9 Jan 2016

Review: Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Eye Cream

Actually, I wasn't planning to write about this eye cream at all. I didn't like it enough to talk about it. But somehow I feel that I should talk about stuffs that I don't like as well, so that it would make those people who want to buy this think twice before buying right?

I got this eye cream from Sasa Malaysia. I have a mixed feeling towards Sasa, which is more on the negative sides. I visited Sasa several times in the past, and got a lot of unpleasant shopping experiences there. The Beauty Advisors there see you nothing more than a money tree, most of them don't care about your skin or wallet, what they care is their commission.

You can read more about my experience with Sasa Malaysia here.

Basically, Methode Swiss is a brand that Sasa salesgirl "pressured" me into buying. They would keep pushing me to get something from Methode Swiss, raving about all the goods it will do to my skin. First the Spot Eraser and then this. Both are very expensive but work terribly on my skin. I couldn't find any information about Methode Swiss on various blog posts, only their official websites. Honestly, if it were that good, why wouldn't people blog or rave about them? But since I was a skincare newbie by the time I learned about Methode Swiss, so I was "cheated" or "forced" into trying some of their products by all the fancy things the salesgirl told me.

the brand: Methode Swiss

I was told that Methode Swiss is a very famous brand in Switzerland (why would a Swiss brand be endorsed by a Hong Kong actress?), made of thermal water there with healing power. I bought it, thinking that more expensive skincare would lead to better results, only to find out later that I am completely wrong. This Methode Swiss eye cream does nothing for my skin. Quite contrary, it is very hard to be absorbed, causing milia to appear around my eyes.

This eye cream has a gel-like serumy texture. It's not very creamy actually, and can be spread easily. Regardless, this eye cream is not the easiest to be absorbed.

I've tried using both application methods: on the left of my hand is gentle patting whereas on the right of my hand is using the roller. The absorption is faster with the help of the roller but will still leave a layer of solid residues on your eye areas, like the residues after rubbing erasers on your table.

I guess the only thing I like about this eye cream is the roll-on design, instead of the active ingredients inside.


Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Eye Cream carries exclusive active ingredients: thermal oxygen soothing complex, naturemimetic antioixdant system, swiss thermal water, essential vitamins and metabiotics TM resveratrol to deeply nourish and sooth eye areas, reducing puffiness and offering antioxidant protection.

#reducing puffiness
#cell renewal and rejuvenation
#reducing fine lines
#improving blood circulation around the eyes

credit: Sasa Malaysia blog

Packaging ★★★★

Application ☆
Scent ★★★★


In short, I really dislike this eye cream. This is probably the first eye cream I use after so many years of not using any since Nanowhite. And too unfortunately this turns out to be an utter disappointment.

The eye cream has a creamy and sticky texture, which is just like your normal serum. The bad thing about it is that it will not be absorbed by the delicate skin around your eyes. It will turn into some kind of solid residues after some times when you thought that the eye cream has already been absorbed. This doesn't happen to me only, it also happens to my cousin whom try it on herself.

As for effectiveness, I honestly see none. Fine lines and dark circle under my eyes seem to have applied for themselves permanent residential rights. The only thing I notice is those little milia starts to pop up under my eyes and even in my waterlines.

This smells like some perfumy cosmetics so it is kinda pleasant but this would not be the reason why I should spend RM 165 on a tube of 15ml. Other than the smell and eyeballs-attracting design, I see no reason why I should buy this at the first place.

You can get this from: SASA Malaysia
[Disclaimer] This is NOT a sponsored review. Product is purchased with my own money. All copy right of contents and images in this article is strictly mine.
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