9 Jan 2016

Review: Nature Republic The First Essential Skin and Cream

As shared previously, I enjoyed using the First Essence from Nature Republic. It did a good job brightening up my skin and smelled really nice. Naturally, it prompted me to try out other products from this line - the toner and the moisturizer. In addition, I felt that the First Essence alone wasn't moisturizing enough for my normal to dry skin. So, without second thoughts, I grabbed those two during Hermo grant Xmas sales.

Question is, are they as good as the First Essence?

Before we begin, let's me touch a bit on the First line of Nature Republic. Basically, the First line here is made of fermented rice where rice with its natural brightening effects is broken down by bacteria, yeasts or other microorganisms into smaller and easier absorbing amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants. This allows the ingredients to penetrate deeper and faster into your skin to reverse skin discoloration and sign of aging.

Sounds cool? Let's move on to the products.

Nature Republic The First Essential Skin 150ml

This "skin" is an equivalent to Korean toner. In Korea, they often refer their toner step product as "skin", especially for those with moisturizing properties. Since the toner is meant to be used after the First Essence, it has thicker and more viscous consistency compared to conventional toner. I even misunderstood it as an essence and that the "First Essence" as a toner.

Nature Republic The First Essential Skin is packed in semi-transparent plastic bottle

As you can see, the toner has pretty packaging, just like the First Essence. It looks completely like a glass bottle but it's actually not so you don't have to worry about breaking it. I've dropped it 2-3 times and they remain strong and intact.

texture: viscous, thicker than water, non-greasy, slight tackiness

This toner has viscous texture that is a bit thicker than water, similar to the texture of Hadalabo toner. I actually don't enjoy the toner as much as I expect. Despite the texture and consistency, this toner would not moisturize your skin very well. All it does is leaving a tacky and unpleasant finish on your skin. Come on, I would forgive your tackiness if you moisturize my skin well like the Hadalabo toner ok? But no, this toner does nothing of those.

I ended up giving it away to other people who might enjoy this toner better because I felt that I was wasting my time and money on something I really do not enjoy using on my face.

Click here for full ingredients list of this toner


Packaging (80%)
Scent (85%)
Texture (50%)
Cost-Performance (50%)
Ingredients (75%)
Efficacy (40%)

weak and is below my expectation

Nature Republic The First Cream 50ml

Similar to the toner, I didn't enjoy this cream either. When I first received this cream, it felt really nice - incredibly soft and light on my palm, as if it was made of glass. The texture of this cream was unique as well, which I would term as "brittle". So brittle that you would worry about water breaking away from the oil in cream by a single touch. It was completely non-greasy, fairly light and velvety on skin.

I finished this quite fast, not because I liked it

However, with constant daily uses, I started to realize problems in this cream. It was too "brittle" in the way that it would burst into water when applied on your skin (as seen in the illustration below). Water bursting? Doesn't that sound very moisturizing and interesting? No, don't be tricked. A cream is made of the emulsification of water and oil. When you apply it, the oil part forms a seal on your skin whereas the water part gets absorbed into your skin supplying abundant moisture. So when the water "breaks" off before it even sinks into your skin - the undesired thing happens - the oil has already formed a seal on your skin where the water can find no way of entering. So your skin is greasy at the outside but remains dehydrated inside.

texture of this cream: quite "brittle" with oil and water separation when applied

This is what I feel: just an oily coat without the feeling of being moisturized.



Packaging (80%)
Scent (85%)
Texture (0%)
Cost-Performance (25%)
Ingredients (75%)
Efficacy (0%)

terrible and the grading decides how bad it is


Despite all my excitement and expectation, this pair is no where near the performance of the First Essence.

The toner is totally non-moisturizing despite its vicious and thicker texture. Of course, the packaging and smell of this toner are amazing. However, I didn't find anything too exciting about this toner to make it an unique collection to have in addition to the First Essence.

The cream is even worst than the toner. As much as I dislike the cream, I finish it when the toner is still 40% remained. I still feel dry no matter how much I apply with this cream and 50ml is not sufficient to last long with generous uses. At RM 99.00, I believe that there are much better choices out there in the market. Definitely not worth the price at all for this texture and performance.

Question answered: this pair of toner and cream is totally not like its First Essence counterpart so you really do not have to waste your money collecting all three. Go ahead and get your favourite toner and cream instead, of course unless if you don't have any issue with the texture of both products.

You can get this from: Nature Republic Malaysia | Hermo | Koreadepart  | Testerkorea
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Products are purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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