20% of all products I used in 2015 are placed under the "repurchase" list. As such, although some of these are horrible products to even exist, some are still quite decent ones that just don't happen to suit me. Don't be fret if your holy grail is listed here. My poison might be your remedy. And don't take my opinions as absolute. Always do some experiment and understand your skin better before choosing the right products for yourself. So, good luck trying everyone and I'll see you guys in my next 2015-must-have list!

[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.

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